Support Is Essential During Any Weight Loss Effort

It’s always more fun doing something when you have someone to share it with. Just think about going to the movies or a restaurant or even a theme park. None of these things can be fully enjoyed alone. It’s so much more fun when you have someone to experience all of these things with. Much… Read More »

Best Exercises for Weight Loss: Cardio or Weights

I bet that every time you ask for weight loss advice you get the same answer – you need to increase physical activity. Sorry to disappoint you, that’s true. You need to burn calories if you want to lose those extra pounds. So, I will show you the best exercises for weight loss. First, let’s… Read More »

The Truth: Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight?

When starting your weight loss journey, people told you how easy it would be. Take that pill, hit the gym, start dieting – and the list goes on. It’s now one year down the line and nothing; you have only managed to lose negligible numbers on the scale. But why is weight loss this hard?… Read More »