How Does Taking Probiotics Help With Weight Loss

Our bodies have a number of bacteria in it of which some are friendly bacteria. It may sound weird to know that these bacteria help in maintaining our health and produces nutrients such as vitamin K and certain Vitamin –B’s. They also break fiber in our body that is not digested. There are two types… Read More »

5 Ways How Cycling Helps Tone Your Body

Anyone who wants to stay in shape knows that even the shortest biking session has its advantages. For this reason, more and more people start doing it on their commutes, instead of taking the bus or driving. Not only does this help protect the environment, but it’s also a great way to slim down and… Read More »

Cut Carbs or Calories: Science Based Evidence

Cut Carbs or Calories: Effective Ways to Lose Weight The quest for weight-loss isn’t new; human beings are still trying to discover the best methods to melt extra pounds. Since the inception of meal plans such as the Paleo or the Ketogenic diet, a prominent new topic of debate is “Carbs or calories? Which is… Read More »

14 Healthy Foods To Include In Every Diet

As the healthy lifestyle trend becomes more popular, more and more people are in search of food that will help them stay healthy and fit. Some ingredients are just a must if you want to eat healthily and lose those extra pounds. Generally speaking, healthy food is natural and organic and made of whole grains,… Read More »

5 Ways To Deal With Food Temptation

Do you ever feel like you are full and still tempted to have that dessert you are offered at the feast? Do you feel like there is no full stop when it comes to food and you are always ready to have a bite or two even when it is completely unnecessary? If yes, you… Read More »

5 Great Fat Burning Foods

This type of article would probably have never made the print (or screen) a decade ago, with the fitness industry filled with such ill-informed advice, sold on the promise to shed those pounds and burn fat, none of which had any research or scientific data to back up their claims. Fortunately for us in our… Read More »

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

Does Drinking Water Help Weight Loss Many studies revealed that drinking more water helps to lose weight not to mention the fact that it makes the skin looks younger and healthier. Do you know that almost 60% of our body’s component is water? It is an important element for every single cell to function properly.… Read More »

Why Strength Training Can Help You Lose Fat

3 Reasons Why Strength Training Can Help You Lose Fat Strength training has become very ubiquitous and widespread. However, there are still a lot of people who believe that strength training or resistance training only helps build muscle and strength. Let’s get this straight, that is completely wrong. In fact, it can help you lose fat… Read More »