Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD Set – Why I Recommend Zumba

By | June 12, 2016

Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD Set


Zumba took the market by storm about a decade ago, every health club, Gym and sports facilities cater for this unique class, I have dug deep to bring you Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD set.

There is a lot of DVDs out there in the fitness market and that is especially true for Zumba so I have gone through review after review and many forums to bring you the best out there.

I wanted to bring you the best DVD set for value and longevity, so you can see the best results for weight loss, toning and all round wellness.

Perhaps even offer an alternative if you find Zumba just inst for you.

I want to highlight my thoughts, what others think, any pros and cons the and best place to invest in the most powerful Zumba DVD set on the market at the minute.

Let’s get started with this review, the product is Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set

Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD Set


What Is Zumba?


Zumba is actually a made up word from the early 21st century and typically is latin dancing to latin music, some health clubs have popularised with modern music, in fact, the actual dance style has been around for centuries.

It has become so popular in recent years as it brings fun to exercise with dancing and really ramps up your fitness and virtually anyone can do it, I can hear the men saying no way, you ain’t getting me dancing!

Zumba is actually brand the have gave the dance a name and the operate in 125 countries with 110,000 locations where an average of 12 million people take part that’s pretty impressive


About Zumba DVD


Zumba exhilarate body shaping system as brought the studio to your front room by revolutionising home exercise, in this DVD they break down the steps to make it easy to follow.

To add extra stimulus to get the most out of your workout and really tone your muscles you get a pair of “Zumba toning sticks” (light weight dumbells that sound like maracas)

This DVD also brings you 30 rhymes including calypso and salsa to dance your way around your living room.

This is a MASSIVE 7 disc set that promises you will feel this all the way to your core, the pulsating beat and rhythm of the latin way of dancing will burn hundreds of calories without even noticing your working out.

Zumba is a global brand that has helped millions of people sculpt their bodies from their head to their toe all whilst having fun dancing.

The seven-disc set consists of different routines

  1. Step by step – This disc will break down the moves so you can become fully confident you can perform Zumba
  2. Activate – 45 min routine that puts into practice what you have just learned from disc 1
  3. Rush – This is a fast paced high-Intensity 20-minute workout, perfect for them days you just can’t find time.
  4. Exhilarate – Time to step it up a notch as your doing a full 60 minutes now.
  5. Ripped – Grab the toning sticks for this work out as this aims to tone you all over
  6. Mixed – When your body just thinks it’s getting used to the workouts you can add this routine to mix it up
  7. Concert – This is actually a bonus disc when Zumba did a live performance with thousands in the crowd you can dance along with other Zumba enthusiasts.

As well as your disc and toning sticks you will also receive a 10-day weight loss plan.

Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD Set


My Thoughts And Experience With Zumba


I first tried Zumba about 2007 when the gym I was working at just got the rights to teach it, I really didn’t want to do it!

however I had no choice and went along and attended the class and felt a right clown, I even had the red cheeks to match, the workout from a fitness perspective is great, your heart is racing I was using muscles I have never used before and even putting your co-ordination to the test.

And that’s the problem right there I felt a clown, the reason I felt like this is because i was the only male in there and although physically fit I couldn’t keep up with the women as their used to dancing or done something similar in the lifetime.

Now that’s the problem for me I could feel how beneficial the Zumba workout was, I can’t even describe the soreness I felt in my bum and legs, however, I won’t go back to another class! that is usually the case for most men.

That for me is the only complaint I have with Zumba and to be honest, it’s not their fault we feel dance isn’t for us men, we have a macho image to uphold after all!


What do Others Think?


As you have probably guessed most of the reviews from customers are mainly woman, it’s very highly scored on amazon USA it has 1275 reviews with 4.2 stars out of 5 and on amazon UK it has 112 reviews with a 4.4 rating out of 5 and everywhere else I have looked such as the official Zumba page follows a similar pattern.

Overall most people are pleased with it, there are a few negative reviews such as some folk who have tried the original don’t think this one lives up to the standard it set.

Zumba review

Pros and Cons Of Zumba DVD



  • Fun
  • Good value
  • Highley spoke of from customers
  • motivating
  • All-round fitness
  • Bonus disc with meal planner and work out chart
  • Will see results


  • Maybe get 2-3 months out of it
  • More females
  • no group encouragement like you receive in a class
  • Might not suit every one



Q Is it suitable for elderly?

A Yes although some disc may be a bit challenging

Q How do I know when I am ready for next DVD?

A Once you feel like you have mastered it or starting to get bored move on to the next DVD

Q What Kind of floor is best for doing Zumba?

A Soft floor is always best such as carpet, but use socks to protect feet from friction burns and if you do it on the hard floor perhaps were suitable trainers.


Conclusion On Zumba DVD


Zumba has been around for years and will continue to be around as it’s effective and the best about at the moment is Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD Set, it will push you to your limits for a good 3 months or so before you feel bored.

If you fancy an alternative to Zumba then read my review on Cize dance DVD as a more modern western type of dance.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to lose weight or tone up from the comfort of your own home.

If you love to dance then Zumba is something you can do to your old and grey!

The best price is at Amazon at the minute £89.99 or $66 depending on what country you’re from clicking the relevant link now to invest in your DVD set

Click here for the UK Amazon

Click Here for the USA Amazon

If you have any questions please leave a comment below, Have you ever tried Zumba?

Looking for more traditional dancing click here for my cize review

37 thoughts on “Zumba Ultimate Workout DVD Set – Why I Recommend Zumba

  1. Sue Lee

    Your review has gotten me thinking. I was never willing to join in at any fitness center for anything like Zumba as I was always too embarrassed of my body. But now, with the DVDs and the ability to workout in private at home, I may just consider it. Thanks for the honest review. It was very informative.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thats the problem nowadays, people are ashamed of their bodies because of society, I would love to change this as nobody should feel that way.

      Check out this post I did on gyms it may make you feel differently – should I join a gym

      If you still don’t feel confident then a DVD such as Cize Dance or this Zumba one is perfect, then you can build up to a gym

  2. Pete

    Nice review of the zumba workout set. I’ve never taken part in any kind of class like that (other than PE in high school), but I always see people that swear by it and look great. I pretty much stick to the old fashioned pumping iron and running, although I do do crossfit as well now. I may have to look into zumba as well. I’m certainly not coordinated at all, so maybe starting out with a dvd set is the way to go for me. Thanks for the info!

  3. Christina Briggs

    Very good exercise and very important for health. It is also a very good choice for someone I know because it has helped with their diabetes, and looks like it’s going away ! Awesome exercises.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Zumba is really good exercise and with all exercise it helps to regulate blood sugar, I am not surprised their diabetes has got better

  4. Wendy

    I have done many workouts from home over the years. I even used to watch Jane Fonda workout tapes. Now I’m showing my age. LOL. But I’m like you. I prefer to workout from the comfort of my home. Zumba ultimate workout looks like something that would be perfect for me. You make it sound like it would be fun even though I would also be burning fat. And I like that.

    1. Steven

      You certainly would lose weight whilst having fun probably even tone up as well if you like dance then yes it would be perfect for you

  5. Matt

    Some men would argue ‘more females’ does not belong on the cons list haha. Anyway great review though. Like you, I do not picture myself doing Zumba and I was surprised that you experienced ‘muscle soreness’ from it. Although, I wouldn’t mind taking dance lessons but I don’t think I would want show off my ‘Zumba’ moves to my boys. Perhaps I’m also being ignorant and should give it a chance too since I’ve never done it but as of now no plans!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Matt,

      I think the soreness come because it was different, something I am not used to.

      If you would like dance you may be interested in Cize Dance its a bit more modern with tracks you will know.

  6. Ron

    Great article about zumba. I always thought that Zumba would be a great way to get into shape. I know that it is mostly women who take these classes but you never know I might try it. Lots of good points in the pros and cons. Thanks for the article!

    1. Steven

      Hi Ron,

      Zumba is mainly dominated by women but close curtains put the DVD in and dance away no one will ever know

  7. Rene

    This seems to be a good way to work out and to get in shape. After all it is also really important to have fun while you train and what could be better than dancing yourself slim :-).
    Especially at the beginning of your journey when you still need a lot of willpower to convince yourself to train over and over again.
    These training sessions seem to literally pull you away from the couch and motivate you to get in shape.

    Thank you for this review

    Kind Regards

    1. Steven

      Hey Rene,

      Zumba is brilliant the way it has took the planet by storm speaks volumes, its a great way to lose weight and get in shape

  8. Daniella

    Hi Steven,

    Great review about Zumba ultimate workout, I really liked it!

    Many of my girlfriends are part of a Zumba’s class in my neighborhood and they’ve always asked me to join the group but I couldn’t because of the lack of time. These DVDs could be a fantastic alternative to Zumba class and could help me stay in shape while working at home.

    Thank you for this excellent review

    1. Steven

      If your not quite ready to join a class Daniella then these zumba DVD’s are great introduction to build moves and confidence, that way you can show all your girlfriends whos the boss in Zumba

  9. Sylvia

    It’s funny, I was recently thinking of joining a Zumba Dance group here in town where I live.

    My problem always is ,that I have to stick to the days they are offering and I can’t be there all the time.

    So, seeing this total workout program on DVD, might be just the right thing for me to do.

    I can do it at any day and at any time I have the time for it.

    Loved the video too, very catchy and I almost started dancing too, well sort of. 🙂

    1. Steven

      Sounds like Zumba ultimate workout would be perfect for you thats the problem with classes you have to hope there running when is convenient.

      Did any one catch you breaking in to dance?

  10. Andrea

    Great review and information, thank you! It’s true: this workout is so much fun, you don’t even realize that you’re exercising. I do want to point out the the instructor makes such a huge difference to the success of the class. And as Zumba is a Latin dance, I think its suitable for men, as well as women. Depending on the way he carries himself, it can look really good!

    1. Steven

      You’re absolutely right that its suitable for men it can help them loosen the hips….

      Only problem is you dont get many men doing Zumba, where a funny bunch we dont want to be the only man in there.

      I agree a good instructor is neccasry

  11. Sangeeta

    Hey Steven, thanks for your review on learning Zumba to loose weight.
    I am doing Zumba since 2 years and I am passionate about it. I can assure that it is going to help in controlling body weight and get in shape effectively.
    The post is definitely going to help many who are trying to loose weight.

    1. Steven

      Thank you Sangeeta, How did you first get started with Zumba?

  12. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Those zumba video sound great but hard work. Perhaps you could get mor eout of zumba and the DVD’s if you went through them for 3 months at home then joined a class.

    Men embarased to do zumba? oh dear.. their loss! I love to be the helpless male in a room full of fit women having fun and a laugh while they help me out!

    1. Steven

      That made me laugh Derek, I never thought of it like that but yes they are definitely missing out! doing the zumba DVD would be good before attending the class if classes are a bit unnerving.

  13. Irina Serdyukova

    I was always looking at zumba classes in the gym, they look very tempting and very fun, you get to dance AND get in shape?! but i have never tried it because I’m naturally clumsy and have no coordination so didn’t want to make a fool out of myself, this program could get me blend in with the class! thanks a lot!

    1. Steven

      Hi Irina,

      This workout will certainly will improve your co-ordination and if a class is something you want to do then just do it have some fun no one will be concentrate on what your doing

  14. Shane

    After reading your review I am intrigued. Although I think more for my wife then myself. She has started walking 10,000 steps per day and is really getting motivated to do more. She loves to dance so I think it would be a great fit. Would you suggest I get her the DVD set or should she try it first in a class?

    1. Steven

      You would get more kudos if you brought her a present….. maybe test the water with some tactical present like get a clip up on you tube.

      if she loves to dance there is this as well Cize which is a bit more “proffesional” kind of dancing there both good and will help with fitness

  15. Jessica

    Thank you for this informative review! I have always wanted to give Zumba a try but never knew enough about it. I love the video you have shared too. This really inspires me to learn and explore more about Zumba in the future.
    I think you did a great job at encompassing the full picture of Zumba pluses and minuses for losing weight and shaping up.

    1. Steven

      Thank you Jessica Zumba is great for fitness and weight loss have not done it before?

  16. Gift

    Among the cons you listed, What do you mean by ‘it might not suit everyone.’ What kind of people might not be suited by this?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Gift,

      It’s suitable for most people but I feel males, in particular, will not try it and also people with cognitive problems such as Parkinson’s as the co-ordination and pace maybe to much

  17. Glen

    I am currently doing physical therapy for my back as a result of muscle strain doing weight training. I started doing yoga as an adjunct to PT to improve flexibility and mobility. It was suggested a take zumba at the gym as well. So that’s on the agenda. I appreciate the info in your review. I can see a place for zumba at home or elsewhere. Thanks.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Glen,

      It’s certainly worth giving it a go if it’s been recommended, personally, I would try Zumba at home first to see if it suits you as you may feel embarrassed to walk out the class once it has started.

      There are lots of clips on youtube try it in the comfort of your own home

  18. marcus

    Great and honest review. I kind of feel the same as you in that I don’t know if I could “dance” with a room full of women.

    However if you had the DVD’s at home maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Because I can definitely see that this would be a great workout at the same time as it looks fun.

    Wonder why it is that we men have to feel “macho” and not dance. Then if we’re out on the nightclub and have had a few drinks we “love” to dance haha.

    Overall I really liked the review and I think I would try it once and see but like I said, probably would feel strange for me as well.


    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Yes it’s worth trying and best thing to do is go on youtube and try one of the beginner ones before spending money.

      There is no doubt how good Zumba and dancing is for your fitness though


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