Will Walking help Me Lose Weight

By | April 29, 2022

The question of will walking help me lose weight should be an easy answer. However, there is a bit more to it than just lacing up your shoes and go walking. Dont worry we will guide you through everything and how to get the most out of walking for weight loss.

Is Walking Enough To Lose Weight

The simple answer is yes! At the same time, there are limitations to how quickly and how much you will lose. To lose weight is all about being in a calorie deficit. Calories are the unit used to measure energy. To lose weight is as simple as calories in vs calories out. Of course, this sounds easy in theory and harder to put into practice.

Let’s look at practical examples, walking one mile at an average speed is about 100 calories. This is equivalent to one normal-sized chocolate bar.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s not a lot! You would be right. However, this compounds over time. Let’s say you walked a mile every day for one month. That’s a very easy goal it’s 15-22 minutes on average. So for the month that’s 2800 calories.

To put this into perspective, one kilogram of fat is roughly 7700 calories. Now it doesn’t seem so bad! But… that’s still not a lot if you’re looking to slim down with minimum effort or you’re just not at a level for intense exercise.

The common walking challenge is 10000 steps per day. This sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. By increasing your steps by 10000 per day you will burn a whopping 400-500 calories per day. 500 calories are roughly one meal. This will increase your monthly weight loss to 2kg per month. (1)

2kg just from walking…

can i lose weight walking

How Can Walking Help You Lose Weight

As outlined, walking can burn a significant amount of calories to lose weight. However, the key is to be in a calorie deficit. This is where most people go wrong. I will explain how to calculate your deficit and then give you the tools for you to track to take most of the effort out.

There are two parts to working out your calorie deficit

  • BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate)
  • TDEE (total daily energy expenditure)

Firstly we would need to work out your BMR. This is the calories your body requires on a daily basis just to function. TDEE isn’t anything out of this like working etc.

This is the formula for BMR:

  • BMR for Men = 66.47 + (13.75 * weight [kg]) + (5.003 * size [cm]) − (6.755 * age [years])
  • BMR for Women = 655.1 + (9.563 * weight [kg]) + (1.85 * size [cm]) − (4.676 * age [years])

Adding TDEE is the easy part simply add the calories from the category that you fit in to


Unless you do 30 minutes or more a day of exercise, you are classed as sedentary. You may spend most of the day sitting at your job, and you only perform everyday living tasks. No need to add any calories on to total

Lightly active

Slightly more active than sedentary. You may find yourself spend long periods on your feet when working. For this type of lifestyle add 160 calories on to your daily total


You perform some exercise, and you tend to be on your feet, walking around for a considerable portion of the day. Add 450 calories to the daily total.

BMR explained

BMR is the rate your body uses energy (calories) at rest. This includes keeping all your vital organs working, such as the heart and lungs, and to keep the body warm, amongst other things.

TDEE explained

TDEE is a total of all calories needed. This includes BMR calories and anything outside of resting, such as moving. See below for a rough guide of how many you need to add on.

I have an in-depth article here for more information about calorie deficit: calorie deficit diet plan for beginners

Forget the maths!

All that above is overly complicated in this day and age. There are apps out there now that does all the calculations for you now.

The two apps I find above all else is the Under Armour apps. My fitness pal and map my walk. They both pair with each other as well.

You don’t necessarily need map my walk but my fitness pal is essential for calorie counting. It has a huge database of foods so all you need to is scan your food or type in a description and it will fetch all the relevant information about that item.

Solutions on how to increase your steps per day

Now you know how much weight you can lose just from walking we will know to look at solutions to get you to 10000 steps per day or even more.

Firstly, you will need a step counter. Most phones nowadays have inbuilt pedometers that will track your steps as well as calories. Bear in mind, that you will need the phone on you for this to record your steps and calories.

If your phone doesn’t have this feature then Under Armour does a great app called “map my walk” which you can get from either the google play store or the app store on IOS.

Increasing steps to 10000

Going out and walking for an hour straight would be the most ideal way. However, this can feel like a chore, and then you have the weather to contend with. Instead, see below for some ways you can get steps in without much effort.

  1. Park further away: Whenever you pull up on a journey park a further distance away forcing you to walk the rest of your destination.
  2. Public transport: Try getting off a stop or two early.
  3. Take stairs: Not only will this add to steps it will also burn extra calories as its physically demanding.
  4. Go the extra mile: Once you’re out walking go a bit further than planned. Even if its 500 more steps. They quickly add up.
  5. Walk the dog more: Your dog will love and so will your body.
  6. Start the opposite end: When you do your grocery shopping instead of following the isles from the door to the till start at the last isle and come back on yourself forcing extra steps.
  7. Partner up: Doing the challenge with friends or family will keep you motivated, give accountability and be a more of an enjoyable experience


To summarise, you will lose weight by walking. However, its going to take a some practise and commitment. If you don’t change your lifestyle by creating a calorie deficit no amount of walking will help you. You cant out walk a bad diet. As such, start with the apps suggested and your food and calorie education will soon be at a level you wouldn’t need to track.

In this article there are only 7 solutions but there is hundreds of ways to increase your steps throughout the day so tailor it to suit you. Have fun with it and then reap the benefits. Usually people start off walking and then feel they may want to run or take up other forms of exercise. Walking is a great way to start and almost everyone is capable of it.

So can walking help me lose weight? Defiantly and a fair bit as well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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