Why Should We Eat Protein | Key To Weight Loss

By | January 2, 2016

Why should we eat protein

After talking to an extended family member who has poor health with diabetes and is prone to strokes, it dawned on me, people with conditions are not properly in the know even when there under the guidance of health professionals.

On the phone call I received, it went like this Hi Steve, I go and see my Consultant every couple of months about my diabetes, and they just talk to me about carbohydrates, proteins and fats and I don’t exactly know what these are, why should we eat protein as advised by my consultant”

If people under the care of professionals are still confused about vital nutrients to our health and survival then there is a problem, a serious problem, I believe this needs to be addressed as protein forms a big part of any weight loss or fitness plan.

Also, Health professionals have the tendency to talk in tones we don’t understand, they seem to forget that we don’t have the education they have, although it’s simple to them it may not be to us, most of us if not all of us have heard the word protein but do you know what it actually is and does?

What I aim to do is simplify and educate why protein is important, not just for people with conditions or wanting to lose weight but for everyday survival.


What does protein do?

Proteins are a vital nutrient for our bodies and plays a wide role in weight loss due to the impact it has on the metabolism process (the bodies way of using/converting energy). Protein won’t store as fat if its unused by the body, unlike carbohydrates.

When we workout, whether we’re doing resistance, HIIT or continuous training, our muscles rip and tear to adapt to the “stress” and protein will help repair the muscle, making them stronger and leaner for next time that “stress” is performed.17358-men-and-women-performing-aerobic-exercises-pv

Protein will also be used by the body as a source of energy when there are no carbohydrates or fat reserves left the body will break down muscle to survive.

A good example of this is marathon runners because they run for such a long time they have used their energy from carbs and fats supplies. That’s why they look quite skinny.


You mention “proteins” so there’s more than one?

In total there are 22 “proteins” however they are not called proteins anymore! Huh, I hear you say, exactly! it’s easy to become confused on this subject just like my friend did on the phone, basically, when we eat a source of protein such as meat our body will break it down and it becomes an amino-acid.

Amino-Acids explained

As mentioned there are 22 Amino-Acids and these are split into two groups, essential and non-essential, I don’t want to go into the science too much as it’s too confusing, I’m trying to keep this simple.

There are 14 non-essential amino acids and 8 essential, what we mean by non-essential is the body doesn’t need to source from food it’s capable of making these without food, unlike the essential amino acids that can only be derived from food sources.

Food sources that contain all 8 of essential amino acids are called complete proteins and a good rule to go by is meats are normally “complete proteins” you can also get protein from non-meat sources but usually there “incomplete”

I understand how complicated this can be so please leave a comment if you don’t understand any section of this post, alternatively drop me an email at steven.varley@bustingmyfatbelly.com

So if I eat more protein I will lose weight? 

Essentially yes but you still have to watch calories, as mentioned proteins won’t usually store as fat? at this point, you probably think what am I eating every day to make me put on weight? in a nutshell……. crap

Unless you prepare your food for the day ahead then you’re more than likely eating processed garbage as most protein sources need to be cooked in one way or another such as beef,chicken and fish

You can find some proteins in fruit and other food but these won’t be complete proteins.

If you live an extremely busy life and don’t have time to prepare food then look into buying powdered protein click here for a rundown of some great powdered proteins,

Never replace real food for shakes or any other fad diet, your diet should always be your first priority before any supplements.

Where can I find good quality proteins from real food

See table below for a good list of proteins that are easily accessible from local grocers, butchers or supermarkets

[table id=5 /]

That is just a short list there is much, much more if you don’t like any on the list then please get in touch and leave a comment at the bottom.

mixed nuts

How much protein should I have a day?

Now that you’re clearer on what protein is and how it can benefit weight loss it’s important to know how much the body needs, more specific to you how much you want to be eating to lose weight.

It’s also vitally important to remember carbohydrates are NOT the enemy, overeating carbohydrates is the enemy, in fact, overeating full stop is the enemy and most of the time you’re probably not hungry, your bored or thirsty!

It’s recommended by the Dietary Reference Intake UK that for every kilogramme of body weight you need 0.8 grams of protein, this is just general rule as everyone will vary depending on their activity levels, age, muscle mass and training goals.

I would recommend adding a bit more than 0.8 grams per KG of body weight as this will help you feel full and boost your metabolism.


Protein isn’t negotiable it’s vital, the likely hood is your not getting the right amounts in your diet and eating too many carbohydrates.

If you have the time to prep your food either make time or buy some protein powder if your not sure what to buy then check this post out by clicking here that gives you the breakdown of different powders.

If you serious about losing weight then you need to get serious about proteins as this is the key to your success, it’s easily accessible, sustainable, tasty and not bad on price either.

If you’re unsure about any of this post then please leave a comment I reply to all feedback or questions, hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for taking the time to read it.

Healthy regards



16 thoughts on “Why Should We Eat Protein | Key To Weight Loss

  1. Dinh

    Thanks for sharing why we should eat protein for weight loss.
    I have been a consumer of high amounts of protein because it makes me fuller and keeps the hunger at bay longer. I have not loss any weight from eating more protein but I think I may be over doing it in the calories. What is the best protein diet that you would recommend that will help me lose some weight?

  2. saif

    As a physical therapist, Protein helps build up a lot of muscle in our body, which is important if your intention is to have a well build body like what we see some guys in the gym. This is highly recommended for a skinny guy. Overweight on the other hand, Protein is still important but in their situation they need to prioritize on losing fats first. Because I think you are aware that having an increasing amount of body fat and muscle the same time, can make your body look like a “bear mode”, and that only happen if you have a lot of muscles and fats the same time.

  3. Rebecca

    Hi Steven, Great article regarding nutrition. Well thought out and presenting facts about protein and what it really means. Very good reminder to everyone about how important it is to be aware of what you consume. You are so correct in that many people are told things by their doctors and still come out of the office confused about what exactly they should do.

    Thanks for breaking it down.


    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Rebecca,

      You would think with all the education doctors and other professionals go through there would be a section on how to talk to uneducated people on these topics.

  4. Damien

    I always loved to push for protein. Now I couldn’t agree more to what you’re saying about using as weight loss but also building muscle mass. Thanks for explaining proteins as this will help my girlfriend understand what I was trying to explain.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Damien,

      Woman are the hardest to convince about protein, mainly because they believe it will make them bigger, and thats partly the protein market, in the past it was pushed towards men but now they include a lot of woman on there tubs

  5. Michael Kenny

    Hiya, that’s a great article, I was pretty much vague of the detail about protein but you explained and simplified it very well that made me understand, Thank you

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Your very welcome micheal,

      I do try and simplify my articles as it can be a nightmare trying to translate all the scientific jargon. is there any thing else your vague on?

  6. UWAIS


    Great post about the importance about eating protein and how it assists with weight loss – just the info I needed. I also love that you included the type of foods that are have protein which I was actually researching – so thank you. However, I could not find link to the 7 day high protein diet? Am interested in losing weight so love to have a copy of the 7 day diet plan.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Uwais,

      Thank you for stopping by, I havnt produced the article yet but thank you for reminding me to remove the link until I write it which should be in the next 48 hours.

      I will be sure to link it to you soon as i have done it.

  7. nusrat

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I’ve tried many different ways of losing body fat and I found that the Atkins protein diet really worked well for me a few years ago.

    Unfortunately, I’ve gained some excess weight again and my son, however, has been pushing me towards a more keto diet and eating foods rich in natural fat and reducing carb intake. Just wondering if you can comment on the differences in a protein rich/fat rich diet or if you plan to write a future article on this?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Nusrat,

      i can remember the craze with the atkins diet when it first come out, if I remember right it was changed a bit as the diet was quite dangerous as it eliminated all carbs. I am not a big fan of quick fad diets that are not sustainable as ultimately you will find that the weight will just come back.

      I do think there is a place for quick diets for example your getting married or got a unplanned holiday.I will be doing a article on keto as it intrests me on a science level.

  8. dan700

    Thanks for the information Steve! The list of protein rich foods was very useful. I sure am glad that I do not have to give up on eating meat in order to lose weight! Just one question: you were talking about avoiding ‘processed garbage’. Could you please tell me which meat products belong to that category?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Sorry for the confusion, what I ment about processed garbage is mainly packeted or microwave meals, its always best to try and prep any food as food that needs preparing is usually fresh, does that help clear it up abit

  9. Emily

    hi there
    thanks so much for this great explanation of what proteins are! I had learned most of this in my biology classes, what seems like ages ago. So I needed the refresher! I now feel clearer about what amino acids are and where to find them. As a vegetarian, eating proteins regularly can be challenging. I definitively have to make an effort to eat them every day. But I do eat fish including canned tuna as well as lentils, beans, soy, etc. There are great substitutes to meat out there nowadays. But thanks for the chart.

    1. Steven

      Hi Emily,

      It certainly is harder for a vegetarian as the proteins tend not to be complete so need a fair bit of dairy and nuts, this can pose a problem in its self if not properly portion controlled as they tend to be high in fats.

      Fish is a great source of protein and if you allow that in your diet as some veggies dont then thats great becuse your getting your omega 3 whats your typical diet on a daily basis.


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