Why I Recommend TRX

By | March 2, 2017

TRX Is My Go To Piece Of Kit

A Navy SEAL commando of US developed and created TRX which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It is entirely unique equipment that helps in making the challenging exercises easy. The equipment might be lightweight but is terribly strong adjustable handles and strap set which could be tied to nearly everything. It only utilises the gravity and the body weight as resistance and to build balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, core as well as joint stability by preventing injuries. The reason why I recommend TRX will become clearer in the following sections.


TRX  Helps To Reduce Belly Fat

TRX workout routine programs would be the most effective ways to lose belly fats. People are nowadays more attentive about this fact than they used to be in the past. We gain weight for various reasons starting from stress, hormonal imbalance to many other related factors. The TRX training program utilises the weight of our body. It builds strength, power, balance, stability, prevents injuries and also enhances the bone density.

There are several advantages to employing TRX program to lose fat overall including the belly and stay fit. The workouts of TRX always help even the beginners to reduce the training time working on the whole body. Individuals can switch to one exercise one after another within seconds, and the best thing is that each and every activity involves the core. This is the reason why I recommend TRX training to lose fats. It works on pelvis, glutes, and abs, back and chest muscles.

Benefits of TRX Training

TRX is a straightforward and outstanding workout technique that allows us to attain our desired goals, starting with losing weight, improving muscle tone to complete fitness. Here are some of the benefits of TRX suspension training which is why I recommend TRX to all.

  • Suited for all levels

Whether a person is just a beginner to fitness world or an athlete in Olympics, TRX suspension training is advantageous for every level. One would be able to increase or decrease the load on the muscles by changing just the position of the body slightly. And this depicts that each and every one can employ this training method.

  • Versatility

The two bands that are adjustable can only offer a complete workout to each muscle in our body. The TRX suspension system can be carried and set up quickly anywhere.

  • Improve Strength and cardio

TRX suspension exercises will improve the power of the muscles along with the endurance of cardiovascular system. One can change the speed of performing the activity to enhance the workout provided to the heart as well as the lungs.

  • Assist in achieving any goal

People can reach any of their goals related to weight loss, reducing belly fat or other body fitness targets. And this is only possible because TRX suspension training is very versatile. Whether one wants to attain muscles, reduce weight or workout for a marathon. Below are some of my favourite benefit.

  • Employ Entire body

The TRX suspension system produces instability while we perform any movements and this depicts that our core is constantly activated. In addition to it, functional movements indicate that several muscles are working at the same time, offering a comprehensive, overall workout.

  • Less Impact nature

TRX being suspension exercise results in little impact. This means that this training does not put much stress on the joints. This, in turn, would reduce the risk of any injuries and one would be able to work out as hard as possible with a lower risk of causing or stirring any previous injuries.

  • It’s Unique

Sometimes it can be boring to go to the gym every time. Maximum people fight to keep up the motivation with their fitness training programs. But TRX suspension training is completely different from all other methods. It can be even merged in the standard practice to live it up. This would, in turn, keep the individual engage and look forward to the session time again and again.

Why I Recommend TRX

Some TRX Exercises for Weight Loss

  • TRX Burpee

It is one of the best exercises of TRX for losing weight as it engages many muscles involving glutes, quads, core, hamstrings and chest. To do it, one has to put one foot in the foot cradle and then stand up straightly with the shoulders above the hips directly. After this, the leg suspended had to be pushed backwards and lowered till the knee is near to the ground. Now, putting the hands on the ground, one has to jump back to the plank position immediately.

  • TRX Squats

In this exercise, one has to hold the stirrups with both the hands and employ them for supporting body weight as much as possible while squatting down. After rising back again, one has to spread the arms pulling down the straps for targeting the shoulders. These motion combinations in one’s shoulders, knees and hips would help in burning calories.

  • TRX Plank

This exercise of TRX training involves sitting on the floor faced at the midpoint and placing the two feet in the TRX bands’ bottom loops. After this, one has to place the hand on the floor shoulder width apart and use arms together with the legs for pushing the body off the floor to be on a raised plank, aligning the body from head to toe.

  • TRX Atomic Pushups

For performing the TRX atomic pushup, one has to begin from the position of the elevated plank. One then needs to keep the legs altogether and elevate the hips by escorting the knees towards the face. We need to repeat the same thing again and again after returning to the raised plank position.

  • TRX Hip Press

Placing the two foot in the foot cradle, one has to lie on their back. After this, bending the knees at a right angle, one has to press them upward employing the heels and lift the hips up like doing a bridge. This exercise works best for glutes, hamstrings and core.

Well, this was all about TRX training, and I hope I am clear why I recommend TRX for weight loss or other fitness reasons. Hence, without opting any other unnatural procedures to reduce calorie or weight go for TRX suspension training and see the difference within a month.

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