Why I Recommend Roko Health Club Over All Other Clubs

By | June 14, 2016

Roko Health Club


I have spent 4 good years working and training at roko health club, I have also worked at some of the bigger chains such as David Lloyd, Xercise4Less and numerous independent clubs around the country.

But if you’re looking for a club in these areas, Nottingham, Gillingham, York, Portsmouth or Chiswick Bridge then I would certainly recommend going along to have a look.

Choosing a health club or gym is a big decision and that decision can make you completely fall in love with gyms/health clubs or be absolutely terrified to the point it can put you off for life.

What is important to you when looking for facilities? cleanliness, equipment, friendly staff, maybe experienced staff?

There is a lot of thought that should go into choosing the right place that suits your needs as most facilities all have the same equipment, so what does set roko apart from the rest and what are the downfalls of roko?

Roko Health club


Whats Roko About .


Roko has 5 clubs across the country and offers premium facilities at affordable prices, they pride them selfs on retention and keeping members at the for front of their business by listening to what they want and where possible accommodate for them.

They offer just as much as your more expensive health clubs such as David Lloyd with over 80 classes a week, fully heated indoor and outdoor pool with comprehensive sun lounging area.

Excellent spa area to relax and socialise in with other like minded members whether you like a sauna, steam room or jacuzzi, there is something to let the day just pass you bye.

With their level 3 reps registered personal trainers who deliver a friendly professional personal touch, they’re on hand for any problems that may arise in the fitness arena.

Most notably what roko offer is there unique touch base approach accompanied by Fitlinxx something you cannot find at any other club!

Touch base is a consultation with a personal trainer to find out exactly what your needs are and how best to approach a programme, as one size simply doesn’t fit all and once you have touch based it doesn’t end there as there with you every step of the way as your goals change so does the approach.

part of the consultation is to set you up on Fitlinxx, this is a high-tech computer system to track and measure your progress with your unique member code, this system will also give you tips on the resistance machines to make sure you get the best out of every rep.

This takes the hassle out of counting reps and counting calories.

With flexible memberships to suit your lifestyle at affordable rates, roko is a place for all and will even track your attendance, so if you do become de-motivated your consultant will give you a call.



My Thoughts.


Because I have worked there I know how the staff endeavour to give you the best possible experience and the touch base is second to none if you are looking to lose weight tone up or just feel great I would highly encourage you to take this up, it’s part of your membership and at no extra cost.

They have positioned them selfs uniquely in the market, their direct competitors are David Lloyd and Virgin two massive companies, with a lot more cash to splash so this is a great feat for roko and speaks volumes.

It may not have the initial WOW factor when you first walk into roko but what it lacks in cash it makes up with personality and personal touch, the members socialise outside of the club as well as in the club it also has a family like feel to it and I myself although I have left for 5 years now still have great relations with staff and members alike.

There is parts of the club that look a little tired and could do with a new door frame but on the whole its high end and to be honest, does it matter? its clean it delivers results and its family friendly.

What I liked about roko was it doesn’t look for a particular kind of person whereas David Lloyd is looking for the wealthy and virgin are looking for the younger market.

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What Are Others Saying


if you go looking at forums you will find negative comments such as they sent me to debt collectors, machines are broke and just kept taking my money even though I didn’t go but this is the same for all health clubs and gyms.

Best thing to do when looking for real feedback is visited the star rating on google or facebook as generally most people think highly of roko as its a small personable health club with high standards as there averaging 3.5-4 stars out 5 across the board.

Pros and Cons


Like with everything in life there is always pros and always cons nothing is perfect.


  • Fully qualified staff
  • Friendly
  • Clean
  • Wide range of facilities all under one roof
  • Discounts across the city (club dependant)
  • Can use all 5 clubs
  • Touch Base
  • Fitlinxx
  • Outdoor Pool


  • Only has 5 clubs
  • Not as much staff as competition
  • Not as much funding as competition


My Final Word


If you’re looking for a health club in one of these areas I highly encourage you to book a tour and see if it’s for you, there is nothing to lose and it’s not a hard sell so you won’t feel pressurised to join there and then…. unless you want to ofc.

To book your tour of roko health club just click this link to take you to their page, simply fill your details out and one of the consultants will call you

If you have any questions just pop them in the comments box below

pictures are taken from different roko clubs so may differ when you visit

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