What Can I Eat To Lose Weight Fast

By | May 15, 2017


The search engines are filled with searches related to ‘what can I eat to lose weight fast?’. There are endless results for it. Furthermore, millions of people are wanting to lose weight and lose it the correct way. It is vital because if weight loss isn’t achieved in the right way, it can trigger poor health and lead to diseases.

Most people don’t realize that they already know how and what they should be doing for fast weight loss.

They just need to focus on eating foods that would make their bodies into a fat burning machine. The human body is a complex machine which is capable of doing lots of things. However, it needs to have the right foods to be able to do that.

So, what one eats becomes critical. It is even more vital if one wants to or needs to lose weight because of the foods one has been eating, or the lack of exercise one has had.

However, only eating healthy and sitting idle the entire time won’t help much and it could take ages for the weight loss results to show. Thus, fitness experts always advise combining exercising with eating healthy.

Useful Foods for Fast Weight Loss

There are several foods that people can consume on a daily basis which would make their bodies a fat burning machine. Some of the foods that make it to the list of answers when the question ‘what can I eat to lose weight?’ are as follows:


Eggs are among the best foods to eat for weight loss. Eggs help in feeling full for a longer period when compared to most other foods. Reason being, they are rich in proteins. Proteins assist in the elimination of hunger pangs as well as prevent spikes in blood sugar levels that can lead to food cravings. People wanting to lose weight can consume scrambled eggs or a veggie omelette and have it with salsa or some cheese for a delicious and wholesome and filling meal. (1)


Beans are also among the best foods to eat for losing weight. It contains a digestive hormone that is a natural appetite suppressant and eating beans helps in decreasing the hunger pangs. The natural fiber in beans remains in the stomach for long so that one doesn’t feel hungry often. One can toss garbanzo beans on a salad and mix a big bowl of chilli. Equally, fill up on a nutritious three-bean salad. (2)


One of the most preferred choices of food for weight loss is salads. One can easily control the intake of food by eating a huge bowl of salad at the beginning of a meal. It helps in making one feel fuller soon. However, one should skip the creamy salad dressing and opt for oil-and-vinegar salad dressing as it helps in burning calories at a quicker pace. One can add some salad to one’s daily menu for a rapid weight loss process.


The fruit mentioned above has become famous with the ‘grapefruit diet’ some years ago. It is because eating half a grapefruit or drinking a grapefruit juice before a meal thrice a day helps in losing additional weight. The fruit also helps the body transform calories into energy instead of fat and extra weight. One has the option of eating fresh grapefruit or even consuming the grapefruit juice for quicker weight loss. (3)


The fruit above is another one from the list of fast weight loss foods. Bananas are filling and make for an excellent diet food option for breakfast and even a mid-day snack. People can add a banana to low-fat ice creams for whipping up a healthy shake that is delicious too.


The aforementioned food decreases the appetite by making people feel fuller for extended periods of time. Oatmeal also keeps the energy levels high so that one can extend the time between meals as it helps in losing weight much quicker. The most preferred oatmeal is the steel-cut oats, plain and natural oatmeal. People can add some sliced apples or any berries into a bowl of hot steaming oatmeal for a nutritious and delicious breakfast

Effective Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Some of the most useful weight loss tips that people should combine with the ‘what can I eat to lose weight fast?’ are as follows:

  • The best and among the easiest way to losing weight is to drink more water. Since water is known to flush out the harmful toxins from the body. Also, helps in filling up a person’s stomach, which in turn helps kerb the urges of indulging in tempting foods.
  • Most often, people opt for exercises that they don’t enjoy at all. Thus, people should always choose exercises that they enjoy and want to keep on doing on a frequent basis.
  • People should avoid overexerting their bodies for instant weight loss results. It is necessary because the overexertion will do more harm than good to the body. Experts always say that weight loss is a slow process, and the results are often visible slowly.
  • One should choose a diet plan as well as a workout regimen which is suitable for their body type instead of blindly following a generic diet or workout.
  • People should have a cheat day from the hardcore diet. It is vital for keeping the cravings and temptations at bay during the diet.


Thus, in a nutshell, it’s possible to lose weight by eating healthy food if one follows the list ‘what can I eat to lose weight fast’ diligently. Moreover, avoids processed foods and adopts a healthy lifestyle. However, one shouldn’t blindly follow the instant weight loss trends and crash diets. This can trigger several diseases. Last but not the least; the key is to lose weight in the right manner instead of looking for shortcuts.

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