Weight Watchers Online Review

By | June 30, 2016

Do You Need To Watch Your Weight Or Watch Your Wallet?

In this Weight Watchers Online review I want to cover if it’s a good program for losing weight, as you have probably realised there are hundreds of online slimming options.

However, how many of these can be discredited 80-90%? I don’t know for sure, it would be very high as so many have ridiculous claims!

If you haven’t come across sites that say this “lose 3 stone in 3 weeks”  or “shift 2lbs a day” etc I could literary write different variations of this emotional trigger technique all day.

See what I wrote? emotional trigger, if you haven’t heard of this phrase it’s basically a selling technique to entice you to buy their product.

The very fact you have taken the time to google “weight loss” suggests you have an emotional trigger, it could be you have been told your fat, you can’t fit into clothes anymore or the doctor has told you-you have to lose weight or you’re going to be seriously ill!!

Firstly, if you’re looking to lose weight fast then we suggest 3 week diet! We have a full review here does 3 week diet systems work

And that is where “lose weight quick program’s” grab you and sucks you in and quickly takes your money by the end of it, you are no thinner or you just simply put the belly fat back on.

Cue Weight Watchers Online, this does not promise any outlandish claims and its the most trusted program on the planet.

But is this for you, will you lose weight or maybe just skeptical as you have tried so many times and failed?

Keep reading and all will be answered.

Weight Watchers Online Review

About Weight Watchers Online

I m not going to get into the background of Weight Watchers as I covered that in my post “does Weight Watchers Work” this time I really want to focus on the online aspect.

Weight Watchers Online aims to provide you with a complete lifestyle change and not just another fad, bringing your tailored plan to the palm of your hands via your smartphone or tablet or just click of the mouse.

You will get all the tools you need to help you live a healthy sustainable lifestyle and still eat the foods you enjoy.

They don’t believe in starving yourself or even going hungry, they have introduced a revolutionary system that moves away from counting calories and helps you make smarter choices.

Hello, smart points, this is their system that is tailored to your needs, all food is assigned points for its nutrients such as sugar, fats carbohydrates and proteins.

The more protein the food item has in has in the fewer points you will use out of your daily budget by using smart points no food is off the menu as you can track your daily or weekly points.

Once you become a member online you have access to 40,000 different foods to add to your smart points diet plan, exercise is encouraged as well, the more exercise you do the more smart points available in your budget allowing you to eat more.

If you have a fitness tracker such as FitBit this can link up to your membership to make inputting data hassle free.

As with everything Weight Watchers do they like variety and this is no different to their pricing of their membership.

Weight Watchers is virtually the most researched weight loss program in the world and for this fact, the NHS actively support it by referring overweight patients.

WeightWatchers.co.uk _ Online _ sign up _ step one - Google Chrome 2016-06-30 14.46.03

 My Thoughts

I am always skeptical about online fat loss programs, but Weight Watchers is a breath of fresh air as it’s not a “diet” it’s more of a lifestyle change and that is exactly what I am all about.

Although the online version doesn’t have anyone 2 one support like the meetings do it does have a great community to share ideas bolster motivation and just generally be a part of a group of like-minded people.

What I really like about this program is you can eat anything and I do mean anything sure if you pig out you will go over your budget but you don’t need to feel guilty because you have a weekly budget to hit as well.

Also, if you do have one of those days where you over indulge you can do something active such as play with the kids go for a walk or run and re-claim some points back.

The online program has taken the stigma away from attending groups as well, some people thought it was for middle age or old fat old people, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Does it work? absolutely but if you’re looking for overnight weight loss then this isn’t it, in fact, nothing is for you as there is no such thing. Not healthily anyway?

Before you all eagerly look to sign up there is a few things that may put you off, firstly this is a massive company with a great reputation but because it has so many members and possibly could be in the millions, the customer support may take some time getting back to you.

Secondly, this is only a program you do need to go into this with the right mindset as it will be a bit of shock as you more than likely will be eating less, yes you can eat what you like no you can’t eat as much as you like.


What Others Think

Generally, the satisfaction is overwhelming but like with everything there are some complaints out there and this doesn’t come as a surprise as over the years it has had millions and millions of members, let’s take a look at some of the good and some of the bad.

Ray 64 yr old – I become half a man I was and started to love food I lost half of previous 30 stone and even featured in the Weight Watchers mag

Josephine of London – had to wait 15 weeks for my refund and then paid by check instead of on to my card took a while for customer service to pull their finger out.

Winston from Birmingham – Overcharged my card not happy!

Kirsty 30 yr old – I lost 8 stone and found my happy place would recommend to everyone.

I took a few snippets from forums and although there are complaints it is expected of a membership of this magnitude, they do rectify mistakes but it does seem to take them time, however, what I did notice is there is way more praise out there than angry people.

Pros And Cons

Like with all products your always going to get some cons so let’s see if the pros out weight the cons.


  • Trusted Programme
  • NHS recommends
  • Easy to follow
  • Eat what you want
  • Lifestyle change and not a fad
  • Money back guarantee
  • Smart devices friendly
  • Great community
  • Variety of foods
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Helps educate


  • No one 2 one support
  • Customer service can be a bad experience
  • No free trial



Q) What is a monthly pass?

A) A monthly pass gives you access to online and meetings and will receive it in the post each month until you want to quit.

Q) Is there an age limit?

A) You do have to be over 18 to become a member.

Q)Will I lose weight?

A) If you follow the program you will most certainly lose weight.

Final Words And Where To Invest


Personally, after researching and writing Weight Watchers online review I would highly recommend this program, for the NHS to refer actively refer people speaks volumes about how much this will work.

There does seem to be a few problems but their not widespread, if you’re looking to lose weight sensibly and long term there is no online programme as powerful as this the only real con is no online one 2 one support, however, you do get the option with your pass to go to a meeting.



Leave your comments below as I would love to hear your thoughts!

68 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Online Review

  1. Mariasketch

    Hi!I’m definitely one of those people who tend to be skeptical about such weight-loss programs especially when they come with a huge celebrity backing such as Oprah and Jennifer Hudson.Your article has changed my mind on the subject.I’m definitely for lifestyle change as that is the best way to lose weight and keep it off for good.I like the idea of it not being too restrictive.You have my full attention!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Its good to be sceptical, makes you less likely to be caught out by scams.

      Good thing about Weight Watchers it has a great history and reputation

  2. Travis Smithers

    I know there are lots of programs scamming people as if they have the magic pill, and you can continue to live and do the same diet which is crap.

    Weight watchers have been around for quite some time, and I believe that any program that deals with weight loss will be a lifestyle to live.

    Considering how long weight watchers has been around they really don’t need to offer a free trial as they do work when people are ready to make the transition.

    It is a lifestyle, any dieting program is, otherwise they will not work.

    1. Steven

      I have to agree with you about not needing a free trial, at the end of the day what have you got to lose its cheap enough and the only thing you have to lose is caloriesYou do have to enter weight watchers or any “diet” plan with a lifestyle change state of mind

  3. Ryan L

    Thanks for sharing this review. It is no secret that most weight loss companies are operating purely for profit and leverage as much as they can from emotionally challenged people. Weight gain can cause terrible loss of confidence for those who are sufffering.

    I have always been sceptical about weight loss programmes as they over charge for information which can be found with a simple google search for free.

    I appreciate your honest review

    All the best

    1. Steven

      It is completely true what you say and Weight Watchers is a business but its a good business one that has the consumers interests at heart its certainly not a scam.

      Google is great only if you know what your looking for and how to digest the information sadly a lot of people dont

  4. shelby

    Hi there,
    I have friends who have participated in the group weight watchers, but I don’t know of anyone who has done the online version. It seems like it would be easier because you don’t have to attend meetings, but then again how important is that accountability with stepping on the scale and showing your progress? I’m a little torn between the two. Which would be best to start out with?

    1. Steven

      Hi Shelby,

      The online version of Weight Watchers is certainly convenient for some, I do think the meetings are great but not every one is good in social situations.

      Stepping on the scales helds you accountable so with some of the packages you dont have to make the choice you get the best of both worlds

  5. Cambell

    I totally agree that ‘Diets’ don;t work…you can’t just change your diet it has to be a lifestyle change to have lasting effects..The problem is with my bust lifestyle I am finding it hard to make good meals every night…let alone breakfast and lunch. It would be really helpful to have access online to meal plans and fitness tracking. Do you still need to go to meetings or can you do this all online? Thanks

    1. Steven

      Hi thanks for the interest, you dont have to go to meals if you dont want and just take advantage of the online recipes and trackers thats fine

  6. swangirl

    I would never want to attend in person meetings. I would be tempted to try this online however. I tend to be independent. I don’t like being part of a herd or being told what to do. Therefore, I think I would like the ability to log in and track my own progress rather than have somebody telling me each week.

    I like your honest review regarding the potential downsides to customer service also.

    1. Steven

      I try to make everything transparent its important for readers not to be duped or duped again, the online version of weight watchers is great for results and independence.

  7. John

    I have done weight watchers and I lost almost 5 stone and from what I have learned kept 4 stone off, being happy is an understatement

  8. Ian

    Thanks for putting this review together, I’ve never really read many reviews of weight watchers before and it’s good how you lay out the pros and cons. As you say, there’s a lot of misinformation on the net. How has the support levels worked for you, is there a community of support you can easily tap into?

    1. Steven

      There is indeed a lot of misinformation on the net, personally I haven’t done weight watchers but know lots who have and I would be more inclined just to do the online version

  9. Ronald Kennedy

    America have always had an obese problems. There’s been issues of fast food joints using too much fatty ingredients in their food.

    Reports began sprouting up about the dangers of heart disease and other health related issues. Weight Watchers and other programs like this enable the obese person to lose some pounds.

    Growing up, before Weight Watchers became so popular, there were many fat people in my building, but none ever dieted.

    Of course, back then we had no such product or no other information offered that would guide an individual to healthy living.

    Your site would give the overweight individual the valuable information needed to provide a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Steven

      It seems that the obesity problem inst just america any more as new studies show that 60% of the world is now overweight to obese that is staggering.

      The problem comes as not much education about food and we rely on food companies to provide us with our meals and a hectic society dictates our meal planning adding to the problem.

      Weight Watchers is great as it helps educate the user on whats healthy and whats not by using smart points, sure you can eat what you want but you will have to go hungry or exercise to get your points back

  10. Chelsea Chan

    I personally think the Weight Watchers programme is not expensive at all. After considering the amount of time for shopping healthy food and cooking different healthy dishes every day, I think paying for this programme can save me lots of time! Besides, there is money back guarantee. Not bad at all!

    1. Steven

      Its only expensive if you look at it in a monetary sense if you look at it in a value sense it works out to not much at all at a daily price, and if you look at it as an health perspective its great value how do you put a price on good health.

  11. Dave

    The Lifestyle support is key to WeightWatcher’s success. I work as a doctor and tackling obesity is the most important thing we can be doing for our health. The problem I find with my patients is that changing a lifetimes of habits takes a really strong will and some hard dedication. Using a program such as Weight Watchers is proven to help aid weight loss, not because it does anything groundbreaking but because it supports you to change your habits over the long-term. It isn’t a fad about fast weight loss – slow and steady wins the race!

    1. Steven

      Its good to see a doctor talking about the importance of a lifestyle change, it must get frustrating all the patience you see that could avoid ill health.

      I have to agree about not being ground breaking and supporting a lifestyle change

  12. Michael

    Yeah I’m also one of the skeptics but I have to say, this sounds good, in fact I might just give it a try myself. I’m just so worried that this is going to be yet another weight-loss program that I won’t be able to achieve success with. How does one stay motivated to stick to this program?

    1. Steven

      I do think this programme is legit but you just got to stick with it, its reputation speaks for it self, to keep motivated you got to think about why you started and keep in touch with other members that way it makes you accountable.

  13. Matt's Mom

    I have done the Weight Watchers online only program and I have done the meetings. I am not really overweight according to others, but I see myself as a little heavy. Anyway, my point is that I had huge success with the local meetings and mediocre with the online. Maybe it is my competitiveness, meaning I like to be the one with the most weight loss at each meeting LOL.

    1. Steven

      Hey again,

      Yes I think its important to find whats best for yourself, some like going to the meeting for support some loath it, if you like both online and meetings you would get better results.

      Think the most important thing is to learn from Weight Watchers reduce your body fat and generally change your life style.

      Part of a good life style change exercise should be included, ideally with your own body weight or high intensity interval training

  14. Wil

    It’s cool to see that weight watchers assigns a point value to each food to help monitor calories. I’ve never personally tried the system, but it seems interesting. Personally, I’ve grinded out fitness by sticking to a paleo-centered diet and working out often. Haha though my will power does get the best of me sometimes, maybe i’ll look into weight watchers to help me stay focused.

    1. Steven

      What Weight Watchers have done with there smart points is quite clever, as an apple may have the same calories as a bag of crisps meaning in theory you could eat junk the system takes that away so an apple would be hardly any points where crisps would take up a good portion of your point allowance.

      The paleo diet is great but does require will power

  15. John

    As with any program of this nature, it is up to the person to follow the directions. My Aunt was on the old program and lost over 50 pounds and has keep it off for over 30 years. The program works as well as you put your mind to it. It is a lifestyle change as you have stated.

  16. larry

    I have heard a lot of good things about weight watchers. I like that they break down the calorie count for you and don’t make you feel like you can’t eat. Thank you for your thorough information.

  17. James W D

    At my last job my boss tried this and it did work for him as he lost 30 lbs. However, there was a drawback for him in that he got tired of eating their food after a month or two and as soon as he stopped he gained all of the weight right back.

    So I guess, if you like their food and stick with it there is promise there. Just make sure to vary it up within their guidelines and or with what you order through them.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi James, personally don’t think you should buy into their branded foods but learn from their recipes and educate yourself whilst apart of the programme that way success is way more likely

  18. Peter Mantu

    Hi Steven,

    I must say that you have done a really good job in this Weight Watchers review. This really deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. Many people could really use this in their weight loss journeys…Thanks for sharing.

  19. Elias

    Sounds like an awesome program indeed, and the money back guarantee just makes it even more reliable and trusted. I love the program details, especially the eat what you want and having easy instructions to follow, as sometimes we get back from work very tired and not fully concentrated. Thanks for the share and I’ll definitely look into this.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      The money back guarantee is more of a motivator rather than a safety net as WW give you your money back if you hit a certain target, which i think is great as it doesn’t allow a “cop out”

  20. Sam

    Great post! I really didn’t know much about weight watchers and kind of looked at it like another one of those scams, but your review definitely helped me see differently. When considering weight loss options i’ll need to keep my eye on this program! Thanks again!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I think a lot of people see these weight loss programmes as scams as there is so many out there now, all programmes have their flaws but this programme has a lot less then the rest

  21. Sue

    I enjoyed reading about this weightloss programme because the clear, balanced way that you laid the facts out made it easy to identify the pro’s and con’s. Also I appreciated that I felt encouraged to work out ‘what was right for me’, without any pushy sales pitch.

    Many thanks for the relevant information and the support for making my decision to ‘Bust my fat belly’ the healthy way!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you Sue, for your comments busting my fat belly is aimed at giving people the right information to make a decision, I want to look after the people who take time to read my posts

  22. Andy

    Weight watchers seems to be the best program out there. And just recently Oprah even invested quite a bit of money in it and when news of that broke out the stock price went up! It’s not an overnight solution but like you said, it’s a lifestyle change.

    It’s great that they developed a great community to help support each other. Without good support it’s easy to fall of the wagon and end up failing.

    I’ve gained a few pounds over the past few months as I’m sitting in front of a computer all day. Do you have any recommended exercises that I can do to help lose weight?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Andy, Oprah is a great ambassador of weight Watchers, the community is the big pull for this as you can get information free now days but support you cant!

      Check out this post on high intensity exercise quick sharp and effective

  23. patricia hebert

    Your site has a lot of helpful information and easy to read. What is the cost of the program? Is there a certain amount you are required to buy each month?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Patricia,

      The cost is at the top of the post you can join a flexable approach of just one month or if you’re committed you can do 3 months and save money

  24. Reyner -

    ALthough I am not that fat to be considered searching for belly fat program, but I think this programme is good enough to be tested. Will recommend my friends who are seeking the programme

  25. Pete

    Great review of weight watchers. I’ve always wondered about their programs. I had heard some bad things from other people, but obviously if the program is still going strong they’ve got something good going on. Thanks for the great information!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      It seems it’s not for everyone and people with bad experience shout louder than people with good experience.

      It’s been going for decades and with the UK’s biggest medical and health institute backing it has to count for something

  26. Robert

    Weight Watchers has been around for decades. I remember back in the late 1990s I worked for a company that created the computer version of the Weight Watchers 1-2-3 Plan & Track program, which was the original version of their current points system.

    Personally my sister went on this program and did lose weight. Once she understood that it was mainly a lifestyle change she just made the changes herself and even drastically changed her diet by not eating meat but more than once per week. That substantially helped in the weight loss. Meat is very fattening unless it is lean like venison, turkey, bison or some others.

    But the Weight Watchers counting points program has stood the test of time and is perfect for people who need a little extra help to understand that it is not a diet program that will help you lose weight, but rather a lifestyle change where food is eaten in moderation. “Everything in Moderation.”

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I think people think that all meat is good because it’s loaded with protein but like you mention some meats are way better than others.

      I think if we changed the word from “diet” to lifestyle change I think it would gear the mind for success

  27. Sue Lee

    I had tried Weight Watchers years ago with some limited success but like with most diets, once you get off it, you gain it all back and then some. I may take a second look now though based on your review. I like the fact that is not really a “diet” anymore, they are focusing on a lifestyle change and a whole new way of viewing how to eat. I like that.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      If you had success with it last time it’s worth doing again, in my experience the weight comes back when you go back to the old eating habits and if you give up a programme you’re not accountable anymore, worse case scenarios try the month one first if you fail you haven’t lost much money!

  28. Rene

    Hi Steven,

    What I understood from this program is that it changes your awareness towards food and how you and what you eat. In my experience this is one of the main reasons why people become overweight. They simply eat processed food with no awareness of whatsoever they are eating as long as they get full. This is actually like an online course that teaches you how to eat. Sadly but true this has become a big deal in society. As you said you need to be ready to change your lifestyle. If you are not willing to do that this program may not help you but then no program at all will can do so.

    At the end “You are what you eat” and this program can help you to get aware of that. It teaches you to put the right food at the right amount in your body and it will make you lose weight if you are willing to follow along.

    Great review you put together here. Thank you

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      You are absolutely right the awareness is the first and biggest step to losing weight through a diet, Weight Watchers is a programme that capitalises on the fact.

      And of course the info could be attained for free, one has to ask “why haven’t you” and like you say the processed and refined food is a massive weight gainer culprit.

      You do have to be willing with anything in life, just like a diet that you pointed out

  29. Jewell

    Wow.. I used WW years ago, when we had a little book that we carried around.. Lost alot of weight too! Need to shift a few kilos again and I never even thought to look WW up online.. Looks alot dofferent now, very interesting!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Yes I can remember them books as a child my mum used to have one, you actually brought back memories for me.

      It’s deffo evolved with the times with everything going digital now days and diets are no different

  30. Fedor

    Weight Watchers definitely is the most famous of brands out there when you want to lose wait. I do not know how long it exists but as long as I remember it is out there.

    Losing weight is important but changing eating habit is more important, you can lose a few stone but when the eating habit does not change the lost stones will come back double.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Your absolutely right about eating habits, the good thing about WW is if you ever leave the programme you have a good understanding about food and hopefully something you can take with you for the rest of your life.

  31. Matt

    Looks legits. I’m glad Weight Watchers doesn’t sell crazy expectations like lose 100 pounds in a month! It seems to set reasonable goals for you and has a reasonable diet plan for people looking to lose weight. However, i’m trying to gain weight – I am way to skinny, so i’ll be skipping this one 🙂

  32. Benedetto

    Thank you for this detailed review. I had a friend of mine who tried weight watchers before and she was very successful at it. But I know her husband paid for her to do the program and he told me its crazy expensive. I saw in the section: What Other Think that Josephine said: It took them 15 weeks to refund the money? are you serious? that crazy!!!

    1. Steven

      It does seem like a an extremely successful programme, although it seems expensive it works out at 46p per day which is nothing in this day and age it tends to get expensive if you buy the branded food and to be honest you don’t need to.

      there is cheaper ways to doing but requires more effort, its time vs money I guess on this one

  33. Kristina

    I like the idea that you suggest that it is not a diet but a life style change.
    I also have a site about losing weight this is the number one thing I stress the most.
    On another note I think that these kinds of programs are expensive and that if you really want to lose weight you can do the research yourself and save the money.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I totally agree Kristina, however in this day and age people want it there at the fingertips and the hassle taken out of all the research and that’s where online programmes excell I am one for researching but to have 40,000 food lists recipes trackers and a community plus more more for those who are less inclined to search the net its quite a reasonable price

  34. Gwen

    Hi Steve

    You’ve cleverly promoted the branding of Weight Watchers on your site which, as a recognised global brand, captures the readers attention. I love the simplicity of your theme too, it works well for the reader and draws you into the text. I know there are celebrities who endorse Weight Watchers, might it be an idea to add pictures of them and their comments?
    I wish you every success with your site, I love the fact that you have added your own weight loss story – it gives your site credibility for the reader.

    Take care,

  35. Glen

    Sorry, I just do not understand why there is a large cost to access nutrition information online. (Obviously it must be a profit center for the company.) There is enough information on the internet that people could put their own nutritional plan together. Then they could use the money saved to buy quality food. Quality food being defined as fresh, non-processed foods. If people ate healthier by eating more veggies, no processed foods, there wouldn’t be a need to count calories or track what’s being eaten. Sorry for the rant.

    1. Steven

      I understand your point completely, for some people it comes naturally to choose the right food and for others its a real challenge.

      Some one out there are going to capitalise on this, Weight Watchers Online is at the for front of trusted programmes.

      There is real overweight problem in the world with estimations reaching 70% of the global population are over weight to obese, something is awfully wrong.

      My personal view is it needs to be tackled from a young age, perhaps taught how to grow vegetables, make smart food choices, a lot of the blame is the food in supermarkets is rubbish, with so much added sugar and additives, however they don’t care as its about profit margins.

      Personally I would like the issue tackled properly so we wouldn’t need programmes such as this that also a cost, but until more is done I would rather people go to a reputable source than get scammed online.

      You are right with the wealth out there online but again some of it is a bit iffy to say the least and very conflicting, sites like this simplifies the process and unfortunately they do want paying.

  36. Josephine Crawford

    I love this review and especially love that it is a lifestyle change that you support. That is the only way to have forever success with our weight and our health. I never thought of joining before, but I will be checking it out later in the summer break. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Your welcome Josephine, do you need to lose weight and if so how much you looking to lose, it’s important to pick something sustainable


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