Weight Training For Beginners Achieve your fitness goals now

By | April 20, 2017

I know just how you feel; weight training for beginners can be a bit of a daunting experience. We’ve all been there at some point. You’ll hear things like reps, sets, proper breathing, correct form and oh, how much weight should I lift?! Well let me tell you, it’s not as intimidating as it may first seem and I’m here to help you along the way.

Once you get used to the fundamental basics, weight training for beginners is an enjoyable and highly beneficial way to exercise. You’ll become physically and mentally stronger with every workout if you stick at it. And not to mention the benefit of a fit, lean and toned body you’ll build through training!

But first decide on where you’re going to workout:

  • In the gym
  • At home
  • Both of the above


In the gym

Now in my opinion, if you’re new to weight training, then the gym has got to be the best starting point. Obviously, there will be membership and joining fee’s, but…

  • All the equipment you’ll need will be available.
  • You’ll have fitness instructors on hand to help and guide you.
  • You’ll feel more motivated when exercising in the company of others.
  • Your fitness levels will be regularly monitored and assessed.

If you join a gym and you’re new to weight training I recommend starting out on the machines or the weight bench to get used to lifting weights. As your experience and confidence grow move on to free weights during your workouts for ultimate results.


At home

Now if you’re pressed for time, or it’s just too difficult to get to a gym (and sometimes it is for me too) you can weight train at home. But I’ll have to say, it will take an abundance of motivation to begin and finish your workouts at home. Television, phone calls, children or the simple feeling of tiredness after a day’s work are all lurking to hinder or stop you from training and achieving your fitness goals or the body you really deserve.

Me, I’m fortunate. Years of martial arts training have left me with the will power and motivation needed to complete my workouts no matter what. But I know, it’s not easy when you’re starting out. That’s why I recommend the gym, to begin with. Of course, if you do decide to exercise at home you’re going to need some equipment. After all, you can’t weight train without weights!

It is possible to train by making use of what you have around the home (and on this site, I will show you how through my own experiences) but at the very least you’ll need a set of dumbells and the best exercise bench.


Both of the above (gym and at home)

Of course, you can also make use of the gym as well as train at home. And this is what I do pretty much every week. If I can’t get to the gym for whatever reason, then I make sure I do a workout at home.

Training and exercise should become part of your life. It should never feel like a chore. You must always look forward to it and enjoy it for maximum health and fitness benefits.

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