WaterRower Review – Will It Sink Or Swim?

By | June 16, 2016

Blow Belly Fat Out Of The Water

Welcome to our WaterRower review. Choosing the right equipment can be agony and crippling to your wallet. Moreover, there is a whole bunch of different types of rowing machines. What makes the WaterRower unique?

What I mean is they all “row” they all claim to be the best. Also, they all vary in price. Finding the right one is crucial.

However, there is one that stands out. The WaterRower! Soon, we will uncover why the WaterRower is so unique.

Traditional rowing machines at home or in the gym feel quite clunky and mechanical. you may have experienced some of the parts just not doing what they’re supposed to, and they make a lot of noise as well.

In this review, were going to drill down and find the pros and cons and if  WaterRower is worth the money. Also, we want to see what others are saying about this product.  Firstly, to see if it matches up to my experience. Secondly, we want to give an unbiased review.

This review will focus on the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine – Ash Wood there are different in types of wood used and even aluminum ones. However, the natural ash wood is their best seller, but the choice is yours.

WaterRower Review

About WaterRower

WaterRower has been designed to last you for life. Using the hardest of woods to live up to that promise. many say it is the most realistic machine on the market, the closest you will get to being in a boat/canoe.

With each stroke, you are greeted with gentle sounds of water giving you the most authentic home experience as the water passes through the flywheel.

All models are handcrafted and brought to you by current and ex-rowers, so you get the best each and every time.

Unlike traditional rowing machines where you have to set the resistance this closely mimics real rowing the harder you pull, the more resistance you will feel.

When not in use it neatly stands up, and the beautiful aesthetics will fit right in with any home decor without taking your space up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you have been rowing for years.

They have a selection of Ash, Walnut, oak, cherry and last but not least beech once each model is finished it is hand coated in danish oil giving it a sleek finish.

My Thoughts On WaterRower

I first come across WaterRower in an Independent gym when I was working in the south of England; it immediately caught my eye as it looks so different to regular rowing machines.

Not only did it have a water container on built in it was beautiful to look at, instead of cold metal and traditional mechanical machines it was solid wood, not just a single uncomfortable glider it now has two (I have attention to detail it was kind of my job)

Ok, so it looks the part…… time to try it out! As normal I always use the rower to warm up on the benefits to rowing are great, I was pretty confused as couldn’t find any lever for the resistance.

At this point, the gym owner was laughing as little did I know the resistance is generated through each stroke, anyway I get in my stride and I can honestly say it is the most comfortable rowing machine I have ever used.

They claim it is the most authentic experience yet and I would have to agree it sounds fantastic almost soothing and calming (if my heart rate wasn’t racing and sweat dripping down my face) and because you and the water control the resistance there is nothing to get in the way of the experience.

I did notice one thing compared to traditional machines is that the foot straps could have been more sturdy as its counterparts have tight straps, don’t get me wrong there not that bad but I am trying to find faults with it.

The other thing about this particular model is it’s more expensive than the majority of its competition, however, on closer examination it has fewer parts, and less “mechanical” features so, in the long run, it will save you money as maintenance is low and so is wear and tear.


What Others Think About WaterRower

When I was working in the gym everyone loved it I was only there for six weeks, so this could have been a novelty thing, never the less I did a bit of digging on Amazon and forums to see what consumers thought.

On Amazon, it has 4.7 out five stars, Amazon UK 4.3, see below what some customers are saying.

Rowena says, really expensive but well worth it.

Mr Stevenson says, frustrated with the foot straps and fount it hard to build.

Das says, forget the rest buy the this as its the best.

JC says, 14 years and his is still going strong

There just a few of the top ones I picked there really is a lot of good reviews, and you can see for yourself, I have put a link at the bottom of the page.


Pros And Cons Of WaterRower



  • Visually stunning
  • Quite
  • Realistic Experience
  • Sustainable wood source
  • Comfortable
  • Easily stored
  • easily manoeuvrable
  • High quality
  • No parts that can wear and tear
  • No lubrication required


  • Initial outlay 
  • Feet straps aren’t as solid as competitions (still decent, though)

I have struggled to find many cons with this equipment through my personal use and by reviews.


Q) Is it heavy?

A) It weighs 55kg and 117 lbs it has two wheels for easy movement on the bottom.

Q) Does the water need cleaning?

A) The design of the WaterRower allows for zero maintenance, and the only thing you need to do is drop a tablet in the tank that is supplied with your investment.

Q) What features does the computer system have?

A) it has six features all in all that consist of –

  • Intensity
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate
  • Zone bar

Q) does it come with any warranty?

A) Yes, a 1-year free warranty on frame and components this can be extended to 5 years.

Q) Is there a user weight limit?

A) yes, it’s designed to take up to 325 lbs or 147kg.

Conclusion On WaterRower Review

Apart from the A1 range, all models work the same I like the ash look, but it’s your choice, as far as the product goes its second to none and all though expensive outlay it will last you a long time.

Because of the effort has gone into its design, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it, all you have to do is purify the water periodically!

I would highly recommend this product whether you’re a serious rower or an absolute beginner there isn’t a finer product on the market.

The best place for the price at the moment is Amazon; you can also check other consumers reviews on their investment! Click the relevant link below to take you there now to make that investment into your health

102 thoughts on “WaterRower Review – Will It Sink Or Swim?

  1. Simon

    Wow this thing looks so cool man! Great review and love how in-depth it is. A rowing machine not using weights but water? Talk about one of a kind!

    Never heard of this before, all I ever knew that existing as a rowing machine is the regular one that every (almost) gym out there offers. Yeah this might be more expensive but to be honest it’s incredibly bad ass and you probably feel alpha as f… When you workout on this thing.

    Too bad i have nowhere to place this in my apartment, but otherwise it’s something to shortlist for sure. And from what I see/read, it works your legs too, right?

    1. Steven

      Too bad indeed Simon,

      The concept of the WaterRower is unique and i love it. its fluid and sounds great too. Also, you dont have to worry about resistance as the water takes care of that.

  2. Tyler

    A lot of people tend to overlook the benefits of these machines, they offer a great cardio workout, conditioning for the back, arms, and legs and like you said are usually pretty practical.

    I love the simplicity of it, it does its job and is dependable.

    Not to mention the finishes, oak, cherry, it’s amazing!

    Great article, and a great machine. If I just click the link at the bottom will I be brought to Amazon or directly to the WaterRower store? Really want to look further into this!

    1. Steven

      thats correct if you click the link it will take you to amazon where you can purchase your favourite rower

  3. Jeff

    I really do love the look of these rowers, but opted to get a Concept2 because I was afraid that the WaterRower wouldn’t hold up (wood just doesn’t seem like it would be super sturdy for a piece of gym equipment). After reading your review, I must say I might be regretting my decision a little.

    We use our rower multiple times a week, pretty intensely, do you think the WaterRower will hold up over time as well as a traditional rower with frequent use?

    1. Steven

      You wont regret the concept 2 as there brilliantly built, in-fact its the “rowers” choice and a lot of the ergo standards are done with concept machines.

      There both built to last I just think there WaterRower is more user friendly and looks better in the home bu honestly your splitting hairs with these two machines

  4. simoon93

    You did a wonderful WaterRower review,
    The WaterRower has good looking unique and amazing, it will help any sportsman
    in doing exercises .
    I don’t think it’s like the other WaterRowers it, and I really like this WaterRower. its made of wood and steel that what make it special and it does not make so much noise its really the 1st recommendation for me.

    Thanks very much for this helpful review


  5. claudette robertson

    Your website is right to the point. If I was not afraid of water I would probably use the water rower. You express your thoughts on and five a lot of help on how to be successful using this. You have everything covered from tips to recipes and training. I think your content does hold the attention of the individual that comes to your site. It is very well organized. I enjoyed the visit

  6. Randy

    Thanks for providing this review, looks like a great product. I like the ash wood design, obviously very sturdy and would look nice in the home, unlike an all-metal design. The info at the bottom is great, the FAQs did answer some questions I had. Thanks again for the great review – also I like that the company itself is backing your review up!!

  7. Izzul

    wow! this one is an interesting one because it is the first time that i heard that there is a water rowing machine, usually for my cardio and major muscle workout i use the normal rowing machine, yeah the one with rope and fan that blows wind when you pull the rope but this one seems to promise something new and it will be a great experience to this water rowing, plus it looks cool!

  8. Kien

    I have never seen one in the US. I have been to anytime fitness and 24h fitness but I don’t think they have this kind of rowing machine yet. Do you know what is the benefit of having water? Can we add or reduce the amount of water? Is that how we adjust the heaviness?

    1. Steven

      The company is U.S based there not so popular in the gym as they are at home most gyms opt for concept 2 machines, however, there are more gyms switching to the WaterRower

      The tension comes from the force of the pull the water needs to be at a consistent level, the harder you pull the more resistance you will recieve.

      The benefits of having water is it gives the authentic feel of real rowing.

  9. shrey

    This was interesting. I have never seen a rowing machine like this and it really looks interesting.I thought a rowing machine would be much complicated to use and to look as well but you did a great job explaining the entire working, pros and cons.
    Hoping to read more on your site 🙂

    1. Steven

      A lot of people have never seen these machines before but they do look beautiful im torn between the oak and the ash but my flat is kitted out in ash so would go for that one by default

  10. Marlinda Davis

    So this is like a stationary boat rower? Might be a good idea to add a video. I think that would help others like me who don’t exactly get how this piece of equipment works out.

    I know, ur probably thinking how could someone not know. I often think the same about things I find as common sense too ^^;\

    1. Steven

      Hi,I have added a video to the post, its like a normal rowing machine but the resistance is created by water.

      Rowing will work out your whole body and help you burn a lot of body fat and give you a good cardio workout too.

      In a way im glad you dont know as it keeps me occupied….

  11. Courtney

    Great content; It was interesting reading about you, you are living proof that diet and exercise can lift you out of depression.Now i live in the tropics and termites are always a problem for anything made from wood; Is the wood treated for termites. neat and clean layout; good job.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Steven

      The WaterRower may be low maintenance but I dont think its termite proof, you may be better off with a concept 2 as there a great piece of kit and made out metal and plastic.


    looking food. I am sure many will be sold worldwide.It is not so heavy that it is hard to move.

    If it helps rid belly fat it will be in extreme demand, Being not so loud is a big plus. I like the

    fact that it can be used in the home without going to some gym so often. I got my eyes on this

    product. Say a little more about the health benefits.

  13. Jason

    Wow, I have never heard of a water rower. I have been on the traditional rowing machines in the past and I didn’t care for them. After reading your review of the water rower, I’m quite intrigued. Something about the actual sound of water when rowing is interesting. I need to lose weight and I could see myself using this if I had one. I would think this would burn the calories for sure. The quality on this looks great and no maintenance is also a plus. Now I want one.

    1. Steven

      It does have great build quality and no doubt you will burn calories and burn body fat have a look at my article about indoor rowing as its a good insight to what rowing can do for you.

      This and the concept 2 are the best out there for build quality, you will find that hard core rowers will sway towards the concept more as thats what there off season is done o, but for home use I think the looks of WaterRower will fit in to any part of your home andf not look out of place

  14. Mark1

    Your certainly right that it looks a lot different to normal rowing machines. However, I like the way it looks for some reason. I think its because it kind of looks homemade haha.

    I know when I go on a rowing machine at the Gym, it feels absolutely nothing like real rowing, but it still does everything I want it to. It provides a cardiovascular exercise for the whole body and not just for the legs.

    Personally, I would not be willing to pay the extra for a more authentic feeling rower. That is mostly just because I am strapped for cash right now.

    I definitely think that people who have got a bit of money to play with who are serious about rowing and fitness should give it a try!

  15. Erich

    Great review on the WaterRower. I’m used to doing most of my rows with the barbell because it feels the most natural and doesn’t feel off like some of the machines that I’ve used.
    That being said, I am fascinated by the WaterRowers design. It’s not only sleek and well designed, but it sounds like it’ll give you a natural workout where most machines have failed.
    Great review and great content. Now I am ready to jump on one myself.

  16. Holly

    Can a short person fit on this machine? I am small and I often don’t fit on rowing machines. How often would you recommend using this machine for weight loss? I like the format of your site, the paragraphs are easy to read and informative. What company makes the waterrowe?

    1. Steven

      Hi Holly,

      With out knowing how short you are I couldnt give you a proper answer I do Know most rowing machiones can fit short people on even kids so at a guess you would be fine

  17. Rose

    Hi Steven, it is an excellent review for the waterrower, very detailed information about what is it and how it works, I just want one to place it at my home, it not just a gym machine, but also like a cool furniture!

    But do you know any other brand about this kind of rowing machine?

    Thank you for your sharing

    1. Steven

      Not sure of any other brands I tend to seek out brands that I have heard of or are reputable there probably is some out there but I would be very weary as to the build quality if you do find some please let me know so I can review them.

      Some times reputable and popular come at a price

  18. Chris

    Sounds a brilliant machine. Having been continually using the metal jobs at the gym it would be great to have a wooden one, as wood has that smell to it. Which finish do you think is best ? My initial thought is that oak would be more realistic.
    Price is an issue, but if we looking at long term use, then I guess it is good value for money. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Steven

      Hey Chris,

      I quite like the oak one as well there is some awesome machines out the mainly concept, but they dont look as nice in my opinion and dont fit well in your home.

      ofcourse die hard concept fans will say that WaterRowers are just “furniture” what ever you think the WaterRower is a great piece of kit that will last you a very long time

  19. Mara

    This looks so much more appealing than gym rowers! I used to row when at university and there’s something to be said for the natural wood – our boat and oars were all made from wood. I liked your description of the sound of water as you are rowing, as that’s something I really miss. I can see it is quite expensive. Is there anywhere it’s available to pay-up over time? I really like the sound of it.

    1. Steven

      There will be some where you can get it on finance, but where in the US I dont know but in the UK the fitness superstore or powerhouse fitness.

      At a guess just type in Waterrower on finance in google and something will come up…

  20. Stephanie

    This was interesting. I’ve never seen a row machine that looked like this one does. It is quite pretty to look at. I’m a fan of the row machines as I feel it really works out just about everything all at once. I like that the resistance is generated by the user, that’s pretty cool. I saw you said no maintenence. So you don’t have to do anything with the water like add more over time? No Problems with leaks when it is stored? Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi stephanie,

      It is built for longevity however nothing can live for ever that includes Waterrower, the most likely thing to go is the wheels and foot straps but there pretty cheap to replace everything else will last a very long time.

      No reported leaks that I can find and the water will need repalcing from time to time and a tablet dropped in to purify it.

  21. Fairweather Green

    Cool piece of kit here. I have never seen or heard of a water rower.

    I know that the rowing machines at the gym are always out of order and need fixing.

    I wonder how technical this water rower is? If the machine’s mechanisms break down would I be able to fix ir or would i need to get a specialist to help out?

    1. Steven

      Depending on your level of skill you could fix your self as more thank likely it will be the wheels that break or the straps.

  22. Al

    Good review and your conclusions are very interesting.

    I actually own a rower machine where the resistance is generated in a water tank just as this one. It isn’t made by the same company or have anything like the esthetic appeal, but functionally it is the same.

    Having rowed for school teams when younger, I can confirm that the feel is as close as you will get to the real thing, and the sound is very theraputic – not realistic, but a whole deal better than wirring fans as in standard machines.

    Yes, these things are great.

    Do you think the premium for esthetics is justifiable?

    1. Steven

      Thank you for stopping by, personally I think its about integrity of the build if you get the same workout from a different model from a different company then no its not justifiable.

      I know the Waterrower has great long term sustainability the model you have is it sturdy and long lasting?

      Also its all about the end results if you can get the result at a fraction of the cost then asthetics is nothing more than looking good in your home and thats not why we buy it

  23. Dave

    This really is a terrible review.

    – These things are more expensive than the C2 erg (£949 vs £860
    – No parts that can wear and tear is factually incorrect, as those seat rollers will very definitely wear.
    – Since when was “quite” a pro?
    – The C2 ergs are unbelievably strong. I mean REALLY strong. Way, way stronger than these things.
    – The C2 community is possibly its biggest selling point – online rankings, various challenges that will help you towards any performance goals that you may have.

    The only people who need an “authentic experience” are OTW rowers. And guess what, 99% of them choose the C2. Why? Because it is accurately calibrated to match OTW performance. Something that is not the case with these waterrowers.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Dave,

      I have to disagree on some points here –

      – Yes they are more expensive
      – The concept 2 has way more wearable parts and will need far more maintenance long term however both machines are built for the long term!
      – Since people are primarily searching out this review for home use “quite” is most certainly a pro
      – You state there strong really really strong much stronger than WaterRower I invite you to read James Stroud comparison
      – C2 community sounds great and is a real plus
      – You say the only people who need an authentic experience are serious rowers? again this site is more for beginners so OTW won’t mean anything to them and thats why the WaterRower would be great for them.

      I noticed you found this post through the concept 2 Facebook group can I ask are you slightly biased? I love concept machines and used many of them in my 12 years of working in the fitness industry?

  24. AngeN

    Hi Steven.
    Wow. I have never even heard of a water rowing machine before, let alone one that has clearly been on the market for at least 14 years according to one of the people you wrote about. It certainly sounds like something to try. I love the fact that it has the soothing sounds of water to bring about a more realistic rowing experience. Do the purification tablets cost much? Thanks for introducing me to something new.

    1. Steven

      Hi AngeN,

      Its a great experience and the workout is more rewarding, the tablet’s are rweally cheap usually under $10

  25. Tugarcia

    WaterRower seems interesting. I’m sure it’s a great workout. The price is a bit hefty, but you make a good point, that if it’s built well, then maintenance should be low. The wood is quite nice and would probably be less of an eyesore than other pieces of workout equipment. Great review. Thanks.

  26. Jodes

    Wow. I have never heard of these. Very interesting review. I have never liked the mechanical rowing machines due to the way they feel but I do a lot of kayaking in the summer. This would be great for our cold tasmanian winters. Do you know if there are stockists in Australia? Would love to see one of these for real!

    1. Steven

      The mechanical machines grate my cheese to, thats why I love the WaterRower most rowing machines are on the hefty side but at least you can take comfort the maintenace is low

  27. adam

    A very good idea, using water in a rower. I have been obsessed with rowing machines for a few years now, and this one seems like the one for me, and for anyone actually. Your review is very helpful, and the fact that a rower like this can last you more than a decade is amazing, i wish could afford it right now, because the price is really high. Thanks for the review!

  28. Paul

    Thanks Steve for your honest review of Water Rower. Over the years I have used ellipticals, stationary bikes and treadmills for cardio, but I’ve never used a rowing machine. Would you say that a rowing machine like this can give you just as good of an aerobic workout as the other machines that I mentioned can? It seems like it can not only be effective but very fun to use as well.

    1. Steven

      Absolutely, rowing is probably the best piece of cardio but probably the least used, it works all your big muscles and mobilises your joints.

  29. Rochelle

    Hello there! Great blog on this machine that I didn’t even know existed! I do like the styling of the machine and the size would really fit in with my home. What about stress on the knees? Has anyone experienced that? It looks like it’s hard on the knees or the ankles.

    1. Steven

      Quite the opposite it will help strengthen the joints as your body will lubricate the joints in preparation of next time you exercise.

      There may be a bit of discomfort if you have injuries but always get the all clear from a physician before embarking on any exercise especially if it is for weight loss.

  30. Caito Junqueira

    Hello, Steven Varley,

    I’m so glad I read your article, WaterRower Review – Will It Sink Or Swim?. This somewhat more natural way of exercising is much similar to an idea I carry in my head for years. A bike with a fan instead of a wheel.

    This Water Rower reminds me when I used to row, and the training pool had this revolving water system.

    Really neat.

    Thanks for the great review.


    1. Steven

      The bike idea sounds really intresting and I havnt seen one of them about maybe you could invent it……

  31. adam

    Hi there. Thanks for this review. Ive stsrted to go out of shape in the last few months amd i can feel the impact on my daily life and it really isn’t fun. I feel rubbish look rubbish and end up eating rubbish. I’ve been looking to get back into training and csme across your article. Quite an interesting read i will definitely be looking into it thanks

    1. Steven

      It really is quick how quickly you become un-healthy but the good news is you can become healthy just as quick as you lost it especially if you choose the right products.

  32. Borislav

    I really like your review of WaterRower.

    When I saw it, the first thought was.. ha.. in tv show Kevin Spacey used it in Hous of Cards.

    Then I carefully read your content, and I think it is very mature. I concluded that this product is very efficient. I also like the pro and cons that you put in your post, cause people will know, will this type of product will be for them.

    1. Steven

      Yes I heard that what better publicity to have than a president using aye! Yes I mentioned to some one else its important to list cons I basically gather information to people although I do receive a small commission if some one does go on a buy it I want to be trusted so they come back to my site.

  33. james

    Wow that is one cool looking machine. I can honestly say I have never seen one in my life. Love how the picture captures your eyes then shortly down the page the video is there. Great to see the cons with pros, something some people want to leave out. How you explained the personal experience says a lot about the review. Being a fitness person myself I was very drawn to take a deeper look into this rower.

    1. Steven

      I find it massively important to be clear about cons of anything, its my reputation that’s on the line if I get it wrong my integrity is gone.

      The looks of the WaterRower itself is beautiful and the row itself even better

  34. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    I liked your article very much on the water rowing machine, sounds like an awesome piece of exercise equipment and very high quality built.

    I am always looking to add to my home gym new ways to work out, I have been interested in rowing machines but not sure they are right for me.

    Are these machines very strenuous on the body, I am 57 years old with some health issues and I am not sure if this machines would benefit me or aggravate my condition do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. Steven

      The great thing about the WaterRower is you control the resistance with each stroke, the harder you pull the more strenuous it becomes.

      Personally I would Recommend for any age group as its all over fitness with good joint supplementation.

  35. Roopesh

    Hi There
    I have been looking around for some time now at purchasing a WaterRower machine, it’s just that I had no idea which one to go for.

    Personally, I have always preferred the best and after reading your review, I am totally convinced of this model.

    I am a bit bothered by the foot straps as you mentioned, but after having watched the video, I am convinced of this one.

    Thanks so much for this helpful article.


    1. Steven

      A lot of consideration goes in to the waterrower as its designed and built by current and ex professional rowers I’m not blown away by a lot but this, swept me off my feet

  36. Eddie Hoyos

    Hi Steve,

    Every since my best friend has made his own personal gym and I’ve seen the confidence and progress he’s going through I definitely would like to build my own gym! I’m definitely going to follow your recommendations of it being easily stored which is very important to me!

    1. Steven

      Building a home gym is exciting and very rewarding, I would advise always get quality equipment or your just going to buy twice.

  37. Denise

    Amazing use of water resistance for exercise purposes. The fact that waterrower enables one to do a full body exercise is really good because calories lost after such an exercise routine is usually more that with exercise that targets particular body parts. More so, after performing a full body exercise, your body continues to burn energy at a higher rate and a longer time.
    This was a great review, I have learned a thing or two about writing a review.

  38. Doug

    I really like this WaterRower. Looks like it would be great exercise. And I think that with it making the sound of rowing through the water it could be really motivational. It looks more like a beautiful piece of furniture than exercise equipment. That’s another plus. And exercising at home is definitely better than going the the gym.

    1. Steven

      It really does like a furniture thats why it is so popular amongst home users

  39. Marion

    this is really a beautiful rowing machine, haven’t seen any like this before. I love rowing in the summer but miss it in wintertime so I am thinking about buying a rowing machine for a workout in the winter . The sound of water is definitely a pro and also I like the look of it. it looks more elegant than any other rowingmachine I have seen. thank you very much for this information on your site, I think I have found all the answers I need , thank you, Marion

    1. Steven

      Thank you for stopping by if there is anything else I can help you with please let me know

  40. Josephine Crawford

    Steven, I just love the idea of resistance from the water! This is the first I heard of this but I love it. Thank you for the information. Great post and I would definitely like to read more from you.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      The water makes this rowing machine so unique and it feels amazing as well, the benefits are great as even if you row regular this is different in a challenging way

  41. Justin

    Wow I’ve never seen a rowing machine like this! My brother did crew in college and this would’ve helped him a lot at home. His was a plain old generic cold steel type. My parents might not of been so mad if this was in the den! Looks much better. Are there any other models made by this company?

    1. Steven

      There are other WaterRowers, there are steel ones and half steel half wood but all have the unique water tank and pretty much made for life

  42. Brenna

    This sounds like a really great piece of work out equipment. I was reading through some of the comments on this article from others and learned that you actually have to put water in this machine? Is the water in the machine what actually gives you authentic water resistance? Thanks for the great review

    1. Steven

      Yes Brenna, the water provides the resistance and the water sound from the WaterRower

  43. Robin

    Hi Steven! Really enjoyed your review of the WaterRower Rowing Machine. I can’t tell you how many different kinds of machines I’ve tried throughout the years. I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over. I happened by your site and saw this machine. The video is so well done and of course, I want one! You can see it is high quality and able to give your major muscle groups an excellent workout. I’m going to talk to my partner about this. I HATE MY BELLY FAT! Will rowing will help this?

    1. Steven

      Show your partner the video of the WaterRower, I am sure he/she will agree with you. i hate belly fat aswell!!

  44. Caleb Kim

    I never even tried out any of the rowing machines at LA Fitness, so I’ll be sure to give them a try the next time I go to the gym! You did a really good job summarizing the pros and cons of getting a WaterRower and helped me understand why I should buy one.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for stopping by if you happen to have WaterRower in your gym let me know how you get on

  45. Jackie

    Hello, I’ve just started to use a rower at the gym. I enjoyed using the machine but must say the WaterRower looks the part.
    I love the fact it sounds as if you are rowing through water.
    A great review – very thorough

  46. Cori

    Good job on your review of the WaterRower. Got a pretty good idea of what this machine is. As someone who has been using various kinds of rowing machine for many years, I really wanted to be convinced about why I would spend so much money to buy this. I was really glad you spoke about the foot straps because that would be a deal breaker and I wasn’t real clear about how the water was working with the resistance. Loved the video and seeing the reviews. Also liked your personal story in the gym. I would increase the font size a bit. Loved the lay out of you article. Well done.

    1. Steven

      Thanks Cori, i was really trying to find fault with it but the foot straps was all I could find there not terrible in the slightest I just find the concepts foot straps more sturdy.

      I guess concepts need to be more sturdy as a lot of gyms use concepts so will get used as lot more

  47. Austin


    Not sure if you watch House of Cards on Netflix, but Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood would use this machine every so often, it was all I could think about reading this lol.

    This is an excellent review. You did a great job explaining what it does and what others, including yourself, think about this. Nice job!

  48. Patty

    The WaterRower sound like a wise investment for anyone looking for a quality home work out system. It is not easy to find a piece of equipment that looks great and last a long time. I’ve thrown away many systems that fell apart after regular workout. Thanks for sharing a quality product.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I know how you feel Patty, I too have had many items break and not from overuse either!

      This machine is certainly is the part for sustainability.

  49. LeNard

    He Steven, that was a great post. I learned a lot from it. I didn’t even know that they made rowers from wood and place water tanks on them. This is unique. I use an old BowFlex and hate that I have to change the resistances when I go to use it. The WaterRower looks like it takes care of that problem. Why they charge more for USA members is too bad. I’m looking forward to your next post. Thank you LeNard

    1. Steven

      Hi LeNard,

      I may of wrote the price uncleanly what I meant was currency exchange it will be roughly the same price once you have changed the £ to $.

      Changing the resistance is a pet hate of mine especially mid row

  50. Wing

    Very cool product. First time seeing it ever. The rowers at the gym i go to are the traditional metal clunky ones that just makes the awful noises. By no way do they feel natural. This is great they have something to simulate real rowing. Can’t wait to try this out!

    1. Steven

      I love the WaterRower for its unique ness once you try you will never feel right on a tradional one again

  51. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    I love this review and the rower! Whoever came up with the idea of using water as the resistance mechanism is a genius and the wood finish makes it absolutely stunning for every and any home.

    I’d love for one in a mini home gym I am building.

    Does it come with the water already added in a sealed container or does the buyer have to add it themselves once it is delivered?

    1. Steven

      Hi Derek, it is astonishing to look at, the water you fill your self and comes with a purification tablet which periodically you will need to purchase.

      thank you for your kind words

  52. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I’m torn on this one! Thanks for your feedback on this.

    I love the look of the WaterRower, it would go really well in my house…. the price tag looks a little too big for my liking though…

    …but I was impressed by the person who left the review saying it lasted him 14 years – I don’t know if that’s because he never used it (!!) or because it’s sturdy and built to last! 🙂

    1. Steven

      It is a beautiful rower, it is an initial expense but for a good concept rower there is only about £100 difference, I had to laugh at your 14 years observation who Knows!

  53. Scott Persons

    Ive never heard of this style of rowing machine. But makes sense using water to create resistance and it looks like a piece of furniture, if your buying for your home use. I would love to try it out before buying. Is there a retailer in the US? Great article, Im always looking for new ways to workout.

    1. Steven

      I know there handcrafted in the USA ut i am from the UK so not sure about local stores but amazon do them

        1. Steven Varley Post author

          Thank you for reading my post, it means a lot that the company who designs these have taken their time and provide information for my readers

  54. Steve

    Fantastic article! really like the pros and cons of the machine, i have subscribed to get your next post!

    Really good article, can`t wait for the next!
    All the best


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