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By | October 19, 2015

We all generally know what “overweight” looks like. However, what a lot of folks don’t know is the different types of body fat and the relation to our health. When it comes to types of body fat, there are two primary sorts, brown fat and white fat, both these types of fat look different, act different, and both are essential for our survival.


So why do we have fat? It’s a good question because we are led to believe fat is the devil in disguise; to some extent, it is. The health risks that come with fat are huge, but without somebody fat, we wouldn’t be able to regulate heat; also, when we’re hungry, our body would eat away at the muscle for energy so we would literally waste away! It also plays a big part in hormone regulationtypes of body fat

Brown fat 


Brown fat is known to be good fat, and we have a lot of this when we are born and tend to lose more as we get older. Recent studies have shown brown fat helps burn more calories when activated by the brain during exercise by producing heat in the fat cells.

Brown fat is primarily activated by being exposed to cold temperatures, so going for a run or walk-in cooler months will help you gain more of this type of fat, also try cooler showers or turning the heating down.

All in all, brown fat is good, and you don’t need to worry about it, and it does NOT give you a fat look as it’s deep inside your tissue.

White fat

White fat, however, is completely different. Though we still need white fat for proper bodily function, too much of it is bad, very bad, and has massive health implications such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and is also linked to dementia.

We gain white fat from eating too many calories and not burning enough in return; this is when your body will save these unused calories for the next time you have insufficient energy to carry out your daily tasks. If you get the balance of calories into calories outright, then you won’t have much cause for concern over your appearance.

The most dangerous images (2)type of white fat is visceral fat, this type of fat is located in your belly and wraps around essential organs such as liver, intestines, and pancreas and is referred to as active fat due to its significant role in massive health risk. It is not entirely sure why our bodies store fat around organs, but it is thought stress plays a big part in where fat is stored.

The body fat you can grab hold of is subcutaneous fat, although it can be unsightly doesn’t have as many health implications as visceral fat, especially around the thighs and buttocks. Still, the bad news is, if you have got a lot of subcutaneous fat, the likely hood is you have visceral fat as well.

lifestyle changes to combat bad fat

it’s not all bad news with a few adjustments to your lifestyle; we can promote the good fat and bust the bad fat see below for some easy changes to make your life a longer, healthier, and more active.

  • Regular exercise. Minimum three times a week for 30 mins
  • Quit smoking there is so much help and alternatives now,
  • Have a regular good night’s sleep.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet.
  • Try not to drink so much alcohol.

The first bullet point will help with all the other bullet points, so go on do a bit of exercise why you are waiting.


Yes, there are different types of body fat, and they play different roles; visceral fat is, without a doubt, the one you need to be most concerned about! But don’t despair as a few lifestyle changes such as exercising and looking at your diet can quickly turn that around.

Try doing HIIT three times a week and just reducing the number of calories by eating more fiber and protein to make you feel fuller longer, and you will soon see and feel the benefits of weight loss.

By promoting brown fat cell growth will certainly help with weight loss, but it’s not a game-changer, it will just give you that little edge.

Hoped you enjoyed this article, please leave any feedback in the comments section as I love to help with any concerns or alternatives




10 thoughts on “Types Of Body Fat | Yes There Is More Than One

  1. Daniella

    Hi Steven,

    I found your article really interesting! I was very surprised when I read about the brown and the white fat because I never heard of this before. I knew that we were born with a certain percentage of fat and that there are some differences between man and women. My husband has white fat, in fact, he needs to take off his belly fat. I will show him this article hoping he will follow your helpful suggestions.
    Thank you for this informative blog!

    1. Steven

      Thank you for stopping by Daniella,

      Not many people know about the different types of body fat and the relation it has to our health hope your husbands reads it and actions

  2. Jess

    Hi, and thanks for sharing. 🙂 I did not know either that there are two types of fat. I knew that the place where it comes has a big point but this was new. 🙂 I have heard that testosterone leads fat to the belly and estrogen to the hips and tits. Have you heard of this before? That makes sense because many times obese man has more likely a huge belly and obese woman has a chunky butt and fatty tights.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jess, not heard of that but we’ll worth me researching it, I know men who drink alot tend to have more estrogen and can be a contributor to “man boobs”

      The probably is a bit of truth to it as hormones do have a big role to play for example women’s contraception tends to make you gain weight

      Do you have any thoughts or experience on contraception and weight gain?

  3. Simone

    Thanks for clarifying the difference between brown fat and white fat. A friend recently told me about brown fat and that it can be activated by cold weather.

    I didn’t really believe her so I thought I would look for answers on my own. I guess she was right.

    I try to workout 3-4 times a week yet I still am having problems losing some of the fat around my abdomen. It seems that nothing I do helps with this area.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Steven

      Hi Simone, there is stubborn fat but try and test these tricks….. change the way you train try something new and at different times, look at diet and see if it can be adjusted if not already weight train let me know if any of these work as loads more to talk about

  4. Paul

    Hi Steve
    I learned something new today, I didn’t realize that there were two different fat types and the role they played. I’ve heard about belly fat, the white fat was bad for your health before, but didn’t know that brown fat was good for you. If I were to do more than 30min, 3 times week exercise, would my body be replacing the white fat with brown fat? Great information, keep it up!

    1. Steven

      best way to increase brown fat is from being cold exercise does help with burning white fat and increasing brown fat , take a cooler bath or shower and watch the weight drop

  5. Lee Zhi Wei

    First of all, the color of the layout, background, wordings did not attract me. Bright blue to a grey background is kinda bad due to the high contrast.

    The paragraphing was done neatly with small paragraphs in between & even relevant images were added (Kudos to you)

    Perhaps you could add a star rating plugin into your post to allow the audience to actually compare reviews.

    1. admin

      think you for feedback i thought the same about the colour so i have changed it will look in to the star rating


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