TRX Suspension Training Review – Truth In 10 Minutes

By | February 19, 2017

The Death Of Cardio Machines

Everyone wants to have a fit body and lose weight. Many people are opting for the TRX suspension training review program for weight loss. But it is easily said than done.

Weight loss process is an uphill task in itself. It is because of the high costs and inconveniences that come with losing weight. A majority of people opt for a gym membership in their quest to shed off the unwanted kilos.

However, not everyone can afford the high monthly costs. Several people wanting to lose weight also feel uncomfortable about working out in a gym full of people.

That is why some people choose to buy gym equipment. But, it only clutters one’s home and is useless most of the time. Luckily, courtesy to the TRX suspension trainer, weight loss will be an easier process.

The TRX suspension trainer has been around for several years. But it has gained popularity in the recent times.

The TRX trainer boasts of several benefits, and one of the most amazing perks is its size. The trainer is hooked to the top of any door or frame.

It is extremely light and weighs only 2lbs; anyone and everyone can use the TRX suspension trainer. People who are out of shape or have never worked out ever can lose weight with TRX trainer.

TRX Suspension Training Review

Imagination is you limit


TRX Training Workout Features


The TRX features include portability that guarantees workouts can be done anytime and anywhere. People can quickly pack the trainer in a lightweight and compact sized bag.

Furthermore, it can be easily used both in indoors and outdoors. People only need to find a firm anchor for attachment while training.

When one uses a TRX suspension trainer, it guarantees a full body workout session. It is because the body goes against gravity for achieving the desired weight loss goal.

The trainer also allows people to take their workouts to the next level. So, that one can have one’s desired body shape.

People consistently using the TRX suspensions have strong muscles and lose body fat quickly. Beginners can easily use TRX suspension trainer.

It is also used by individuals who are already involved with some physical fitness training. The adjustable straps of the TRX suspension determine the workout intensity. So, the beginners can adjust them and do workouts as per their capacity.

TRX Training Exercises

There is a lot of effective weight loss exercises in the TRX suspension training review program. These exercises target the belly fat, upper and lower body. There are TRX suspension exercises that challenge the entire body too. Some of these weight loss exercises are as follows:

  • TRX Push-Ups: This exercise targets the shoulders, chest, and arms. It is a beginner level exercise. One should start off by hooking the toes via the TRX straps. It is for making the tops of the feet face the ground. One should then lift the body up. It is for resting the body weight on the palms of the hands. The key is to keep the core tight and bend the elbows for lowering the chest between hands.
  • Squats: This exercise targets the abs, quads, glutes and hamstrings. It is a beginner level exercise. One should start off by doing regular squats. It is because they are essential for building a strong lower body. People who opt for TRX with squats can improve their form. They can also improve their body stability and support. One should start off by holding both handles in front of the waist and elbows bent by sides. People should then lower down into a squat. One should extend arms in front at eye level. The key is to push one’s self back up to the start.
  • Suspended Plank with Abductions: This exercise targets the abs, hips, shoulders and obliques. It is an intermediate level exercise. This exercise helps in giving a usually suspended plank a little extra push. It puts the legs and hips on the action. One should start off by getting into normally suspended plank position. People should keep the core tight and legs separate. One should maintain the form all along. Thus, working out the hip muscles is vital. The key is to pause every few seconds before starting again.

 TRX Training FAQ’s

People who don’t know much about the TRX training program are always confused about it. Thus, we bring some of most Frequently Asked Questions related to the TRX suspension training. The FAQ’s are as follows:

What is TRX Suspension Trainer?

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the best and most authentic workout system. It dominates gravity and the body weight of an individual for performing various exercises.

Can TRX be good exercise for all body types?

Anyone and everyone can use the TRX Suspension Trainer for losing weight. People wanting to lose weight or simply target belly fat can use the TRX with ease. Elite athletes also make use of the TRX Suspension Trainers.

Is TRX safe?

Using the TRX trainer is very safe. The person using the trainer is in full control of how much he or she wants to challenge the body. It is because one can easily adjust the body position for increasing or decreasing the resistance.

Why should people opt for TRX Suspension Trainer?

People should take up TRX Suspension Trainer because it enhances the body fitness. The trainer is superb for functional fitness, stability training, and core development.

Final Word TRX Suspension Training Review

Thus, in a nutshell, the TRX suspension training review program enhances the body’s ability to perform its functions. The TRX exercises can even generate and build superb muscular balance, mobility, joint stability, and core strength.

Thus, TRX suspension training is all about helping people in performing better and faster bodily functions. The body becomes much faster because the muscles are flexible and energetic. The energy produced in the body helps the individuals in varied sports activities that require a lot of muscle strength.

Not only is TRX an elite piece of kit for sport but it is also second to none when one is trying to lose weight, TRX uses both primary, secondary muscles and stabilising muscles, therefore, burning much more calories during and after your workout.


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