Training & Excercise

Hi and welcome to the Training and Exercise page,

Before we embark on your journey please get the ok from your doctor

On this page were going to go through the different types of exercise and the benefits it has on the body, When I started out in fitness many years ago a lot of the sites I visited talked in a different language and needed a degree in English and Science just to say some of the muscles. What I am going to do is try and speak in terms that are easy to understand  but never the less if you don’t understand it please leave a comment or drop me an email.woman-jogging-blur-1429021

If you want to achieve any kind of goal whether it be training for a specific event, gaining wait, becoming healthier or for our reason busting fat there are 4 basic principles that must be met! I am going to explain what the principles are, They can be referred to as FITT easy to remember right?

F=Frequency ( the amount of times you exercise per week)

I=Intensity ( how much effort you put in)

T=Type (different exercises)

T=Time (how much time you commit)

Now you know the principles but your wondering how this works….. luckily you don’t have to meet them all in every exercise session. so for instance if you can only find 30 mins you will have to up the intensity to maximise the fat burning process and over coming weeks and months i will be posting exercise that suit all walks of life that fit in to the principles. when it comes to type of exercise we have to change this periodically as your body will just adapt to that exercise and it will have minimal to no benefit.

Its important to remember this is a lifestyle change so have fun, if you don’t like it don’t do it.

You are going to become sweaty and will be in pain at times! this is normal, when you sweat its just your fat crying as it doesn’t want to leave and when your muscles ache, this is there way of becoming stronger faster leaner for the next time you do that exercise.

last thing I am going to cover on this page so not to over whelm you is the two different types of exercise and what they mean and how they benefit you. the two types of exercise are aerobic and anaerobic you may have heard these terms before but see below if your not sure what the difference is.

AEROBIC- Also known as cardio, this primary works the lungs and heart to provide muscles with oxygen and is a great way to boost your fitness and burn calories this usually last longer than 2 mins

ANAEROBIC- Primary works your muscles for more strength or endurance and triggers lactic acid ( The burning sensation) this form of exercise is great for burning calories up to 48 hours after the exercise also gives a more defined,toned or muscular look.

Going to keep this page short so not to bamboozle you to early on, like I mentioned I will be putting some great topics on here so please save this site to your favourites as this busting my belly fat journey is going to be exciting for you and me.

Healthy Regards