Top 5 Benefits of Stomach Massage for Weight loss and Metabolism

By | November 20, 2018

There are many benefits of stomach massage for weight loss. In this post, we will outline the top 5 that are most important.

Abdominal massage is a wonderful cure for many ailments. You must have observed that your mental stress, physical ailment, and kind of food intake are all connected with the health of your stomach. Therefore, a stomach massage will not only boost blood circulation in your body but also aids in relieving stress. Massages play a pivotal role in boosting the rate of metabolism.

There are a lot of unwanted substances that need to be secreted around the stomach area. With a small amount of gentle pressure, the abdominal functions can be regulated. Besides this, massaging your stomach will help you lose some fat around the abdomen area. You can enjoy a healthier and stress-free life.

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Top 5 Benefits of Stomach Massage for Weight loss and Metabolism

1) Helps in Burning Excess Fat:

Stomach massage helps in burning excess fat and, therefore, aids in weight-loss. Stomach massages are a great solution for stomach-related problems such as constipation and bloating. When the abdominal area is massaged in the circular motion, the gentle pressure boosts up the rate of metabolism and improves digestion. With an improved rate of metabolism, your inner intestinal walls are washed off of the toxic materials and excess fat. Thus, you can avoid commonly occurring stress-related digestive issues.

2) Aids in Maintaining Abdominal Health:

Besides the commonly used medicines and diet plans, massage can pace up the health of your internal organs by working gently on the external muscles that protect the abdomen. About 20 to 25 minutes of stomach massage with olive oil is adequate to maintain abdomen health. The gentle pressure on the abdominal muscles will increase the blood circulation in the midsection of your body. It will, therefore, ensure that your kidneys, pancreas, liver, and intestines are working efficiently.

3) Cure Bloating Issues:

Bloating is a common problem faced by millions of people. It occurs due to gas formation in the abdomen. It is symptomatic of improper digestion of food or overeating. Sometimes, it happens due to eating foods that your stomach is sensitive to. For example, some people are slightly allergic to dairy products, and their stomach reacts by causing bloating in the abdomen area. The uncomfortable feeling is commonly dealt with patients of gastritis that can lead to indigestion and constipation.

A regular massage can boost your metabolism; improve food digestion process, and relieve the stress of your abdomen muscles caused by bloating.

4) Reduce the Risk of Constipation:

As abdominal massage regulated the blood flow and improves the process of digestion, so it prevents constipation. Massage therapy loosens up the muscles and softens the intestinal walls. It softens the waste products to ensure smooth bowel movement and ease of passing stool.

5) Improves the Rate of Metabolism:

Abdominal massages play the most vital role in stomach health. Besides yoga and daily exercises, abdomen massage is of huge help for people with a slow rate of metabolism—a common issue in elderly people. With age, our rate of metabolism starts getting slow and, thus, we cannot eat whatever we wish to.

However, massage therapy can give you a chance to grab everything you desire to eat. Why? Massage increases the blood flow, the supply of nutrition to the tiniest corners of the body, and the rate of metabolism. Furthermore, massage assists in the rebuilding of muscles after a massage (as they have been exercised) by supplying essential nutrients through improved blood flow.

If the age-factor doesn’t allow you to get to a massage therapist’s office regularly, you can get a nice massage table at home and hire a home-based massage therapist.

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