Top 15 Weight Loss Myths Exposed!

By | October 23, 2018

If you are one of those people, who are surfing the internet to get perfect ideas for hair transplant or weight loss, then be careful because most of these weight loss advice are unauthentic or are proved to have no effect. Yes! These bits of advice are just the myths you shouldn’t trust.

Below given are the top weight loss myths, which you shouldn’t get yourself fooled from!

15 weight loss myths exposed

Confused about what’s good what’s not?

Eat less and exercise more:

People who lose weight successfully, not just only exercise but they also change their dietary habits, and environmental and emotional state. Eating less is not a good option, eating healthy should actually be the point. In this battle of eating less and exercising more, only the metabolism wins. So avoid processed foods and concentrate on eating the food which are healthy instead of just counting the calories.


All ‘CALORIES’ are equal:

Calories is the energy unit. The calories have the same energy content. But that doesn’t mean that every food will have the same effect on your body. Different calorie sources have different effects. So you should change the sources, by replacing carbs and fats from proteins to boost the metabolism and reduce the appetite. So this means that “all calories aren’t equal”.  You can burn more calories by using different teas, soups and hot coffees like tazo tea  etc.


Overweight is only due to eating too much:

This is an extremely wrong concept if we say that overweight is only due to eating too much. Weight gain can be linked to many aspects like your sedentary lifestyles, no workout, alcohol consumption or it can be due to some chemicals which you consume in the canned foods.


It’s possible to spot reduce to lose weight from a specific area:

This myth should definitely be banned. It is completely impossible for us to lose weight from a certain area for example, from the belly or thighs. You have to lower the overall body fat to reduce from that specific area.

Carbs are unhealthy and makes you fat:

This is true to some extent, if we talk only about the refined carbs (refined sugars or grains). We definitely need to lower the carbs and increase the proteins but that doesn’t mean that we have to completely cut the carbs from our diet to keep our bodies slim. There are some high carbs food, like whole foods which are extremely healthy for our body and we should consume them.


Fat makes you get fat:

The Fat is stored in the body in the form of triglycerides, FFA (free fatty acid) molecules that are held together by a molecule called Glycerol, a type of alcohol. But there is a fact about fats that there isn’t something fattening about fats until they are used in junk foods. As these foods are already calorie-dense, that’s why we get fat otherwise if the calories are within the range then fat won’t make us fat. In addition to this, diets which are high in fat but low in carbs can help any weight loss attempts.


Eating breakfast is important to lose weight:

Breakfast doesn’t have any effect on your weight. Maybe this myth is due to the fact that people doing breakfast will also have some other healthy habits. But according to several experiments done on breakfast, the people eating or the one not eating it doesn’t have any difference.

Weight loss plans work:

It’s just a trap from the weight loss companies that their weight loss plans actually work. This dieting never works for a long-term and usually, after a year or so, people end up gaining weight again. The dieting mindset won’t help you to lose weight, instead, you should increase your activity levels, eat healthily and sleep calmly to lose weight.


Sugars in fruit makes you gain weight:

It’s true that fruits naturally contain sugar, but it also contains vitamins, minerals and fibers, which are extremely healthy for our body. Plus, the fibre in fruits slows down the absorption of sugars in our body. So it’s a wrong concept that we should limit the fruits in our diet.


Diet foods and drinks help with weight loss:

Those foods which are labeled as ‘low-fat’ or ‘diet’ can actually cause weight gain. People usually think that the food doesn’t contain any sugars or it is low fat then just eat or drink it unstoppable. And an excess of everything is bad. That’s why instead of losing weight, they just start to gain it. In addition, these are processed foods which are unhealthy, so we should go for whole foods only.


More willpower, more weight loss:

It’s a belief among the people that your willpower leads to the weight loss. But it’s not true, there are some other factors like environmental and genetical conditions that play an important role. When a person loses weight, then biological factor appears making it impossible for the person to keep weight off after gone.


Give up alcohol and lose weight:

It’s true that alcohol contains a lot of calories, but if you drink a moderate amount then it won’t make a difference in your weight.


A single best diet:

There isn’t a single diet that can be used for weight loss, variations are necessary to keep the people on the track. So it’s better to have a variety of diets instead of using a single one.

However, that said the paleo diet is pretty effective. Find out about the pros and cons here. Paleo diet review


More weight loss to notice health changes:

People believe that if you want to see changes in health then you need to lose a lot of weight but it’s not true, only a 10% decrease in weight can lead to noticeable health changes.


Weight loss is impossible:

It’s not impossible to lose weight, so it’s just a myth. Changes in dietary intake and lifestyle and leads you to have a healthy weight loss.


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