The Truth: Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight?

By | October 29, 2018

When starting your weight loss journey, people told you how easy it would be. Take that pill, hit the gym, start dieting – and the list goes on. It’s now one year down the line and nothing; you have only managed to lose negligible numbers on the scale. But why is weight loss this hard?

If you have been trying to shed off some pounds without much avail, you are not alone. Long-term success for people trying to shed off excess weight has hovered between 5 and 10 percent. Why is it that you have difficulties losing weight and what can you do about it? Check these hard facts on why you may not be losing weight and possible solutions.

Portion control is key for optimal fat loss

Your attitude

If your efforts are geared towards losing some pounds and getting a particular look, it might be impossible to lose weight completely. While weight loss is an impressive goal, you need something else to motivate you. Losing weight may take a while, so, you should push yourself throughout the journey and find more reasons to stay healthy.

Remind yourself about the benefits of exercising; such as sleeping better, having more energy, raising your self-esteem, and all the short-term advantages. Have an exercise journal where you record all your successes, whether you are shedding off weight or not. Nobody wants to do something they find miserable. Therefore, look for ways to help you have a positive perspective on the process.


Your mental health

If you have used food to deal with painful experiences in the past, it could be the reason for your weight loss predicaments. Food is a comfort to many people, who often rely on junk to deal with tough emotional situations. If this describes you, consider dealing with the problems that lead you to emotional-eating. A counselor can also help you solve these issues. Remember that you must be ready to learn why you make these choices and be willing to confront them.

Your body fights back

For several years now, the fitness industry has supplied us with an endless weight loss program. There seems to be a new solution every month. Unfortunately, most of these programs work only on paper. Most people cannot do the programs, which explains why there seem to be new incidences of obesity every passing day.

Here is why:

  • You cannot exercise towards sustainable weight loss. Those with excess weight have a harder time working out, more than people with the recommended weight.
  • The microbiotas in your gut aren’t allowing you to burn calories. A calorie is not just a “calorie.” Various microbiota in the gut pulls varying amounts of calories from the food. That is why two people would eat the same amount of food, yet one loses weight and the other gains weight.
  • Your body’s survival based biological responses are fighting back. When one limits calories, the body slows its metabolism to offset the calorie deficit. At the same time, the body might send surges of hunger and hormones that induce the urge for food. That way, it creates resistance to this assumed threat of starvation.

Your surroundings

Regardless of how hard you are working to lose weight, your efforts may not bear many results if temptations surround you. If you have vending machines at work, round-the-clock donut supply or your co-workers eat junk; your weight loss efforts might go down the drain. Think about the factors that might deter you from achieving your goals at home.

While your inner motivation determines how much weight you shed off, if your surroundings are unsuitable, you might not achieve much. Surround yourself with situations and people that support your efforts to get healthy. This might mean setting up a room in your house for workouts, buying some home work out equipment, giving up the TV or anything else that is worthwhile.

Your flexibility

Lifestyle changes and daily choices determine whether you lead a healthy lifestyle or not. What if you are held up, and you do not make it to your fitness class? What if you have to work late and cannot manage to hit the gym? Many things that get you off the track might happen in a day, but how willing are you to make up for the lost time?

The idea is to be flexible. Keep an open mind and be always prepared. Have your workout shoes in the car so that you can take a quick walk in the park in case you are late for your fitness class. Most people skip workouts because something pops up and they are not willing to explore other options.

Your willingness to fail

Admit that you will not do great every day. Therefore, leave an allowance for failure. If you are a perfectionist, failure can be a hard thing to accept, but understand that you cannot control every bit of life. On the good days, you will eat veggies and fruits, and even hit the gym religiously. On other days, you will have an extra slice of cake, not resist the pizza, or skip a workout.

As long as you are human, bad days will happen. The magic is to keep trusting the process and not give up even after messing up. Do not internalize the idea of being a loser because you aren’t one. Accept that you are trying your best to make the right decision, but the odds are against you at times.

Your support system

Do you have anyone backing up your efforts? Although exercising and eating healthy is something you do alone, you will benefit a whole lot by having a support system by your side. Talk to someone about your plans and how you plan on achieving them. Ask the person to help you get back on track if you lose direction, and to remind you about your goals.

Losing weight is not as straightforward as finding willpower. Ask anybody who has worked hard in the gym five days a week, or been on a diet, and they will tell you that the journey is a hard one. The worst part is when you are doing all these without any noticeable results. Hope this text answers your questions and all the best as you implement the strategies!

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