The Best Flat Belly Diet Plan: Paleo is Effective and Natural

By | October 11, 2018

This post will identify the best flat belly diet plan as well as give you some sound advice. We know, a flat belly is classed as unsightly and a big desire of all to keep themselves in proper shape.

But getting rid of the stubborn fat from your belly region is not that easy. You need to change something within your lifestyle drastically.

In its purest form, achieving a flat tummy is a matter of calories in and calories out. However, counting calories, although effective, is tedious. That’s why we have found an easy to follow a science-backed plan that is highly effective.

Tried before but failed?

Most people in pursuit of a flatter stomach sacrifice a lot and not just tasty food they enjoy. Let me ask you this

Despite all the sacrifices made by you, did you achieve success? No?. The reason being, following a strict exercise and skipping junk food might help you in losing weight, which is very nice. But will never assist you in gaining a flat tummy.

Think that a flat belly needs much more effort? Certainly not. All you need is to plan correctly. Skipping the junk food you certainly acted wisely and would result in weight loss. But for a flat belly, you need to follow a strict regime that directs you in the wisest way to lose the fat from your stomach and to make it the ideal one.

Finding the best flat belly diet plan

Pondering in the online medium, you can get many such websites that narrate a particular diet plan. Some strictly sketch the rules on what to eat and what not to. We can’t forget about some that go a bit far, making an immense effort by stating the measurement of each portion of the intake.

When it comes to us, we furnish you with the best flat belly diet plan that nurtures a flat middle section and, of course, stop fat accumulation in other parts of your body. A primitive diet plan that acts wisely in providing perfect shape to your middle section. Can you guess the name of the diet plan?

Yes, we are talking about the Paleo diet that not only shows its effect on your belly but also adds benefits to your body. Being a beginner or new with the term, you must have any queries about what a Paleo diet is, or how does it work? In this article, we will light up every single detail about the Paleo diet.

What is a Paleo diet?

Do you hold any idea about this diet? No. Do you know how your primitives used to live? Indeed, it is not possible to know about their lifestyle except for an abstract idea. In those times, there was no supermarket from where they could buy processed foods, or skip a day meal and enjoy their lunch outside in some exotic restaurant. But we are well aware that they were hunters and eat what they hunt, or what the trees of the jungle gave them.

Paleo diet bears similarity with the food habits of the habitats of the Paleolithic era. To make it clear, the best flat belly diet plan includes food that can be gathered or hunted. It comprises of the food that the primitive humans used for feeding themselves when they roam around the planets millions of years back.

In the Paleolithic period, humans were not aware of farming. So there were no grains, legumes, or dairy products. And also no refined sugar was there too. Starting with a Paleo diet, you need to skip all these products and welcome meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

To be true, the best flat belly diet plan is the wisest way to make your first step count for a healthier future of yours. With no sugar and calorie count, you will live in good shape and health. This nutritional approach coordinates with your genetics to assist you in staying strong, energetic, and lean.

Paleo diet helps you to ward off obesity, depression, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s from your life. You live longer with a paleo diet and have excellent health.

This plan firms its focus on loading your meal with vegetables and fruits, which are very beneficial for health as they contain fibers, minerals, and vitamins. This food group makes you feel fill up very fast. Because of this, you don’t have the urge to eat more. Thus, restricting weight gain, this plan helps you to achieve the tummy that you have always dreamt of.

When you avoid a whole lot of processed or junk food, your calorie intake decreases; thus, when calorie intake is lower than what you burn, you start losing weight. Though seeds and nuts are allowed in this diet plan, we recommend you restrict your intake as that can be the reason for your weight gain.

What is the purpose of the Paleo diet?

Paleo diet aims at taking you on a diet plan that is usually followed by the early humans. The reasoning of the plan state that the human body is not genetically suitable for farming products or processed food, which are part of the modern-day diet.

Research states that farming evolved nearly 10,000 years ago, changed the eating habit of humans. It introduces the grains, legumes, and dairy products as a part of the human diet. A change in the diet plan contributes to the form of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in human life.

Who should follow a Paleo diet plan?

The best flat belly diet plan doesn’t restrict anyone from following it. All can follow this diet plan who wants to lead a healthy life. No doubts remain that the paleo diet is beneficial. It not only helps in cutting the excess fat from the human body but also helps them to be healthy who are suffering from diabetes or heart disease.

With the proper diet plan that supports the human system, you live an active life that never allows you to get depressed. Instead, you get the exhilarating power through which you win in life. So, anyone who wants to lose weight or has a flat tummy can take the help of this diet plan. Even you can use this diet plan as a reference while planning healthy meals. Also, it works well and shows a positive result when introduced in the meal plan of a diabetic patient.

What can you expect from the paleo diet?

The best flat belly diet plan includes a lot of qualities. To name some;

  • Helps in losing weight
  • Makes tummy flat
  • Makes metabolism better
  • Healthy brain and cells
  • Makes gut health better
  • Stop inflammation
  • Limits fructose
  • Enrich the body with minerals and vitamins
  • Fewer allergies
  • Improves digestion system
  • Renders you with more energy
  • Enhance sensitivity of insulin
  • Minimizes risk of diseases
How to Start Losing Weight Naturally

Paleo can reduce the risk of diseases

What you can’t eat on a Paleo diet?

Paleo diet is the meal plan that our primitives used to eat by gathering or hunting. There was not farming in those times. So you need to skip a lot of food.

Here  we have jotted a list of foods that you need to avoid while in a Paleo diet;

  • Avoid Grains

It means that you need to avoid rice, wheat, barley, and oats. Thus you have to say no to bread, cereal, pasta, granola bars, bagels, and crackers.

  • No Starch

Paleo diet restricts the use of vegetables with starch. Thus you need to avoid corns and potatoes. And any processed food, such as corn chips, popcorn, potato chips, and tortillas, should be avoided.

  • No beans and legumes

Legumes and beans are farming products. Thus you need to stay away from these products. Start saying no to peanuts, peanut butter, any soy foods, tofu, edamame, and beans.

  • Restrict yourself from taking dairy products

Milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt has occupied a large part of human life. But being on a Paleo diet, you need to restrict the intake of these products strictly.

  • No sugar

It is no more an unknowing fact that sugar assists in weight gain. Being on any diet plan, the first thing instructed is to skip sugar from your life. Sugary products like jam, jelly, cakes, candy, cookies, sports drinks, syrup, honey, or soda are not allowed while you are following a paleo diet.

  • Skip processed meat

Meats that are processed with high fats like a hot dog, ground meat, ribs, rib roast, salami, bologna, and pepperoni need to keep a distance from your meal.

  • No more salty foods

Liking salty food is not uncanny. But when you are in the strict guidelines of the best flat belly diet plan, you need to stop having chips, crackers, soy sauce, pretzels, sports drinks and added salty foods.

  • No processed foods

Stay away from processed food when you are making attempts to lose your belly fat and make it flat. Thus you need to avoid cheese, macaroni, fruit snacks, french fries, and doughnuts.

not allowed on paleo diet

Say bye to these types of treats

What can you have in a Paleo diet?

Wondering what to eat after you have skipped all the farming and processed food? Here is the guideline that  you can follow;

  • Fish
  • Lean Meat
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Non-starch vegetables
  • Nuts like cashews, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and pecans but in limited quantity
  • Seeds like sunflower and pumpkin
  • Fresh fruit
  • Oils based on plants

Benefits of the Paleo diet

  • Iron is essential for the human body. Paleo diet, comprising of red meat, renders you more iron that is good for your health.
  • Losing fat from the belly region along with other parts of the body is noticed as the diet restricts you from a wide range of food choices.
  • Improves your satiety. As you take too much protein, you will always feel full with smaller intakes. Thus this diet plan restricts your intake of food.
  • You intake the benefit of anti-inflammatory from nutrients in plants in oils, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits.
  • You feed on a clean diet without chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

Essential Tips of the Paleo diet

  • This is a protein-rich diet that helps in muscle building and maintaining. Thus, in some instances, the intake of carbohydrates is much lower, which is the actual source of energy.
  • No specific portion of food has been mentioned. The food items allowed in this dietary plan are minimal, and thus, no portion of intake is narrated. But that never means that you can have everything in excess. Certainly, vegetables are good for your health, but when you take too many nuts, they can act adversely.

Is alcohol allowed in the Paleo diet?

Whatever the diet plan may be, alcohol is not allowed. Same with the paleo diet. Drinking too much alcohol is restricted when you are following a paleo diet plan. But of course, occasionally, you can enjoy alcohol. But that should limit to a glass of beer or wine.

Is eating out restricted in the Paleo diet plan?

The Paleo diet plan does not strictly restrict eating out. You can do so. But at the same time, you need to think about the items that are prohibited in the diet plan. Go for a simple eating out in some places where they are concern about your health. It can be your neighbor or your relative or a very close friend who can cook, keeping your diet plan in mind.

A quick sample of the Paleo diet plan

Diet from person to person varies. You can sketch your unique diet plan by consulting an expert or taking the help of a friend. Here we have outlined a sample menu for reference;

  • Breakfast: Grilled cantaloupe and salmon.
  • Lunch: Salad with Baked pork loin.
  • Dinner: steamed broccoli and lean beef roast with salad.
  • Snacks: celery sticks, carrot sticks, and an orange.

The result of this Paleo diet

As shown below, following the paleo diet plan you can expect heaps of benefits –

  • Loss in weight
  • Boosting glucose tolerance
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Minimizing triglycerides
  • Making your appetite management better

Is exercise needed in the Paleo diet plan?

No, you don’t need to exercise as the paleo diet will help you lose belly fat naturally. However, combining exercise will give you EVEN better results. Not only will you lose weight but also tone up and have good heart health.

Plus, this plan doesn’t require you to go and chase down deer either as our ancestors did!

What does science say about Paleo: the best flat belly diet plan?

We can’t argue with science. To be the best flat belly diet plan, science has to confirm this! So what does science about the paleo diet

Compared to other popular diets, the paleo diet significantly fills you up more, leading to eating fewer calories, unlike when you opt for the Mediterranean diet. (1)

The paleo diet restricts refined food and sugar, which can lead to obesity and heart disease. (2)

In one study, 70 obese women aged 60 and over followed either a paleo diet or a low-fat, high-fiber diet for 24 months. Women on the paleo diet lost 2.5 times more weight after six months and two times more weight after 12 months.

By the two-year mark, both groups had regained some weight, but the paleo group had still lost 1.6 times more weight overall (3)

I could keep posting study after study. The paleo diet is the best flat belly diet plan.

Conclusion on the best flat belly diet plan

Paleo diet has proved its effectiveness in the past times. Trying it wisely will render you the result that you were looking for.

There are many diet plans out there that claim they are the best flat belly diet plan. However, the best flat belly diet plan has to be paleo. The reason being, this is how humans were designed to live in optimal conditions. Do you agree?

That said, it’s a natural diet to deviate from, that’s why I recommend following a tailored professional plan. The best one I have found which is available as a digital download is The PaleoHacks Cookbook. Not only is it cheap, but it has also already helped thousands of others to achieve a flat belly.

The PaleoHacks Cookbook is worth a whopping $150 (or GBP equivalent), but with the link above, you can get it at $12.95!

You won’t need any other diet. Do your weight and your belly a favor and treat it how its meant to be treated, the paleo way!

You’ve now found the best flat belly diet plan, and I wish you all the success. I know once you go paleo, you will look and feel a million dollars.

Got any questions? Below you can ask me anything!


25 thoughts on “The Best Flat Belly Diet Plan: Paleo is Effective and Natural

  1. Dieter

    I have read a lot of different diets and all of them have one thing in common. The criteria for food. But let’s be honest, a diet starts in your head and will not be successful if it does not work. All over a good read, it captures all relevant aspects.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Never a truer word was spoken. Food is an addiction for most of us whether we like to admit it or not.

      Bored, eat food
      Stressed, eat food
      socialising: eat food

      The list goes on and on. part of any good diet is eating habits and behaviours. I we can master these then most of the battle is won.

  2. Alex Watson

    Actually I didn’t know about paleo diet. I found many interesting tips about this paleo diet plans. I have known that paleo diet is very effective for health. If you want more about this diet plz visit my site…..?

  3. Sylvia M.

    I hate counting calories and doing it for the last 3 months. I certainly lost some weights but I am so fed up with all the counting etc.
    Reading about the “Paleo Diet” makes sense to me and I do understand the concept behind it.
    I certainly will give it a try and one plus point I can see already is big to me, NO COUNTING CALORIES.
    Thanks for your great written article it does help people who are struggling to get a flatter belly.

  4. Simon W

    Yea, I agree with everything that you say with regards to the best flat belly diet plan. And wow, I knew the list of contracting possible diseases was big, but I never knew that it was this big without the Paleo. That it helps you to ward off obesity, depression, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson from your life. You live longer with a paleo diet and have great health, jeesh.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Simon,

      The list of disease is big with overweight patients. However, avoiding or prolonging isn’t exclusive to paleo as taking better care of your health through general diet and fitness will have the same effect.

      Using paleo diet will see a decrease in weight much sooner than some other diets that’s why its so popular and recommended

  5. Scarlett

    I was Only slightly familiar with this Paleo diet as I have done low carb in the past with great success. And see there are several similarity’s. But this diet you don’t have to count carbs, a great advantage I think. For those who don’t want to be botheredb. Great article and so informative thank you,

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Very true they are similar but counting carbs can be very confusing and tedious, with paleo you just crack on and eat anything that’s grown or breathed

  6. Dave

    Hey Steve,
    A great post you have here there sometimes to many products out there that don’t always do as they say however your post seems to cover the correct direction for people.

  7. Rob

    I’ve had the problem of not having a flat belly for too many years. I have heard of the Paleo diet before.
    I guess I was afraid of trying it because it’s very strict especially in the beginning. But I have to try something because eating healthy must be a new way of life for me.
    I am going to check with my doctor first and then get moving on it! Is this something you have to follow permanently?

  8. Colleen

    The Paleo diet sounds promising! Are all fruits allowed or are there some with less sugar that would be a better choice? I appreciate all of the time and research that you put into this post. What are some of your favorite food combinations?

  9. Nate Stone

    Hey a really good article exploring the paleo diet and the advantages that come with it!

    I recommend the paleo diet as a great way to increase testosterone production, it definitely helps lower body fat and increase muscle mass, so I’d definitely recommend the Paleo diet to anyone looking to lose fat, gain muscle or simply eat more healthily!

  10. KB

    I’ve done a diet plan similar to this one and I can support that when I left enriched sugars and processed foods out of my daily life, I had a lot more energy that I could use within my workouts. Also homemade meals have always tasted better to me anyway. Hope you continue give information to help people better their lives. 🙂

  11. cher

    Great info. I have been wondering about the Paleo diet for a while, but I hadn’t taken time to read up on it. It seems to be very popular these days and I often see it mentioned online, etc. I noticed there are some foods to be avoided like grains, dairy products, beans, legumes, etc. Since dairy has to be avoided, are daily supplements suggested? And should fiber products be taken since grains have to be avoided? Thank you very much.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Cher,

      If you need supplements for health reasons that have been advised by a physician then absolutely. However, if you are eating natural on the pale diet your nutritional needs should be taken care of. The diet has lot of veg with high fiber content plus some fruits as well.

  12. Bibian

    This is really an informative post.

    thanks very much for the tips on what to avoid on Paleo diet, this is really my first time of hearing about it. Honestly.

    and i love taking my early morning coffee with Honey, but i thought Honey contain natural sugar, it has no effect on us… then why should we avoid it also?..

    though, thanks for the bit of information shared.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bibian,

      Although honey was more than likely available in the paleo era it isn’t recommended for the paleo diet. Although it is natural sugar its more the fact its fructose and not glucose. However, that said a little bit of honey here and there to curb any sweat cravings wont harm the process to much.  

  13. Dallas McCalister

    Hi Steven,

    This is the best information on the Paleo diet I have ever seen, had no idea it went back that far on its origin.

    Especially appreciated the what to and what “not” to eat when on this diet.  

    Have tried many ways to reduce the size of my belly, even exercise dose not work so wanted to thank you for this great review.  I may have a tough time with the sugar part, love dark chocolate… do you suppose some in moderation would be OK?

    Dallas McCalister

    1. Steven

      Hi Dallas,

      Sorting your diet and moving more is normally the key to losing weight. What diets have you tried and what exercise do you tend to do when it hasn’t worked?

      Also, you maybe having a tough old time losing weight because your hormones are all out of line. 

      P.s dark chocolate is fine (in moderation)

  14. James Underwood

    I’ve tried numerous diets before eating a paleo diet.  I remember it did seem a bit daunting at first, it didn’t seem like I would be able to eat the things I had grown to love.

    But after a bit, you realize that the paleo diet is really the way we were meant to eat. All those chemicals and processed foods may taste good, but they have a major ill effect on your over all health.

    Now that I have been on it for about 2 years now, I can’t imagine going back. I enjoy looking for new recipes and trying them. More and more restaurants in my hometown of Pittsburgh PA are offering Paleo menus (shout out to OTB Cafe, in South Side!)

    I encourage anybody to at least give it 2 weeks, you will feel better, and LOOK BETTER!

    1. Steven

      Hey James,

      Can you recall how you felt when first taking up the paleo diet plan? After years of eating process food it can be such a shock to then eat this way. Awesome achievement on the two years buddy.

  15. Parmi

    I actually had heard of paleo diet but didn’t exactly know what it was – so appreciate you going through this thoroughly in this article. I can see why this is a ‘best flat belly’ diet plan – it pretty much asks us to avoid a lot of the ‘unhealthy’ food that we eat these days. 

    Although this plan is quite helpful, a lot of times I find that it’s not the lack of knowledge that people remain obese. It’s more because people are not disciplined enough to stick with the designated plan. Once someone gets started with the paleo diet, how would you recommend them to stick with when all the temptations come in?

    1. Steven

      Hey Parmi,

      There are numerous ways to avoid temptations. Firstly, with this diet eventually you wont get these cravings as your blood sugar levels will be firing normally. 

      Secondly, you can use this plan to initially get to a desired weight and slowly introduce some treats in moderation. Most plans work or should work on a calorie deficit. 

      The paleo diet can teach you good habits and the food you eat is wholesome and filling requiring you to eat less.

  16. Holly Knudson

    Great article on the Paleo Diet. I have been eating this way for three or four years now and it’s not only helped me feel better but lose a few pounds as well. It all goes back to blood sugar balance and being aware of the carb content of your meals. Carbs are what cause weight gain plus a host of other symptoms. Thanks for doing your research. I’m excited to check out the PaleoHacks cookbook.

    1. Steven

      Hey Holly,

      That’s awesome that you have made great progress with the paleo diet. I guess it just comes down to habit forming.

      If you ever want to write about your experiences the good and the bad etc let me know…


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