Some Good Reasons to Add Cheese to Your Diet

By | August 23, 2016

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word diet is “Low Fat and Low-Calorie Diet”, this is because most of the people nowadays are heading towards weight loss. It is good to go low on fat while planning your diet but it is equally important to stay high on nutrients to keep yourself healthy. Cheese has always been on the restricted list while planning the low-fat diet due to the hefty amount of fat it contains. However, apart from its fatty nature, cheese has some unique health benefits too. So, if you are a cheese lover and have deprived yourself of this wonder food till now then here are the reasons to add it back to your diet.

  • It is great source of vegetarian protein

Cheese is mainly composed of protein and fat. The composition of cheese would depend on the type of cheese as all types of cheese are made differently. If you ignore fat in the cheese, you can use it as the best source of vegetarian protein. One cheese slice weighing about 28 g supplies 6.7 g protein that you may get from one glass milk. As cheese is made from milk, it is the rich source of milk proteins that are easily absorbed by the body and have a good amount of amino acids. High protein content in cheese would be good for building muscle mass and cell formation. It lowers blood pressure and increases mineral absorption in the digestive tract.

  • Powerhouse of vitamins and minerals

A single slice of cheese acts as the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains all vital nutrients as each slice of cheese is equivalent to one full glass of milk. Just as milk, cheese is also very rich in calcium. It is good for children during their growth phase as this is the time of bone formation. Adults can have good bone health by including cheese in their diet. Other important vitamins and minerals present in cheese include vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin K, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin and sodium. Vegetarians usually face vitamin B12 deficiency, but with increased cheese intake, it can be tackled well.

  • Protects your heart

Moderate consumption of cheese has many benefits for the heart. It contains potassium, magnesium and calcium in the right amount, which is good for heart health. The protein in cheese called casein is digested to form peptides that would protect your heart against several heart problems.

  • Combats osteoporosis

Lack of calcium is one of the major reasons for suffering from osteoporosis in older age. Milk and milk products are great sources of calcium and other vital nutrients that boost bone health and fight osteoporosis. Including cheese as a part of the balanced diet would reduce the chances of suffering from osteoporosis at a later stage in life.

Cheese is loaded with fat but the percentage of fat mainly depends on the type of cheese. Cottage cheese has low-fat content while cream cheese has very high-fat content. You may include a moderate quantity of best quality cheese in your diet to enjoy the health benefits without damaging your diet regime.


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