So You Cant Lose Weight With Low Finances – LOAD OF BS

By | July 3, 2016

This debate has been going on for decades and the argument “you can’t lose weight with low finances”  that is just plain old rubbish.

You’re probably saying but Steve, healthy food is expensive, gym memberships are too much and personal trainers are just extortionate, well you’re right about two of them can you guess which two?

Well ill tell you, it doesn’t have to break your budget to eat healthily and I’m going to show you why.You just have to shop smart.

Also, why do you have to join a gym to exercise? Is it a case of you don’t know what to do or is it everyone else is doing it? Again this isn’t true, there are far more people not exercising than there is exercising, in fact, its estimated ONLY 6% of the UK population exercise regularly.

In this post, I am going to outline how to lose weight on a £25 weekly shopping budget, sounds impossible? we will see.

Also, there will be some easy (ish) exercises to help shed the weight, so I don’t have to keep hearing I can’t afford to lose weight!!

If any of my US readers are here for the ride then please just convert the pound to the dollar the same principle applies.

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What’s In Your Basket So Far?


Imagine your in the store at the moment, what is your usual food suspects? let me guess at what sort of things are in there and why they need to go. I imagine you have a lot of frozen items, after all, these are convenient and usually quick to cook right? well, stop right there.

Quick to cook usually means packet food and packet food is more than likely  garbage, refined and processed with lots of added sugar salt and additives?

Other foods that creep in the too expensive to lose weight folk’s basket are boxes of cereal, multipacks of crisps, soda and chocolate is this starting to sound familiar?

Let’s just take some of these items and do a quick tally of the price, calories and how well they fill you up.

  • Multipack of crisp £1.50 roughly 100 calories in a pack and DONT even fill you up.

  • Box of cereal roughly between £1.50 – £3 calories range between 100-350 depending on what cereal packed with added sugar however, they are quite filling (there is a better choice I will tell you later)

  • 1L of soda (coca cola) £1 – £2 per bottle there is 139 calories in an average glass of cocoa cola. How many do you have?

  • Chocolate Bar £1 – £2.50, calories vary but take a bounty for example 139 calories and not filling at all.

  • Frozen pizza £2 -£4, calories on average 250 per slice fills you up for 30 – 45 mins

I could go on all day with various items but can you see how it’s adding up cost wise? from them, 5 items you can be looking up to £11.50 that is absolutely disgusting for food that isn’t giving you any nutritional value nor value for your money!!

Be honest, that is probably a quarter of your trolly on your weekly shop right? I see it every week when I go shopping trolleys crammed with garbage and you may not have noticed there is always offers on to entice you to buy this kind of food, such as buy one get second half price.

I believe this is where the myth of it’s expensive to eat healthy comes from, rarely do you see the same offers on fruit or veg so your perception would be better value for money right? Wrong!!

Think about this do you need the extra pizza or the other bottle of soda? you’re more than likely consuming them because they are there. Leave them on the shelf that’s the first bit of advice.

Let’s Get Smart


Now it’s time to achieve the impossible, well maybe not impossible but you thought it was. All the items I am going to give you are fresh, healthy and can be made into dishes you will have 3-4 meals left over to freeze and eat another day (you like frozen items)

Time to think smart

Time to think smart

You’re going to love this bit as well you are going to have £5 left out of that £25 to spend on what you like, hopefully healthy but it’s up to you everyone needs a little pick me up so maybe buy some chocolate.

Here we go time to be amazed how far you can go and how much you can eat.

  • Bag of potatoes – £1.50 super filling, can be used in a variety of ways jacket, roast, mash boiled
  • Mincemeat – £2.00, make chilli or bolognese full of protein and super filling
  • Chicken breasts – £2.50 for 2, Full of protein and used for all sorts, with other ingredients on this list can make a casserole.
  • Casserole mix – £1 for 3 packets
  • Chilli mix – £1 for 3 packets
  • Celery – £1 great for snacking low calorie and good for water content.
  • Peanut butter –  £2 Use with celery, lots of good fats and protein (use low fat cheese spread if you don’t like peanut butter)
  • Oats – £1.50 for a massive bag make overnight oats or just have for breakfast with milk
  • Milk –  £1 for four pints skimmed or semi skimmed
  • Bananas – £1 for six, very filling and lots of nutritional value
  • Broccoli – 40p if you’re going to buy one veg let it be this it’s a super veg
  • Baked Beans – £1 for 4 tins
  • Eggs – £2 for 12 loads of protein and highly filling such a powerful food
  • Kidney beans – £1 for a tin very healthy just add in your chilli.

That All comes up to £19.90, but looking at that probably don’t mean much, for the next step we want to get even smarter, the casserole and chilli make about 4 servings each simply freeze and eat another day.

Also your not going to use the 3 packets mic in one week so the following week you have £2 pound to spend on something else, plus you have £5 to spend on whatever you want.

The oats probably won’t be eaten all in one week as you get so many of them it really is so simple this is just one list, I could come up with many lists all under £25 and you can as well it just takes a bit of know-how and effort when preparing your meals and that’s where the secret lies.

Exercise Is Free Fact!


You don’t need fancy equipment or gym memberships to lose weight you just need YOU! that’s right the only thing you need is you and motivation, your house the streets or even your garden can become your own personal gym.

Do you have stairs? run up and down them.

Go for a run in the streets or a good paced walk.

Sprint from a lamp post to another lamp post and walk back this is a form of high-intensity interval training

Honestly, there is so much you can do for free use youtube for home workouts I have got an example of a 10-minute workout below follow that until you get used to it, the main thing is just do something.



Final Word


You come here with a mindset of You Cant Lose Weight With Low Finances and hopefully your leaving with a new mindset, it really can be done just need to look at what’s going in your trolley if its packaged put it back it appears value for money but its really not.

If you don’t like anything on this list or want to know more leave a comment in below, click the red button below for the only piece of equipment you will ever need!!




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