“Should You Give Muay Thai a Try?”

By | February 26, 2019

Have you heard the name of Muay Thai? Certainly yes. This sport is gaining over the hearts of individuals in recent years. And rightfully so for the benefits that it comes with. Many are trying Muay Thai as their ideal sport that gives bundles of benefits. Here in this article, we make a wide try to sketch all the side of Muay Thai and leave the decision of trying it or not on to you.

Before we start with, do you know what Muay Thai is? Primarily it is a combat sport that originated from Thailand. Using stand-up striking in association with different clinching techniques, this sport gives you the experience of a whole body exercising session. This combat sport of Thailand is symbolized as the combined use of the shins, knees elbows and fists and thus it is also known as “art of eight limbs”.

Traces of Muay Thai were found in the middle of the 18th century. But it gained in popularity in the 20th to the 21st century when practitioners from Thailand come forward to take part in kickboxing. Now, more and more people are giving this combat sport a try for having a full body workout.

Benefits of Muay Thai on your body

In this section, we take a detailed look at the benefits that offers you. So let’s get started;

Full body workout

Engaging in a full body workout is one of the essentials of full body and mind health. Employing much of your time, you practice a lot of exercises for experiencing a full body workout session. Muay Thai gives you the wholesome goodness of full body experience in just one.

Practicing a lot of exercises for weight loss? Then try Muay Thai. This one combat sport gives you the benefits of weight loss as well as body sculpting. Involving a lot of muscle groups, this sport provides you intense workout for your full body.

Muay Thai involves activities like;


Jumping rope



A session of Muay Thai can burn 1,000 to 1,200 calories from your body. So when you wish to shed off the stubborn fat from your body, Muay Thai is certainly the best way.

Muay Thai also helps in improving flexibility that makes you more energetic and active. Apart from everything Muay Thai strengthens your core which boosts your self-confidence level. This combat sport makes you more disciplined. Following a strict schedule, this sport motivates you and makes you more focused.

Strengthens cardiovascular health

Good cardiovascular health is a sign of fitness. Muay Thai aiming toward providing a whole body benefit makes sure that it boosts your cardiovascular health along with improving your stamina. This combat sport involves vigorous training. Thus, one will not get tired while going through the different stages of this sport due to tough cardiovascular training.

Improves hip mobility

Hips stand as the greatest issue of old age. Take care of your hip with Muay Thai. This combat sport boosts the mobility of your hip which ensures that your hips are fit and fine. And you will hardly face any hip issues in your old age. Thus this sport minimizes the risk of hip injuries along with other medical issues. So when you wish to preserve your hip health for your future you need to try Muay Thai.

Shed off stress and anxiety

Stress is one of the greatest issues in modern life. You can’t easily get rid of it. Trying a different way doesn’t give the appropriate result. In such a case trying Muay Thai can be the best way. This sport of Thailand acts as the best way to bust off stress from your life. Through the punches as well as the leg kicks you kick out the negativity from yourself. And what remains within you is your positive side that acts efficaciously in achieving the goals of your life. Through Muay Thai you feel fresh and rejuvenated that add-on benefit to yourself.

Strengthen your leg

Muay Thai offers a full lower body workout session. Thus footwork, kicking and roundhouse kick boosts the lower body muscles which definitely strengthen your leg.

Muay Thai furnish you with;

Muscle tolerance

Ability to move easily and quickly

Force production

Starting with Muay Thai

Now many ponder how to start with their session of Muay Thai. Before we start with anything you need to keep in mind that there is always a risk of injury. But believe us everything you achieve from it adds more than your injuries.

  • Don’t make a vigorous start

Not necessary your body is ready to start Muay Thai. You need to put things together so that you get the power to start your session of this combat sport. Start with warm-ups as well as conditioning drills. It will help your body to connect with the tough sessions of Muay Thai.

  • Never stop

There might be points where you wish to stop. But never do that. At first, you might get stuck at certain points. But constant focus can help you in overcoming all the challenges. Believe us at some point it will turn from hectic to an awesome experience. Wait for that moment.

  • Take expert advice

Muay Thai is not a self-learner sport. If you do so you might end up hurting yourself. The best way to learn Muay Thai is to take the support of an expert. There are many centers that offer Muay Thai training. Enroll your name in such a center.

  • Learn the basics

There are many who skip the basics in lure of achieving stars. You can’t do so. Basics are important in Muay Thai. Strengthen your basics to achieve masters in this sport.

  • What to wear

When first starting Muay Thai you only need basics such as a loose fitting t-shirt and shorts or something equally as comfortable. However, as you progress you may want to start to wear protective gear.

Although protective gear is only needed if you want to spar. sparring is basically when you face another opponent of similar ability and have some form of physical contact.

Muay Thai is one such sport that gives you a bouquet of benefits. Trying you shows its effect on your core and makes you much stronger and healthier. Minimizing the health issues it makes you more fit and active that helps you to achieve your targets much easier.



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