Should I Join A Gym?

By | November 26, 2015

Should I join a gym

Cold, wet and dark weather isn’t exactly motivating. Its the time of year that you just want to wrap a duvet around you sit on the sofa and not go out anywhere. In fact, that is exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks, so I asked myself should I join a gym? should I join a gym

Usually, I wouldn’t over think this and just go and join a gym. However I had to consult the bank….. the bank of Dad that is, with Christmas just around the corner my finances are very tight but I didn’t want to join a budget gym, this time, I fancied something with a pool, sauna and steam room.

In the end, I opted for David Lloyd.It’s not the cheapest health club on the market but I managed to get a really good deal and it’s on my doorstep. Result

Don’t get me wrong there are benefits to training in the cold weather such as activating your brown fat cells and should make you move more to warm up!. How motivated are you to face the cold or should you ask yourself the same question?

Should I join a gym?

Is it for me?

Most definitely!.  There really isn’t any excuse, trust me I have heard them all. After speaking with many people who are overweight or never been to a gym before it becomes apparent the real reason is……… FEAR.

The fear is real I have experienced it myself with the first gym that I joined my friend dragged me along to a real muscle hardcore establishment but looking back at it that was my beginning in fitness. they were so passionate and helpful all my assumptions was wrong.

Intimidation isn’t the only FEAR that is experienced from the thought of  joining a gym, it’s extremely common for overweight people to feel more “FAT”. In fact, the pre-assumption is the gym will be full of “fit” people. this couldn’t be further from the truth.should I join a gym

I have worked in numerous health clubs, Gyms and fitness centres, up and down the country and I can tell you with great confidence there are loads and loads of out of shape people working out.

Don’t take my word for it, join the 4.4 million British adults who would have started in exactly the same place as you!.

Will the gym help me lose weight?

Absolutely!. But don’t just join a gym turn up and do a bit and expect results, You need a plan., Most health clubs, gyms and fitness centres offer 6 week plans for free they are normally basic, however its more than suitable and will do the job if you’re out of shape or unaccustomed to exercise.

Don’t be scared to ask for help or a review every six weeks or so to keep your body guessing. If its not challenging it wont change you. 

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What is the difference in health clubs/gyms/fitness centres?

The general rule in telling the difference is this-

  • Health Club– normally a “members only” establishment with higher prices than gyms and fitness centres. Prides itself with fantastic customer services and usually focuses on the members journey. Provides an extensive class timetable. membership will also include swimming pools, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi as standard some will offer racquets and usually is a chain across the country.
  • Gym- normally will have more options including pay as you go with cheaper monthly memberships in return you usually receive smaller facilities and basic equipment such as resistant machines, free weights and cardio machines and a lot of them are family run.(budget are the exception and usually have good equipment and a chain but no staff to help)
  • Fitness Centres – Commonly found on council estates and in recent times have had a lot of money spent on them due to the government selling them to private firms. Great for families as most fitness centres

With that in mind, it’s up to you find your fit, they all have pros and cons. please BE AWARE of terms and conditions before you sign up, ask them to explain the length of commitment, any price hikes, hidden fees and cancellation policies in particular.

Try before you buy

To help you out I have found a company that specialises in Fitness pass to health clubs/gyms/fitness centres. Using this company provides you with 10% cheaper day passes and absolutely NO commitment to your chosen club.

If you click this Link it will take you to pay as you gym website where you can search for your local gym whether that be a health club, gym or fitness centre. Take a friend with you as that always helps with the FEAR and  you can decide yourself on your question, should I join a gym


You’re looking to lose weight and burn fat then try a gym you have nothing to lose but FAT, There is so much choice and help out there!. you’ve  just got to take that first step, in this case, your first step is clicking this link and finding out what it feels like to be healthy you won’t regret it.

To answer your question should i join a gym? absolutely you may love it and wish you did it years ago and if you don’t, simply don’t go back!

Please leave comments on anything about this post at the bottom no such thig as a stupid question. In fact, the only stupid question is the one not asked.

P.s Make sure you take water with you and PROPER clothing

Healthy Regards

12 thoughts on “Should I Join A Gym?

  1. Gina Gonzalez

    Hi Steven, It has been a long while since I had a membership at a gym and it shows! Your article is encouraging me to look into it. I do want to get in better shape and do not want to wait until Spring to get started because then I will just feel more self-conscious. At least the winter months will give me an excuse to wear long pants when I work out. I really want to use the treadmill because I do not like walking in my neighborhood. Joining a gym might give me the chance to meet some nice people too. Thanks for the good advice. ~Gina

    1. Steven

      Hi Gina,

      Just go for it, your allready self-conscious wIhats the worse that can happen? Ive worked with many people who felt like you do, ultimately at the end of your journey you will feel amazing if you take that first step.

      When was last time you you exercised is there anything else i can help you with?

  2. Brok

    Hey Steven great post on joining gyms and health centers.

    I’ve been a member of both before, and I have to say that health clubs are better in my opinion. It seems that they usually have more equipment and more variety, but that of course depends on what’s available in your area.

    Really like how you brought up the excuse of fear! It’s hard to admit, but it’s why a lot of people won’t take the time to go the gym.

    Great post man

    1. Steven

      Hi Brok,

      I prefer health clubs but they do come with a bigger price tags I tend to find them more “mature”, I would always ask for a free trial to test the atmosphere first.

      How do you normally pick your clubs?

  3. Lukas

    Hi Steven,
    I have slightly different problem. As much as I would like to go to gym I can’t. I have a really fast metabolism and I actually need to gain weight first. But that seem to be impossible task for last couple of years.
    Thank you for the valuable information though.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Lukas,

      I feel your pain many years ago I was the same, unfortunately this is a weightloss site, I am thinking of doing a sister site to this promoting weight gain but for now check this out dont be put off by the name its a great site with lots of help for all walks of life

  4. jagulba

    What you just said is 100% or even 200% correct. The Fear is a killer and it’s not the same for everyone. I go to gym time to time but real problem is i’m afraid. Not because of being fat or being ashamed of myself, no. the fear for me is loos skin. I don’t want that. Maybe you can post something about it, So how to avoid it?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi jagulba, that is a common fear. Sorry I didn’t pick up on that. Great idea about a post for the future however loose skin is a real problem once the elasticity has gone it’s gone and normally requires surgery, there is a few ways to make it less visible depending on how loose it is,

      How loose is your skin?

  5. David

    Hi Steven
    I think it is important to choose a gym that has an atmosphere that will make you want to go. I pay over $20 a week for my gym and it is worth it. Every time I try a budget gym I get bored when I am there and stop going. I have never heard of David Lloyd, but it looks very nice!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi David, thanks for stopping by. I’m not a big fan of budget gyms as the social element isn’t there that’s why I am a fan of health clubs

      David lloyd is a UK chain

  6. Emily

    hi Steven!
    Ah the eternal question: should I go to the gym? I have been going to the gym for about 15 years. I have tried many different ones in Canada where I live, in different provinces. And I think everyone can find a gym that suits their needs. The one I have right now is quite big and it fits my financial needs. I do not think it is the best but it works very well for me at the moment. I sometimes feel like skipping the gym but I never regret going. I do regret not going however.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Emily, it is important to find a gym your comfortable in as the likely Hood of keeping it up is slim what sort of exercises are you doing?


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