Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Diet – Scam?

By | June 3, 2016

Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Diet.

You may be thinking of trying a raspberry ketones weight loss diet as you have heard powerful things about this product but curious as you have tried other “quick fix” products and been totally scammed.

It’s understandable that you’re looking for information on raspberry ketones to make sure your not going to lose money.

In this post, I’m  going show how it works, my thoughts about it, what others are saying about it, pros and cons and where to purchase if you want to go ahead with this diet plan.

Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Diet

Bottled weight loss?

What Is Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are capsule you take to lose weight, you get them in different strengths ranging from 250mg up to 700mg (I haven’t seen any lower or higher)

They claim to break down fat cells and speed up metabolism as well as suppress your appetite if you were to visit a health store the would also recommend taking a colon cleanser as well.

Raspberry ketones a natural substance that is found in other fruits as well including, blackberries, cranberries and kiwis but in smaller concentration.

The way ketones work is similar to a chilli (know for its weight loss) the molecules from the ketones looked very much like capsaicin and synephrine  bot of these are known for weight loss.

The main effects that these study shows are –  (study 1) (study 2)

  • Fat cells become more sensitive to a hormone that is responsible for breaking down your wobbly bits
  • And increasing adiponectin, another hormone that will boost your metabolic rate

Also, the raspberry ketones contain caffeine and green tea extract which are two more known ingredients for weight loss.images (5)

My Thoughts

If you have read some of my posts I’m not a believer of diet pills, never have and never will, why? because they don’t work or at least not in the long run.

My whole philosophy is diet and exercise and calorie expenditure, however, the science does seem to back up raspberry ketones and there is a lot of good comments out there which we will get to soon.

Personally, I wouldn’t take them myself but I know that 70% of people who take up a diet programme or fitness regime quit and will look towards pills, and I want you to get the best and safest possible product if that is what you’re looking.

Although I don’t advocate diet pills if I was it would be these, there is to many fraudsters and scam artists out there playing on your emotions, they know you want to lose weight badly and you will try just about everything to give you that desire.

Another reason I don’t advocate the use of diet pills is your bad habits of not exercising and poor diet will eventually lead to weight gain again as there not sustainable.

What Others Are Saying

On the whole raspberry ketones are extremely popular and widely considered as a decent product, there are a few people who say its “junk” and “rip off” and if your going to purchase them go to the higher strength.

Some people have brought them from dodgy sources such as adds that pop up I do not recommend this don’t DONT put your online security at risk just to lose weight.

custome reviews

Good Reviews!

one of the most unusual feedback was, it gave them raspberry belching, make of that as you will.customer reviews 1

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to swallow
  • Science backs it up
  • Not clear about any possible side effects
  • Unsustainable long term
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Good feedback from others
  • Could be paid feedback


These are not a scam and many people have had success off them, however, there is no indication of long-term success if you’re looking for something a little more educating and sustainable then click here for my number one recommendation. 

As mentioned I don’t advocate the use of pills but these are safe and you may see success off them and if you do want to go ahead with raspberry ketones weight loss diet then I recommend you go here to buy them.

Click this link to take you to your relevant amazon site either the UK or the USA to purchase your product as a bonus you receive the colon cleanse and high mg capsules at a low price and from a reputable company.

I would love to hear any thoughts on this, has it worked for you? as this article put you off or made you want them, leave a comment below


9 thoughts on “Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Diet – Scam?

  1. ateve

    Awesome post! cheers for this review on raspberry ketones weight loss review, I wasn’t sure if it was safe, but now I know there safe I will give them a try

  2. Andrew

    Great review Steven

    I’m recovering from a broken ankle at the moment. Because of this my limited movement is contributing to my weight gain. These look good. Would you recommend these in my situation or something else?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      there certainly won’t harm you but not everyone has had success with them, are you on crutches still? you could go for a gentle walk on the crutches…

  3. Emma

    Are there any know drug interactions? Since I take prescription medication I am always wary to take over the counter supplements.

  4. Fiq

    I fully agree with your sentiments that nothing can replace exercise and a good diet if you want to lose weight. Losing weight, as with any other goals, take a lot of effort and dedication to it. There is simply no shortcuts about it.

    Also, I suggest separating the pros and cons instead of putting both of them in one list. This will make it easier for us readers at first glance. Cheers!

    1. Steven

      absolutely right there is no short cuts although that doesn’t stop the pharma companies looking for the holy grail of a magic pill, the new thing they have developed is gas filled capsules!

  5. Julie


    I have to agree with you 100% that is is important to purchase diet pills from a reputable site such as Amazon. I am always looking for diet pills. I have tried so many different ones. I have tried raspberry keytones and they did not work to well. I really want to get rid of my belly fat! What do you recommend? Thank you for your help!


    1. Steven

      Hi Julie,

      Did you have any side effects from the raspberry ketones? and regarding your belly fat try HIIT or a fitness DVD such as Cize or Insanity


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