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Welcome to reviews.

To help you lose weight there is a ton of products out there that can “aid” in your quest to lose the love handles and all the other wobbly bits we carry around.

I understand this can be overwhelming and picking the the right products can be unsettling and expensive.

you have no reason to worry as I Will  be with you every step of the way and if you find a product your not sure about email me at and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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What you can expect from product reviews?

Each and every product will be filled by facts and accompanied by my professional opiniimages (4)on if I haven’t used the product myself I will research it thoroughly

Its not financially possible to buy every product that will be reviewed nor will I have enough years in my life so my experience of over 10 years will help you take comfort that i have your best interests at heart, and some products I simply wouldn’t try through fear of my health.

In essence you can trust and rely on all product reviews if I wouldn’t spend money or put in my own body then I will NEVER encourage you to do the same!

What products will be reviewed?

The good the bad and the ugly nothing will be spared and if you ever want me to review something either on a post or privately please drop me a email 

In a nutshell I will be covering all aspects of fat busting from such as diets, pills equipment, health accessories, apps and much much more .

were can you find reviews?

When I publish new posts there will be blue links that will take you to relevant reviews and product purchases alternately you can head to the reviews tab from the home page that’s down the right hand side in the categories and if thats not easy enough just use the search tool at the top right corner.

Right then next thing for you to do is head there now  and check out some awsome reviews and start losing that fat today!!