Paleo Diet Basic Guidelines for Losing Belly Fat Permanently

By | October 28, 2018

Are you comfortable with your belly fat? Do you flaunt it with much pride? Certainly not. There will be hardly anyone who feels happy bearing the extra fat in the belly region. But shedding the extra pounds from your belly is not that easy. Well, fear not, paleo diet basic guidelines will clear any confusion. 

Many attempts made in order to lose your belly fat goes on vain. Despite following the rules and regulations strictly, you end up standing from where you started or losing very little. In such cases, it won’t be justified to blame paleo diet in anyway. There can be several reasons why you are not losing belly fat being in a paleo diet. But before starting with that let’s welcome those who are new with the term. So let’s start with a short description.

What is a Paleo diet?

In the Paleolithic period, humans were not aware of farming or any type of processed foods. they used to hunt and eat what they get from hunting or gathering. They relied on much hard work for gathering and hunting their regular portion of foods. Certainly, they enjoyed a more fit and fine living compared to humans of today.

In the paleo diet plan, we take you on to the ancient times and ask you to follow the rules that our ancients used to follow. Certainly, with no farming, there were no legumes, grains, or any other dairy products. And no refine sugar certainly. Any kind of processed foods is strictly restricted in this diet plan.

Thinking what to eat then? Well, like tour ancestors, you are given a whole lot of choices for meals that count vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and poultry. No adding of extra spices or cheese or butter. Paleo diet recipe is quite simple.

With no doubts, the paleo diet is one of the best ways to lose your extra fat from the midsection of your body along with your whole body. With zero sugar count, you calories counts get lower and thus you make your move towards a perfect figure with good health. Paleo diet is planned to keep you healthy, energetic and strong. Thus you feel the better human in yourself.

There are numerous studies showing the benefits of paleo. (1) (2)

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What can be avoided with the help of the paleo diet?

With every advancement from the Paleolithic era, humans have adapted new things and technologies along with tension, stress, and depression. There will be hardly anyone in this world who proclaim to be “perfectly” fit and healthy (unless they are in a health routine. i.e, elite athletes). With every pass of a day, humans are dealing with much health issues. Thus paleo diet brings you the ideal solution for this.

Paleo diet helps in;

  • Skipping obesity and making your belly flat

  • Helps to fight against depression

  • secures you from diabetes and heart diseases

  • Avoids cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer

  • Limit fructose

  • Cease inflammation

What are the benefits of the paleo diet?

Counting all the benefits of the paleo diet in this single article is impossible. Paleo diet is not a usual diet plan but one of the most recommended and trusted on that is followed by lots of humans all over the world.

Counting down the benefits of the paleo diet;

  • Helps in losing extra fat from your belly

  • Support in losing the extra fat from your body

  • Makes digestion system better

  • Increases metabolism

  • Betterment of gut health

  • Provides more energy

  • Makes your brain more healthy

  • increases insulin sensitivity

These are some benefits of the paleo diet. Certainly, there are many. Once you start with the diet plan you can easily recognize the other health benefits of this diet plan.

Paleo Diet Basic Guidelines for Losing Belly Fat

Searching over the internet or longing to an expert dietician for paleo diet guidelines. you can have a handful of suggestions on what to eat and what to strictly avoid. To be honest, there is no official authority of paleo who has defined strict rules. Generally seen, experts modify or update the guidelines as per their own or the need of the patient.

Certainly pondering on different websites you will get numerous suggestions. Puzzling in such a situation is not uncanny. But you need to choose wisely among them so that you can inherit all the benefits of this super rigid diet plan.

Now we have made an attempt to solve your confusion and render you the simplest guidelines that you need to follow.

Let’s take a look;

Go for the seasonal fresh production

How many are there whose parents have not insisted on having fresh seasonal vegetables in the childhood period? It won’t be surprising if none hands are raised. Certainly, fruits are the best in a paleo diet. But intake of high sugar count fruits like banana, grapes, and tangerines are restricted to a limit.

Here are the names of some vegetables on which you can trust for the whole year;

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Mushrooms

  • Bell peppers

  • Cauliflower

  • Broccoli

  • Green and purple cabbage

  • Spinach

  • Avocados

Rely on animal fats and proteins

In ancient times, humans used to rely on animals fats just as much as fresh vegetables and fruits. So in neither ways, paleo diets object from eating animal fats. But all you need to follow is fully pastured and grass-fed animals intake.

See below for some great sources-

  • Eggs and chicken

  • beef

  • seafood

  • pork

Cook your food

Certainly, it not possible for all to eat the vegetables and animals raw. We are civilized humans and need to cook what we eat. Paleo diet has sketched rules for cooking fats.

You can use;

  • Olive oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Ghee

In this context it is essential to mention what you need to avoid;

  • Margarine

  • Canola oil

  • Hydrogenated oils

  • Soybean oil

Add flavor to your food

Wondering how to eat the food without any spice count in it? Well, we are not so much harsh to suggest you have the dull food. Add these staples to your food and experience the mesmerizing effect that it creates in your bland food;

  • Natural spices and herbs

  • Maple syrup and raw honey

  • Vegetable, beef and chicken broth

  • Coconut milk and aminos

Trusted snacks

Certainly relying on fruits, vegetables and animal protein every time you eat is not really possible. Here are some of the snacks which you can have in limited quantity;

  • Dried fruits

  • Almond butter in the raw form

  • Cashews and raw almonds

  • Krave Jerky

Things to look out

Being on a paleo diet is not enough. You need to be sure about certain things that can be the reason for increasing fat in your belly.

Let’s take a quick look;

What about exercise?

Exercise is highly encouraged while being in a paleo diet. Remember this diet is all about how our ancestors used to be. They were more hardworking than modern humans are. Their activities mainly included hunting and gathering which needs high-intensity labor. Thus nowadays certainly you don’t have to hunt or gather for your living. So what needed being in paleo diet is a high-intensity exercise that mainly focuses on reducing and shedding off the excess fat from the midsection region of your body making it flat and perfect.

Insulin management

Is your insulin level remains in your control? If yes then that sounds awesome. High blood sugar level or a frequent fluctuation in the level can be the reason for weight loss failure. Paleo diet renders you metabolic benefits. So skipping out sugar (refined or natural) is advised to create a resistance against insulin.

Cortisol management (stress hormone)

If you think that you can lose weight and your belly fat by wearing the crown of stress then you are wrong my friend! Weight loss and stress can’t go hand in hand. You need to have a good (sufficient) sleep and maintain a healthy cortisol level. Maintaining so will prohibit fat to accumulate in your belly region. But be sure that by the time you have reduced your intake of junk foods and sugars.

What can you have in small quantities

Certainly being on the paleo diet, you have to sacrifice most of your favorite foods. But there are certain foods that you can have in small qualities. They are;

Yessss you can eat chocolates

Hold on your excitement. Chocolates are one of the best refreshing food items that are liked by people of all ages. Restricting the awesome chocolate is certainly unfair. So we allow you to have chocolates but only dark chocolates, with 70% cocoa content, that counts for the benefit if your health. this type of dark chocolates are nutritious and add benefits to your body.

Alcoholic drinks are a no go…

Sorry but no hard drinks are allowed in a paleo diet except top-notch red wine which holds higher antioxidants and certainly is beneficial for your health.

What can you drink

Water is certainly the best hydrating medium when you are in a paleo diet. But apart from that to can also have green tea and coffee that counts with high antioxidant level.


Paleo diet never asks you to eat less. Rather the main motive of this diet plan is to look out on the metabolic and hormonal factors that prohibit fat accumulation in your belly section. Try it out and we are pretty sure that you will get a positive result.

When starting a paleo diet plan remember it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the body. Therefore, prepare by saving this article Paleo Diet Basic Guidelines for future reference. Furthermore, if you have any questions just drop some comments below.

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