NutriBullet Reviews For Weight Loss

By | May 17, 2016

NutriBullet Reviews For Weight Loss

Welcome to busting my fat belly’s NutriBullet reviews for weight loss, during this review I will cover two products, NutriBullet Graphite and NutriBullet Pro 900 Series.

Additionally, why you should be having smoothies and shakes to help you lose weight from your belly and every other wobbly bit you want to see the disappear!!

The first NutriBullet reviews for weight loss is-

NutriBullet Graphite

Product: – Nutribullet Graphite 8 piece set61CwpRZ5IwL._SY450_
Price: – £69.99
Cheapest place to buy: – Amazon
Guarantee: – 1 year
My Rating: – 4/5

The latest NutriBullit product is the graphite, from the outset this is a really good blender, for the price it’s hard to beat.

This isn’t a juicer! its a blender you can throw whole fruits, vegetable’s and nuts inside the cup to receive the maximum benefit as you will be digesting the skin as well!!

Don’t think for a second just because it’s £69.99 it will struggle to blend, it certainly won’t, the NutriBullet Graphite’s blades will tear through your vegetables like a combine harvester through hay!

As for cleaning, couldn’t be simpler it’s essentially like cleaning a cup, gone are the days of trying to clean the bottom of blenders, don’t you agree that was an awful task, the whole point of blending is to save precious time and maximise the health benefits.

As a general NutriBullet rule, they advise that your ingredients should be 50% leafy greens, the idea behind this rule is it will balance out the sugar from the fruits! hence, will help with weight loss


With the graphite version, there is an 8 piece set including, 1 x Extractor Blade, 1 x Tall Cup, 1 x Short Cup, 1 x Handheld Comfort Lip Ring, 1 x Care and Instruction Booklet and 1 x Pocket Nutritionist, 1 x High Torque Power Base.

The reason why NutriBullets Graphite is so popular, not only for the reasonable price but it has a 600-watt motor powering the blades to 20,000 rpm into a cyclonic bullet action motion, making sure that every ingredient is completely silky smooth.

Unlike traditional juicers and blenders, all NutriBullet’s extract all the lost nutrients from stems, skins and cracks nuts effortlessly.

Next Nutribullet Reviews for weight loss is the pro 900 series


Product: – NutriBullet pro 900 series 15 piece set NutriBullet for weight loss
Price: – £103.20
Cheapest place to buy: – Amazon
Guarantee: – 1 year
My Rating: – 5/5

Nutribullet Pro 900 series has everything the graphite has and does, however, it does it better and faster with its massive 900-watt motor producing 25,000 rpm blade rotation making sure every ingredient is pulverised, making sure virtually every nutrient is consumed.

NutriBullet Reviews For Weight Loss

In addition, you also receive 15 pieces that include 1x High torque power base, 1 x High torque power base, 2 x Extractor blades, 1x Oversized cup, 1x Regular lip ring, 2 x Stay fresh resealable lids, 1 x Oversized cup, 2x Tall cups, 1x User manual and cookbook, 1x Life changing recipes hardback book, 1x Short cup, 1x Handled lip ring, 2 x Stay fresh resealable lids, 1 x Regular lip ring, 1 x Flip-top to-go lid, 2x Stay fresh resealable lids and 1x Pocket nutritionist.

For the extra money you do receive a lot of value, not only is it more powerful but the recipe book is a good addition as it can be complicated when you first start blending.

Plus it has a bigger cups so if you have a family it could well be worth the extra money or simply put any leftover in the fridge and have later after work or before bed.


Thank you for taking the time to read NutriBullet Reviews For Weight Loss.

It’s really up to you as both will make silky smooth recipes, but I sway towards the pro 900 series purely based on the value for money you get a lot more power and accessories.

Think of it like a jet fighter and propeller plane there both going to get you there but one will get you there quicker and in more style.

Click here to see more reviews on the pro 900

Click here to see more reviews on the Graphite

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18 thoughts on “NutriBullet Reviews For Weight Loss

  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Great article introducing two high quality products at pretty reasonable prices, today very few households does not own a blending product. My blender does not stand up even close to either of these blenders, when mine ends up in the big blender heaven in the sky I will for sure be checking out these two blenders for my next buy.

    1. Steven

      Blenders certainly have come along way they pretty much chew any thing up (in reason) if you was to send your blender to heaven early you wouldnt regret

  2. Jovo

    These machines look really cool and very useful, the price seems to be reasonable as well. But they look a bit small to me. I see you give them very high rate. I just clicked one link and it says it is not delivered to Belgium. What would you advise to people like me from Europe? Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi if you want one at the best possible price I assume it would still be amazon in Belgium or your local electrical retail store

  3. Annelise

    I love making smoothies for me and my kids – they are picky so yes it helps with the vegetables although I think I need to pay more attention since it says 50 percent should be leafy greens. I have. Magic bullet but sometimes it doesn’t chop th frozen fruit all the way. How would you compare them? And the nutri bullet it really does chop nuts?

    1. Steven

      Hi Annelise,

      Glad you enjoy blending and receive great benefits for the family, The model you have is the original and although great it does struggle a bit.

      The graphite has the same power as yours at 600w but the pro 900 is a lot more powerful and will go through nuts and frozen fruit easy.

  4. DrSarahBrewer

    I have a NutriBullet which is a gorgoues berry colour. As you say, although the price is low compared to many blitzers, it is a powerful kitchen aid. We use ours daily to whizz up frozen and fresh fruit with yoghurt to make a healthy smoothie. Also useful for making sauces and soups. Thanks.

    1. Steven

      Never realised that the Nutribullet would be good for sauces and soups I think I will look in to that and perhaps do a post

  5. Andi

    The nutribullet does look very good and I would love to own one. Soon maybe I will who knows. I have grown some very tiny beetroots this year, Infact the kids planted a whole packet of seeds in one pot and they have all grown but if putting greens in puts people off a bit these little beetroots are ideal because the leaves are good and the root is bright purpley red that would mix ok with red and purple fruits.
    Can’t wait to own one myself.

    1. Steven

      Beetroot would be great to put in the blender there really healthy and even better if grown at home

  6. Joe

    I’ll second your review. I have a nutribullet and I love it. The powerful motor in this thing will blend just about anything. My wife loves adding almonds. The nutribullet chops them up so finely it can be difficult to know they have been added. I have not yet found anything this thing can not turn into a smoothie. It’s also fast. It only takes a few seconds of blending and it’s done. Also extremely easy to clean.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the info, NutriBullet certainly is powerful, which model do you have and whats your favourite drink?

  7. Roger


    Thanks for the terrific review!

    I agree with you that the Pro sounds like the best way to go. Otherwise, if I buy the Graphite to save a few bucks, I may just love it so much that I want the Pro! This way I’m starting at the top of the line, so I don’t have to worry about regretting not getting the advanced model.

    What do you figure the life expectance is on this product? Though the price is certainly competitive with other blenders, do the larger versions offer more durability? Or what would their advantage over the Bullet be?

    I like the easy clean up and the fact it can chop nuts! Sounds like a wonderful way to start eating (or drinking!) more healthy while losing weight. And I bet the drinks are delicious!



    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Roger,

      Glad you agree on the pro, we have the same mindset, just like most electronics nowadays I assume about 3 years hard to say really as more you use the quicker its life span.

      The bigger versions are better for the fact the make more pulp and extract more nutrients as they have bigger motors, plus they have bigger cups to make more!!

  8. Peter

    Great info the nutri bullet 900 looks like my old blender but sounds far more powerful, does it really break down all of the skin as my old blender would leave small chunks?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Peter,

      It absolutely does break it all down, its unique shape allows for my cylindrical action a bit like how Dyson the hoover made better suction through the there motor.

      What NutriBullet have done is not make a juicer nor blender they call it an “extractor” to make sure you get the most out of anything you put in it.

      What blender are you using at the minute?

  9. Athar

    The Post speaking about the nutrition food Provide me good knowledge same time will help me for my better diet not all of us know how to control weight with nutrition foods nutirebullet reviews help us to know the prodcut much better, nice keep it up

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you Athar,

      personally speaking, I would go for the Pro 900 if I didn’t understand recipes, however, the internet is great for recipes so potentially could google what you’re looking for


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