Motivation To Lose Weight And Exercise – 25 Vital Reasons

By | June 1, 2016

Motivation To Lose Weight And Exercise

Do you need the motivation to lose weight and exercise? I do and just about everyone I know needs it once in a while.

Just you coming to this very page means losing weight is on your mind and your ready to do something about it, perhaps you have had some devastating news or you know deep down if not now, when?

I will tell you this, it does NOT get any easier you have to push yourself constantly you have to sweat, you have to go through emotional times, you have to go through aches and pains! but do you know what, Its worth it!

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The journey doest end but it becomes so satisfactory, so confident and so happy everybody you radiate it and make loved ones feel happy, you have people who you haven’t seen for a long time commenting how good you look and what’s your secret.

Just take a second to think how you will feel when you look in the mirror and see someone you have wanted to see for a long time looking back with happiness, be brave and be proud and conquer this misery forever!!

25 Reasons to Act now


  1. Be a better parent, lead by example and have the energy to play with them exercising as a family is great for that family bond.

  2. Look, feel and act confident almost every aspect of your life will get better, career, friendships and relationships.

  3. Feel happy, you will have an abundance of happiness from the happy hormones endorphins.

  4. Live longer and fuller, do you want to be that old person laid up in a hospital bed for months?

  5. More libido and satisfying sex.

  6. Lower odds of developing heart disease, such as angina or heart attack.

  7. Wear nicer fitting clothes that aren’t a struggle to squeeze in.

  8. Less chance of bone and joint disease such as arthritis and osteoporosis extremely painful condition.

  9. Improved immune system fewer days off work, meaning more money in your bank if you’re not in work then boost your chances of getting work.

  10. Promotion at work, did you know you’re more likely to be looked over for promotion just on appearance no matter your skill.images (3)

  11. Participate in activities you never imagined you could.

  12. sexually more attractive, find the partner of your dreams or enhance existing relationship.

  13. Be able to breathe easier, have you ever had to stop for a breather up a hill?

  14. Lower chances of lung disease, do you want an oxygen tank by the side of your chair?

  15. Mental health is closely linked with weight gain especially depression
  16. Lower your chance of certain cancers.

  17. recovery time if you every need surgery.

  18. Lower chances of diabetes almost 80% of type 2 can be prevented.

  19. Regulate blood pressure properly, blood pressure is a silent killer.

  20. if you fall into obese category your more likely to develop dementia 260% more than someone who is not.

  21. Your workouts become more fun.

  22. Sleep better through the proper sleep cycles,

  23. Protects eye degeneration in older age.

  24. Lower cholesterol

  25. Feeling accepted by society

The list can go on and on but these should be powerful enough to motivate you!!

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You have done the hard part by taking the first step and look for motivation to lose weight and exercise to fuel you to a better prosperous life but you’re probably wondering now what?

It’s not just about exercise its also about how many calories you put inside you and why type of calories these are so if you’re looking for a good start with diet click here for my number one recommendation 

one of the best ways to keep motivated is by doing fitness DVDs or joining a gym if your not ready for long term commitment which you should then click here for local gym offers for day trials or look at home DVDs

Thanks for reading and please leave comments in the box below would love to hear your thoughts or even if you want to add to the list.

2 thoughts on “Motivation To Lose Weight And Exercise – 25 Vital Reasons

  1. Audra

    Hi, Steven. I enjoyed your post. I think I need to print this out and put it in a common area in my home. Motivation, motivation, motivation! That is my main reason for not exercising…besides having no real energy of course. I am an insomniac…I’ve even tried working out late night, taking a hot bath to relax, and drinking tea….nothing makes me sleepy!! So of course working out in the mornings is literally impossible. We do take walks often as a family, but nothing that’s cardio…which is what I’d prefer. Any suggestions? I want to start my routine again, but I need energy first! Lol

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Audra,

      Seems like you’re in a vicious cycle, have a look at this article about sleep unfortunately the best thing is to push through the tirdness, trust me I know how hard that sounds but within a few days you will be on your way to full nights sleep.

      Quick practical tip start off with baby steps such as using your own body weight doing squats lunges run up and down the stairs 10-15 times your energy will quickly increase.


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