Maple Syrup and Lemonade Diet Review (Yes its really a thing)

By | January 31, 2019

I can’t believe maple syrup and lemonade diet is a thing! I only heard about it recently due to a reader commenting on an easy diet plan to lose weight post.

Anyway, I thought it was a joke, but it isn’t. To my surprise, its been around for decades. Beyonce even used this diet to lose weight for a movie role.

In this post, we are going to look at the maple syrup and lemonade diet to determine the effectiveness and safety of this plan. Furthermore, we will look at any possible benefits and alternatives.

maple syrup and lemonade diet

What is the maple syrup and lemonade diet?

The maple syrup and lemonade diet consist of very few ingredients and lasts for about ten days. It promotes rapid weight loss. See below for the ingredients –

  • Maple syrup
  • Lemon Juice
  • Spring Water
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Laxatives

As much as it helps quick weight loss, it can be used for detoxification. Furthermore, it’s used in the treatment of specific alignments and to promote health such as –

  • Ulcers
  • Shiny hair
  • Improve skin
  • Better concentration
  • More energy

However, real scientific research is lacking to back these claims up. Instead, its more down to users reporting this. Of course, this could be a placebo effect.

How do you take this diet?

With this diet plan, you live on those five ingredients for the whole duration of the detox. Generally, you are encouraged to drink 6 – 10 glasses of the mixture per day!

What is the mixture?

As stated above, you need to mix the ingredients to make a drink. See below for the recipe-

  • 2 T organic lemon or lime juice
  • 2 T Maple syrup
  • 1/10 t cayenne pepper
  • 10 oz spring or purified water

Additionally, there are two more things you need for the maple syrup and lemonade diet.

  • Laxatives
  • Saltwater flush

Because the diet lacks fiber, the chances of becoming constipated are incredibly high. The laxatives will help with passing stools.

Secondly, the plan advises to do something called a “salt water flush” (it’s new on me as well!) Apparently; a salt water flush is an effective form of laxatives. However, this can have numerous risks.

  • Drinking saltwater on an empty stomach may cause nausea and vomiting.
  • A salt water flush may increase your risk of sodium overload.
  • Sodium overload may lead to high blood pressure.

Doing a saltwater flush can cause imbalances in electrolytes. Causing imbalances can lead to other problems such as –

  • muscle spasms
  • weakness
  • confusion
  • irregular heartbeat
  • seizures
  • blood pressure problems

My thoughts on the maple syrup and lemonade diet

Truth be told, this diet is beyond ridiculous! In fact, any diet plan that promotes the use of laxatives needs to be written off immediately.

I have no doubt you will lose weight with the maple syrup and lemonade diet plan. The reason being is this; you’re barely getting 500 calories a day! Any diet that has that amount of calories will see rapid weight loss.

Noticed how I didn’t say fat loss? That’s because you won’t be losing much fat on this diet. Because of the lack of protein and carbs, your body will reduce water retention and break down lean muscle for fuel.

Furthermore, you will feel like death. Can you imagine drinking 10-12 cups of the same thing per day for ten days? That would be the definition of insanity for me.

I have a better idea, an idea that doesn’t require you to be constipated and living off a crazy mixture for ten whole days! Control what enters your mouth, change your lifestyle. If you don’t know where to start, then look at the alternative below.

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My three top lifestyle change recommendations


At present, I would only recommend three diet plans from the internet. This list could grow, but its taken me hours of painstaking research to find this. Therefore I highly recommend these products and would happily follow them myself. In fact, I do support the principles of all three.

The main principle any proper diet should have is a calorie deficit. Simply put. Calories in vs. calories out.

3-week diet by Brian Flatt

This diet plan is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly. In fact, you can lose up to 21lbs in just three weeks. ideal for –

  • Special Occasions. weddings, holidays, etc
  • Been advised to lose weight for health reasons.

Not only can you lose weight quickly, but it will also educate you on eating habits. However, it longevity isn’t as good as the other two diet plans I recommend.

It a highly popular digital download that has helped thousands to shred the fat whilst not starving to achieve a more confident look. Check it out here — Brian Flatts 3 week diet.

Paleo diet plan

You’re best to think of this diet plan as a lifestyle change. The most effective diets are ones that are backed by scientific research.

The concept of this diet is taking you back to the roots of humanity. To simplify the idea, if it hasn’t grown in the ground or hasn’t breathed, you can’t eat it.

In other words, No processed human-made food. Adjusting to this diet and undoing a lifetime of habits is the hardest part. However, once you get past the first few weeks, the results are amazing. Not only will you lose weight, but your general health will improve drastically.

Check it out here: The best flat belly diet plan

Lifestyle Diet Makeover

Lastly, this is my diet plan, and it’s a lifestyle change. Not as drastic as the paleo diet and gives you much more freedom to eat what you like.

It’s based on a calorie deficit and educates you about food groups. This diet is very sustainable and will also promote and quick and safe weight loss.

I know how hard it is and sometimes impossible to go without pizza. That’s why I have made this diet flexible but backed by sound scientific research

Check it out here: An easy diet plan to lose weight

Last thoughts on this crazy diet plan.


Stay away from it! I couldn’t stress more how crazy the maple syrup and lemonade diet is. I understand that you may be in discomfort from your current size, but believe me; there are more natural ways to lose weight. Not to mention safer.

When I saw you can’t eat ANYTHING except them five ingredients, I knew I have to warn people about this diet. Not to mention, laxatives and saltwater flush to help you poop. What kind of diet plan should include bloody laxatives?!

Honestly, take a look at the three diets I’ve chosen for you. After all, you were more than likely prepared to embark on this crazy journey. You owe it to your self at the very least.

Please stay away from this, and I hope you find the right diet/lifestyle change that suits you.


P.S, if you’re crazy enough to do this diet, then check out this post with some useful information before embarking on the maple syrup and lemonade diet. (1)



12 thoughts on “Maple Syrup and Lemonade Diet Review (Yes its really a thing)

  1. Chrome

    I once had a friend who want to burn his belly fat but ended up in ER because of a drug he took. Ever since I have been a little bit scared of belly fat removal drugs and I’ve kept to advising friends to go for the natural methods using herbal and avoiding laxatives that could cause another major problem. This looks like a good combination as am familiar with most of the ingredients. Am sharing the page to those who might be in need. 

  2. jessie palaypay

    I am wondering if the other 4 ingredients are really contributing to the weight loss or if it is really just the laxatives? Do you know if laxatives by themselves have helped in weight loss?

    I do know that laxatives usually cause people to use the bathroom more frequently. I’d never imagine it would be advised to use for weight loss purposes.

  3. Seun Afotanju

    Thanks for this informative review, it’s really an eye opener as to how the  maple syrup and lemonade diet works. Drinking 6-10 glasses of this mixture sounds to me like a punishment not worth taking for the purpose of loosing weight, I would rather look towards your recommendation for weight loss, I have already bookmarked your site for future purposes. Thanks

  4. AbiodunS

    Thanks so much for this article. The maple syrup and lemonade diet can work wonders in terms of quick weight loss. I have not heard about nor taken be fire but the ingredients suggest to me that it can be very effective. How ever since it was not have any scientific backing, it can be risky. 

  5. Gracen

    Hi Steven! Great review on Maple syrup and lemonade diet. I must say that I had my doubt if this is a healthy way of losing weight while reading the article, not until I saw your recommendation. Who stays healthy on 6-10 glasses of the mixture per day for a ten days period? Like you rightly said, there are so many disadvantages of using this method of losing weight that if care is not taken, might lead to serious health issues.

  6. Kenechi

    I think the best thing to be used to burn belly fat or whatever fats is lifestyle changes and diet control including some exercises. There are some exercises that can help to reduce weight loss and as well burn fat. There are specific exercises that can burn  or reduce belly fats but the use of drugs might only reduce weight without even burning fats.

  7. Daniel

    I must say that this article is great as it contains really helpful information about this healthy drink. I can see that this beverage can also affect weight loss because of ingredients and I will surely consume it every morning. Thanks a lot for sharing, I have never tried something like this. All the best, Daniel

  8. Diane

    Hi Steven – thanks for sharing this useful review. Just the title was enough to get me to read it! I couldn’t believe such a thing existed, and I am shocked anybody would take it seriously. It’s a shame that celebrities like Beyonce would endorse this, as it gives out the wrong message to her followers. Your recommendations are much more sensible and likely to have a long lasting effect. I am going to take a look at the Brian Flatts plan. All the best, Diane  

  9. Louis

    Hello Steven,

    I’m also looking to lose belly fat but I’m not really fat. I just feel a lot of weight around my belly when I jog and I’m not comfortable with it. I’d like my belly to be shredded and lean but my diet is not giving me the right results.

    What diet plan would you recommend for someone like myself.

    Expecting your feedback

  10. Rick

    OKay so I was reading through the blog thinking “who would do this thing?” Your practically starving your self to death. I though at first it was a post promoting the diet due to lack of understanding that this was a review. Than I got down to the end and realized this is not a review, this is you telling people to stay away from this diet. While reading I was close to closing the page knowing I have nothing to contribute to this but kept on going because I like to ddiet regularly to keep in shape.

    I like the fact how you are making people aware to not try this form of loosing weight. It is counter productive and posibly dangerous. Like you said any diet that promotes using laxatives is a negative. Thank you for the use info. 

  11. Clement

    Thank you for this great and informative post. I really like the energy you put in coming up with this. I don’t think I have access to all the required ingredients to try this maple and lemonade diet out. I will surely check back on your blog for more helpful tips when you come up with another post. Thank you. 

  12. Lok Which

    Wow, whoever brought the idea of maple syrup and lemonade diet has really done a great job because literally i have never thought of this diet. I love sites like this that will enlighten me on diets that are beneficial to my body and those that are not as well. I will start following you to get more updates, thanks for this information.


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