7 Low Calorie Snacks For Weight Loss – A Must For All Dieters

By | September 16, 2018

When dieting, choosing the right low calorie snacks for weight loss is essential!  In fact, not having the right snacks could see you consuming more calories than you need.

The first thing to remember,  if you’re not in a calorie deficit the low calorie snacks won’t make any difference. Simply put, you’re consuming more than you’re burning.

Not sure if you’re in a calorie deficit? That’s cool, I will show you how to work out how many calories you need per day.

Furthermore, in this post, you will find my top 10 low calorie snack for weight loss! Additionally, I will reveal a diet plan that has helped 1000’s of people naturally lose weight in just 3 weeks!

Low calorie snacks for weight loss

Are you even hungry? Try this first…

How much water do you drink? Did you know that your body confuses hunger with dehydration? With this in mind, have a glass of water before you look to snack on something.

In fact, studies show drinking up to 2 liters of water every day will help you burn up to 96 calories. (1) Whereas, heading for snacks will add way more than 96 calories.

Also, dieters who drank 1/2 liter of water before eating a meal lost 44% to those who didn’t over a 12 week period. (2)

In a nutshell, drink plenty of water to cut down on snacking. Thus, helping to consume less calories and burn more!

How to work out your calorie needs.

As mentioned, You need to be in a calorie deficit. Otherwise, even the best low calorie snacks for weight loss won’t see you dropping pounds. Below, you will find the formula to work out your personal deficit.

  • Women: BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )
  • Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in years )

Alternatively, you can you use this formula as well –

Your weight in lbs x11 = starter point

Your starter point + 400 = calorie needs

Calorie needs – 750 = Target deficit amount

Whichever formula you decide to use you will get a calorie deficit. Personally, I prefer the latter, much easier to work out.

In a nutshell, Before you look for low calorie snacks for weight loss, you need to be in a calorie deficit!  

Start as you mean to go on…

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Generally speaking, there may be some truth to this. Reason being, having a high protein healthy breakfast may stop sugar cravings. This can lead to overeating or binging throughout the day

However, studies show and are inconclusive that eating or skipping breakfast doesn’t play a massive part in weight loss. Again, it’s about calories in vs calories out.

Personally, I love breakfast and it sets me up for the day. Furthermore, you may have heard people saying “breakfast kick starts your metabolism”. This is just a myth.

A thermic effect from food occurs right after eating and doesn’t matter what time of day you eat.

In a nutshell – If you like breakfast cool. If you dont then dont worry. 

My top ten low calorie snacks for weight loss

In this section, you will find 10 great low calorie snacks for weight loss. Furthermore, they will be awesome for taste as well as nutrition.

#1 Roasted spice chickpeas (153 calories)

Simple but delicious, flavor with cayenne and chili powder. Roast the chickpeas until chewable. Great fat burning combo. Chickpeas will fill you up whilst the gentle spice fires up your metabolism.

Furthermore, you can pop this in a container and eat on the go.

#2 Apple and peanut butter bagel style (150 calories)

Another simple but mouth-watering snack. You simply use the apple as the “bagel” thinly slicing the apple and have the peanut butter as the filling.

Plus, you can add other ingredients in such as raisins and cinnamon. Take note, more ingredients equals more calories.

#3 Half an avocado on rye bread (78 calories)

This wheat free bread is a much better alternative than normal types of bread. Let’s face it, bread is awesome. Avacado is easily spreadable and the combination will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

To sum up, the high fiber and good fats will leave you feeling satisfied.

#4 Celery and soft cheese (40 calories per stick)

Celery and soft cheese are one of my favorites. Celery has next to nothing calories wise but has a high water content. Thus, helping you feel more hydrated and eating instead of drinking!

Cheese is also a winner as it has a high-fat content that will give you energy.

#5 Sweet potato toast, topped with ham, egg and spinach (114 calories)

Bake the sweet potato and flatten half of it out like a piece of toast. Place your protein-packed ham and egg on top and garnish with fiber-rich spinach.

This low calorie snack for weight loss will give you heaps of energy and keep you full for longer. Plus, it has a sweet taste that helps keep away from sinful treats.

#6 Go nutty over nuts (Roughly 160 calories 1/4 cup full)

Generally speaking, nuts are quite calorific. However, they do provide a nutritious punch. Naturally high in fat, protein and fiber. Thus, making a handful of mixed nuts one of the best snacks for losing weight.

There are many varieties of nuts to choose from and all of them have great health benefits. With this in mind, pick and choose until you find what suits you best.


#7 Boiled Eggs ( 78 calories per large egg)

Quick, easy and packed full of goodness. Low in carbs but high in protein make these the ultimate low calorie snacks for weight loss.

Furthermore, repeated studies have shown that eggs reduce food intake at later meals. (3)

Why not try adding some spice to your boiled eggs.

My most recommended diet plan

Generally speaking, most people succeed at losing weight whilst following a tailored plan. The best online plan I have come across is “the 3 week diet plan”

By following this plan you can lose up to an astounding 21 lbs. I’ve done a full review here “does the 3 week diet system work”

Last Word On Low Calorie Snacks For Weight Loss

I really hope you find these low calorie snacks for weight loss delicious. I certainly do! However, remember to keep your calories below your deficit or these snacks won’t make a difference.

Use the formula to work out your deficit. Dont forget, as your weight goes down you will need to readjust your deficit using the same formula.

not sure of anything want to ask me something. Drop me an from the contact section or leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “7 Low Calorie Snacks For Weight Loss – A Must For All Dieters

  1. Laura

    Oh, your post has made me hungry. I forwarded your post to my husband. He’s the chef in our household. Thanks for sharing the recipes.
    When we try them, I’ll come back and leave a comment on how it came out.
    Thanks again,

    1. Steven

      Thats awsome, let me know which is your favourites low calorie snack to lose some weight

  2. Lee

    I loved all the good info here. Low-calorie snacks for weight loss is essential for losing weight. Something that works for me is being super conscious of what I eat in the evening. Typically, this is when I binge the most. Thus, eating way more calories than my body needs.

    I’ve always seen chickpeas as really boring until I read this post. Going to try them for sure.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Couldn’t agree more. People think that the body puts on fat if you eat after 6. False, the body doesn’t care what time it is. Like you stated this is a typical time for people to binge eat.

      The chickpeas great give it a go and let me know.

  3. Matts Mom

    I really like #5 and already do boiled eggs. I love sweet potatoes, so this seems like an easy one for me. The chickpeas sound good as well. I am going to look into the three-week diet plan a little more and see if that might be a good choice for me. Thanks for all of the great information.


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