Lose Weight Fast | Is It Possible?

By | October 18, 2015

Lose Weight Fast.
Lose weight fast

We all like to lose weight fast when dieting. In fact,  we will go to extreme lengths. Including, magical pills that you take and poof, the weight has gone!

I don’t want to crush your dreams but there is no magic pill. however, there are many companies that claim they have such a product.

Firstly, in this post, we will reveal telltale signs of what to avoid. Secondly, we will give you some sound advice for fast weight loss.

Lastly, we will recommend a safe and speedy weight loss programme.

How To Spot Fast Weight Loss Scams

Fortunately, Google had a massive clamp down on weight loss pills. However, this was more aimed at paid ADs and not products or websites.

Although this may be true, there are some telltale signs to look out for. See below.

  • Unrealistic claims
  • Extreme restrictive diet ( anything under 800 calories is super dangerous)
  • Main focus is supplements
  • Encourages you not to exercise
  • Powerful wording such scientific breakthrough and guaranteed weight loss

Granted, there are some accelerated weight loss plans out there that are not scams. In fact, our most recommended diet comes across “scammy”. When I first found 3 week diet I thought “here we go another scam”.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful. The reason being when we are desperate to lose weight it’s easy to fall for lies.

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The problem is this. we are bombarded on a daily basis how we should look. Especially woman. Moreover, try walking into a store and looking at the magazine stand. what do you see?

Correct, thin woman and muscley men.

Clever Fast Weight Loss Marketing

These company’s know we will do as little as possible to achieve that magazine look. They know we are timed deprived. Furthermore, they know we are desperate to look “thin”.

Hence, why you will see the powerful wording. “lose weight fast” “lose 5 inches in 7 days” ” try this one weird trick overnight”.

They market to our emotions and hit us where it hurts, they know how conscious we are about the way we look.

Notably, in my 12 years of weight loss experience, I haven’t met one person to succeed long term with fad diets. Yes, they lost weight fast. However, this generally happens when you starve yourself of nutrients.


So What Does Work For Fast Weight Loss?

My belief is education. specifically, three main areas.

  1. Food & Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Hormone control

Firstly, not all exercise, food, and diet are equal. Shortly, we will let you in on the best-kept weight loss secrets.

Secondly, to lose weight fast you have to find something you enjoy. As a result, if you are having a good time and fun you will stick to it. Remember, we are all different and that’s ok. What works for one may not work for another.

 about food and promoting exercise that is enjoyable, we are all different and that’s another thing id like to point out about these crash diets promoted online they don’t find out about what your needs are.

Programs out there such as weight watchers and slimming world do really well at educating people about food and weight loss. I will be doing reviews on these programs to outline the pros and cons and if it will be suitable for your lifestyle.

Some exercises are much better at burning calories than others and this is something I will be going over in great depth in the training and exercise tab.

Something I believe is overlooked especially by females, is Protein this is mainly due to the myth of females getting big muscle, this isn’t true, it takes a long time and hard work to develop big muscles and even longer in females, the reason why protein is good for weight loss is unused energy from protein doesn’t convert into fat and is fantastic at preserving and promoting lean muscle, and that my friends are what you want.water-1182071

Drinking more water is also crucial for weight loss. in fact, it’s been discovered that we sometimes confuse the feeling of dehydration with hunger. A good indicator of dehydration is that if you’re feeling thirsty you’re already in early stages of dehydration so that said don’t wait until you need a drink! drink little and often through the day. you will be surprised how much this will help.

This goes without saying. however I will say it anyway EAT LESS! if you are like me and you go to the cupboards when your board and snack on calorie rich treats your putting more calories in your body than is needed and if you’re also like me and put weight on your bum and belly you start looking like a duck.


To answer the question is it possible to lose weight fast?” absolutely…… but losing weight fast with so-called magic pills, diets and whatever else these scrupulous company’s are  promoting isn’t going to work long term and that is what we want for a better quality of life and still being able to enjoy that nice scrumptious chocolate bar.

Try something a bit more sustainable such as weight watchers or reducing carbohydrates and upping protein intake, another good technique that many people have had success with is counting calories  there are so many ways to lose weight without turning to faddy diets that won’t lead to anything but you losing pounds from your pockets and not your belly.

Would love to know if you have ever tried any fad diets or magic pills, leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Lose Weight Fast | Is It Possible?

  1. Adeel

    This sort of website is very very much important in these days where most of the people struggling with weight loss including me. It is indeed very hard to keep up with exercise and diet, most of us often cheat with diet. This site really bring hope for those struggling with weight lose.This site is really helpful. Which one exercise would be effective to lose weight soon?

    1. Steven

      thank you for your kind words just trieng to help people as there isba wealth of information out there a lot of it misleading just to make a profit.

  2. meherbani

    I have always thought companies that sell pills to people wanting to lose weight is criminal. It’s crazy that so many people actually buy into that garbage and spend tons of money doing so. Your site is spot on and reads very well. I like the theme you’re using and the way you go on to explain your point of view.

    What do you recommend is the best way to lose belly fat?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mererbani,

      Don’t get me wrong there is companies out there provide good weight loss aid and that’s exactly what they are an aid not a magic pill that people think they are but unfortunately there’s more bad than good and google had a massive crack down on them a while back.

      Unfortunatly you cant spot reduce fat it will go were the body wants it to go fortunately its usually the belly first are you looking for diet only or looking to exercise

  3. Edmund

    Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your years of experience in helping others losing weight.

    I totally agree with you that advertisement of losing weight fast is targeting the emotion of consumers so that they can meet the supplement companies’ profit target.

    I do use the “Eat Less” method when I find myself gaining weight. Down to two meals a day and drink lots of water.

    Great article! Wishing you the best!

    1. admin

      Hi Edmund,

      Thank you for taking time to read the article. i personally think the drinking more water part would help so many not just for the health benefits water provides but to curb food cravings.

      there is far to many companies that will take profit before health and how they get the products approved is beyond me.

  4. Michel

    Great post. Yep I tend to agree with you that there are too many fad diets on the market, none of which really work. I have never had the will power to diet, but do try and cut down on calories and be more active when I feel heavier.

    Drinking water constantly does help as you say, because often you think you are hungry, but are actually just thirsty.

    1. admin

      Hi Michel,

      I understand were you are coming from with diet as food is sooo good and had many clients and myself with same problem what i did for my clients and for my self is just be more active to use them calories and strike a balance

  5. admin

    Hi Lee,

    thank you for the feedback recently took to the keyboard to help people lose weight rather than on the gym floor I find I can reach more people, i will certainly look at a star rating as this sounds really good

  6. Lee Zhi Wei

    The color contrast of the overall website was really perfect. Blue with white & black really matches. The first thing i got attracted to was the image (the pills)

    The contents were well-thought out & well-described. However, it might be too lengthy for a whole paragraph so you might wanna consider reducing the number of words in 1 paragraph.

    You might wanna list down the possible ways to lose fats fast as well, by giving audience a comparison between methods

  7. Richard

    I got lured in to herbalife and felt I’ll most of the time even convinced friends and family to go on not with there interests at heart more like to line my own pockets at the time didn’t see it that way you don’t really earn anything and products so expensive

    1. admin

      Hi Richard,

      Any body who knows me knows my hatred to herbalife and in my opinion is a big con…. not only is it a pyramid scheme (they found a legal loop hole) and the promote shakes over food one of the biggest issues I personally have with it is the people in trust selling to there clients on gym floors and the like, I actually got referred to the scheme so i joined up to see the workings inside the company and its all based on commission and ties more people in to it.


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