Laxatives For Weight Loss – What A Load Of Shit

By | July 16, 2016

This wouldn’t be the first time I have heard about laxatives for weight loss and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. I received an email the other day from a reader asking my opinion on this subject as she is looking to try them as her friend has lost weight by popping laxative tablets.

I am going to be honest, I didn’t know what to say to her as for me it can simply be said to her “DONT BE STUPID” that is something I would say to someone I know, someone I know the background off and someone who hasn’t got to this stage in the weight gain experience.

I wanted to find out more about her and why she resorts to popping laxatives as her method of weight loss, it turns out she has tried many “diets” and all failed, not surprising once she told me about the kind of “diets” she has tried.

Can you guess what sort of “diets” these may be? Fads every one of them sure she lost weight doing them but once she had stopped and you will stop as these diets are not sustainable she simply piled the weight back on again.

This post is going to explore if laxatives are a good solution and an effective weight loss tool, alternatives and any possible risks.

laxatives for weight loss

What Do You Know About Laxatives

Most of us know the term “laxatives” and what they do, quite simply put they help us with bowel movements in times of need such as being constipation, this is fine when using once in a while.

I have heard of and read people eating loads a day in the name of weight loss, I understand the desperation to lose weight I have seen it many times but what do you actually know about these poop releases.

If you abuse laxatives then you need to know that these pills can be fatal and cause serious health problems.

A common belief by an abuser is that if you use these pills your body won’t store as many calories as it’s quickly passed through the body….. NOT TRUE and laxatives can even bloat giving the appearance of weight gain!

I imagine you would source the medication from a pharmacist as a doctor will only give you a short-term subscription as they know the dangers of long term abuse.

There are different types of laxatives that have different effects to help you pass stools so do you know which one is best for this mythical weight loss. Let’s have a look at some and how they make you poo.

  1. Bulk-forming – these work in the same way as fibre does by retaining fluid in the stool signalling to your brain that you need to go
  2. Osmotic – this type softens your stools by increasing water
  3. Stimulants – nerves in your bowel are stimulated that make the muscles speed up
  4. Stool softeners – increases fluid to make stools soft and easy to pass

These are the main types you can get but there are others but really aren’t used that often so the likely hood that you have one of the other types is rare.

Bearing in mind that’s a simple breakdown of the way they work inside your body what makes you think there a good for weight loss, look at it this way if your body has performed its task in making stools this surely means its digested the food right?

If your body has digested the food then it must have also converted it to energy and what is energy in food terms? Calories

and if you haven’t burnt them calories off then guess what? You increase body fat!

I know what you’re going to say, but people do lose weight on them….. yes they do but not body fat and I will get to what you’re losing soon you will be shocked to know.

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Are You Saying They Don’t Work?

That’s exactly what I am saying not only do they not work but you may be heading to some serious health risk including death.

So why do you lose weight on them? You won’t be losing body fat that’s for sure your losing water retention which once you stop will simply come back so you would have risked your health for nothing.

See below for other health risks.

  • Dehydration – severe dehydration can cause death and all sorts of nasty problems and can also cause food cravings
  • Stomach cramps – severe pain in the abdomen area as you damage the lining of your stomach
  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Damage to the intestines
  • Damage to gastrointestinal tract – you may find yourself adapting to laxatives and requiring more once stop your body won’t digest food properly leading to weight gain

There are also less serious health risk’s such as headaches vomiting and nausea and diarrhea, as you can see they just won’t work long term and run the risk of damaging your health and being bigger than you were when you first started.

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Alternatives To Ruining Your Health With Pills

I hope by now you’re having second thoughts, it wouldn’t be fair to just leave you there hanging contemplating on the next crazy diet craze so let’s look at some alternatives that are safe and effective.

These are just a few suggestions that I know work give them a try and see how you feel.

Last word on Laxatives for Weight Loss

Are you convinced this is a bad idea? I hope so as your health is way more important than losing a bit water for a very short time.

I do understand that losing weight is frustrating and you want it gone as soon as possible but you have to remember you didn’t put it on overnight nor are you going to lose it anything that is a short cut really isn’t worth trying, there are usually risks and never really works

If you really want to lose weight then try my number one recommendation by clicking the red button below.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter or if you have tried it yourself leave me a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Laxatives For Weight Loss – What A Load Of Shit

  1. simon

    A really good post on laxatives and the different forms of them I enjoyed reading it as It was informative and really helped me decided against using them.
    Thank you for your helpful post it is good to know there is someone to uncover the truth on these desperate measures!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Its all about the truth Simon I always look at it would I be comfortable with my daughter taking them, if not then I know there no good as we can’t be the best judge for ourselves


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