Kettlebells For Fat Loss | How good are they?

By | October 27, 2015

Kettlebells for fat loss

You may have seen these funny shaped items if you have ever been to a gym or looked through a catalog. I can remember when I was working at roko health club and my manager asked me “do you know how good kettlebells for fat loss are” I never even heard of them let alone what they’re actually good for.

Me being me I got really excited about some new equipment being introduced to the gym, I immediately googled kettlebells for fat loss, 9 times out of 10 it was all ways the overweight who wanted help as the muscle men/woman to think they knew everything.

When I saw how good they were I knew that they would become a part of my routine, which naturally makes me want to share their uniqueness with you.


What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a piece of equipment that received its name from its shape,  it closely resembles the old stove kettles that whistled, it’s usually made out of cast iron but I have come across some rubber ones both equally as good.

Using Kettlebells for fat loss is a great and fun way to torch calories as well as build some lean muscle.

They come in different weights ranging from 2kg up to 50kg. They have seen a massive uptake in the fitness industry in the last few years and even studio classes have been brought in due to their popularity!

Are they just another gimmick?

Absolutely not and there definitely here to stay, so many things come and go in the fitness world, mostly home equipment that’s for home use and purchased off the shopping channel with some cheesy salesmen selling you the benefits. and most likely the kettlebell featured on such channel and still does but this equipment is different from some of the novelty items such as them peddle whilst you sit on your sofa contractions.

 Why are they so good?

kettlebells have so much use and variety and it’s really hard to grow bored of them, they can be used to reach any kind of goal. Personally the best selling point for me, it works your cardio fitness and muscular endurance, not only will you lose weight, you will tone up at the same time. They add a whole new dimension to your workout, gone are the days of isolating one muscle for a long and tedious workout.

Can beginners use them?

Yes! I would highly encourage you too! this will help you lose fat fast in a safe way and build up strength at the same time, they come as low as 2 kg so a perfect starting point, best of all you can use them out of the comfort of your own home (keep a good grip or maybe some damages) which I know for people who are new to exercise can be a big turn off going to a gym.

How do I use them?

There are so many ways to use them so what I am going to do is put a video below which will show you 6 exercises to get started, I tend to use them for HIIT training, to help build lean muscle without getting too bulky

Pros and Cons


  • Minimal equipment
  • Easy to store
  • Relatively cheap
  • Full body workout
  • Not time-consuming


  • Finding your beginner’s weight. ( I suggest purchase 2kg and 4kg to start)
  • needs to be used correctly with proper technique.


If you find exercise tedious and boring then kettlebells are perfect for you, if you want to use kettlebells for fat loss then you won’t be disappointed, Their variety it brings to your workout is unreal and the number of muscles it works will sure see you lose weight and tone up at the same time.

I highly recommend getting yourself a set of kettlebells as you will pick up fitness and adapt to the lighter ones really quickly, don’t be fooled though there heavier than they look.

if you want to read more posts/reviews then click on  Amazon now!

Hope you enjoyed this article please leave any comments below, have you used kettlebells before or want to but not sure how?

Healthy regards





38 thoughts on “Kettlebells For Fat Loss | How good are they?

  1. Sethu

    Thanks for this informative article. I’m starting to do calisthenics. So, I’m looking for some fitness equipments and have already listed some of them.

    Being a minimalist myself, I think kettlebells certainly suites me. I think I could focus on my balance and strength with the help of these kettlebells.

  2. Matt's Mom

    I personally love kettle balls. You can do so much with them. I find them to be just as effective as say, doing bench squats. I do a lot of squat reps with them and lunges. Another great thing is that they don’t take up a lot of space. I keep mine tucked in my closet when I am not using them. I would agree that they are great for fat burning!

  3. Lucas

    Hi Steve,

    It sounds like you have done your research on kettlebells. I think kettlebells can be useful for some things in training, although I rarely use them. I generally stick to barbell and dumbbell exercises in my training. One great thing about exercise is that you have the choice to do whatever you want when you train. Good luck with your website!

    1. Steven

      Hi Lucas,

      100% agree with you, exercise is so broad it really is hard not to find something you enjoy, I love to mix kettlebells with dumbells but tend to not use barbell much.

      What kind of training are you doing?

  4. Jeremy

    Interesting article! I have a question though. I have been working out for a couple of months with resistance bands. They are pretty cheap and can also be used to do various exercises. How do kettlebells differ from doing various exercises compared to resistance bands? Which one would you suggest for a beginner to use?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jeremy,

      Resistance bands are good but body gets used to them quite quick, its hard to compare to the kettlebell as two different functions I would suggest use them both for greater benefits.

      Are you looking to lose weight as that will give me a better idea of whats more practical for you?

  5. ariefw

    I don’t know how to feel about this.
    I think they are just the same with any ordinary dumbbell.

    In my opinion, this is just another marketing trick from health (gym) industry to get more money from you.

    I will still use my dumbbell rather than buying new kettlebells.

    Do you have a comparison which one is better? I would like to know. Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ariefw,

      I understand were your coming from a lot of people think that way and compare dumbells to kettlebells,

      these two pieces of equipment are totally different a lot of exercises cant be performed with a dumbell and vice a versa, the kettlebell is a bit more versatile in the way it works more muscles in one movement plus the way its made makes the weight unevenly distributed.

      Don’t get me wrong I love the dumbell but if you was to put both in to a routine you would have some fantastic results.

  6. Damien

    First time I heard of them. With very little storage space, we need to consider small fitness equipment. The Kettlebells would be perfect for this and not a bad price either.

    Sweet thanks!

  7. DeAndray

    Being fit is and has to be a way of life. As a person who is in the gym 5-6 days a week I especially know that to stay fit is an on going job. I’m glad that you are helping people lose the bulge. being healthy and staying fit is becoming more relevant as time goes so this is a great place for that. keep up the good work Steve.

    1. Steven

      Hi DeAndray,

      Thank you for stopping by, I believe being fit is a way of life the benefits are trueley unreal, you dont have to commit your life to losing weight, generally just be more active and feel better, what sort of training do you do?

  8. Travis Smithers

    Sticking to a workout is one of the biggest problems with keeping to a routine.

    I’ve never used the kettlebells but see the advantage for their use compared to regular dumbbells as the way you can hold them in your hand would seem more natural. You will also have the benefit of doing more exercises and better ones with a greater range of motion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Travis,

      Don’t get me wrong dumbells have there place but if your looking for a good HIIT workout then kettlebells are the tool for the job!

      You can pick them up really cheap which is a great bonus in this day and age.

  9. Dave

    I love working out, particularly weight training but I also throw in some cardio sometimes.

    Kettle bells are so good because they combine weight training and cardio and offer the best of both worlds. And it’s true that some people looking to lose weight are too focuses on cardio – weight train gin helps weight loss buy building muscle which burns the fat 🙂

  10. Get Sport Supplements

    Great blog well done. Personally I think kettlebells are very important in providing you with an all round total body workout along with improving your core strength and stability as you do it without even really realising. I used them an awful lot during the summer as I used to enjoy working out in my garden during the summer months. If you haven’t tried them then treat yourself!.

    1. Steven

      They are absolutely fantastic, give your body a great workout with a good range of motion that can benefit you in real life.

  11. Jessica

    Hello Steven,

    I have been wondering what all this rage is about kettle balls. I have numerous free weights and a body bar in my home gym, but I have never thought about kettle balls. Mainly because I didn’t know how to use them. So I think it is great that you included the video to give curious people like me a peak at what to do with these things.

    1. Steven

      hi, I do try and include videos as talking alone doesn’t always help thank-you for stopping by

  12. Athanasia

    I have seen kettleballs at the gym but I did’t know how to use them.
    I think it’s time for me to add a couple of exercizes in my routine 🙂
    I am trying to find exercizes that combinates muscle groups because otherwise I’m getting bored keeping on with a long workout. This is perfect! Quick and effective.
    Thank you for this post 🙂

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Your exactly right you can have a fast and effective workout that will work the whole body with fantastic results

      Keep up the good work….. Would it be beneficial if I was to put a post up with exercise to do

  13. Ogi


    Great post. I love use kettle bells in my gym workout routine. If you use them with cardio, you can have perfect fat loss on your body. With kettle bells you can add great tempo in your workout routine. I must add that if you buy double kettle bells from same weight, you can also use them as weights for normal workout.

    Thank you for your post,
    Have a nice day

    1. Steven

      thank you for stoping by, the more people comment on this post the more I feel I’ve left out as there a fantastic piece of equipment that shouldn’t be left out of a good programme

  14. Lucas

    Oh I see. It is call the kettlebell. I been seeing those thing around the gym and wondering what they call. There is a bunch of them with different weight in the gym and I had try to pick up the one with 2kg to 5kg. My arm was super painful after the first time I use it. Gonna keep it up to burn some fat out of my arm.

    1. Steven

      Haha lucas, have super toned arms like popeye glad your enjoying kettlebells really good tools for fat burning i swear by them

  15. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Steve,

    I am so glad to know that kettlebells are good for exercise. Thank you giving a video so that I know how to use use them as I am a beginner.What kind of training would you suggest to lose belly fat the quickest and slim up? As I am a more skin and bone type build not muscle big build.

    Yours Truly,

    1. Steven

      hi carlton, if it’s just belly fat you’ve got left to move then think about doing a good weight resistance programme that will help you bulk up a little and aid stubborn belly fat removable

      Also look at your diet as that may need a little Polish

  16. RJ

    I’ve seen kettle balls in the gym before but I have always been a bit timid about using them for a couple of reasons.

    1. I’d never tried before
    2. I am worried if I don’t have the right technique I could hurt my back.

    Do you recommend using kettle balls if there is a history of back problems?

    1. Steven

      Hi, depending on what back issues you have had would hard to say but I understand what you mean about being a bit timid I was at first but then loved them.

      I would recommended seeing a physio or talking to a level 3 personal trainer to give you a proper assessment to determine if there safe for you

      Hope this helped

  17. Merceadez

    I use kettlebells at the gym and they give a really good workout. Not only can I tone my arms and legs but I get my heart rate up too. It’s a win, win. Kettlebells are a good way to change up your exercise routine and keep things fresh. You really can feel the workout in muscles that you normally wouldn’t get to with just weights alone. Thanks for writing such a great article. I’m sure you will help lots of people.

    1. Steven

      I love them too and great for torching fat and toning up so much exercise to do with them how long you been using them for?

  18. netp

    Thanks for this, I’ve been intending to buy a kettlebell for – quite literally – about a year but have put it off. I do use handweights at the moment, which are 3kg each and Im pretty used to those now and thinking of going heavier. So, do you think 4kg would be ok to start with — or heavier than that?

    1. Steven

      4kg is a good weight to start, I promise you won’t regret it adds a whole new dimension to your work out hand weights are great for isolating a muscle but kettlebells will give you whole body burn and sculpt

  19. Connor O'Keefe

    Never thought they were that useful! I never even considered them. Hopefully this will help my training 🙂

  20. G.C.Horton

    I’ll admit when it comes to working out I a bit lazy. I’m not an athlete and it shows, but I do work out moderately six days a week., mostly walking, sprints, body weight exercises and dumbbells.

    And sure, I need to lose some weight, but I’ve never considered kettlebells for fat loss or how good they might be for overall fitness.

    Your post has me reconsidering how I workout and about adding kettlebells to my routine. I’m already using dumbbells, but after watching the video here I can see where I’d get a more dynamic workout with the kettlebells. And, I can see how kettlebells burn fat.

    1. Steven

      ive tried it all cardio,weights HIIT and if i had to choose one piece of equipment it would be kettle bells just for the all round functionality, there hard to get big gains from them in muscle devolpment but for toneing, fat loss, cardio and muscular endurance i personally believe the second to none.


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