Is ShapeScale A Scam – Whats All The Hype About?

By | June 8, 2016

Is ShapeScale A Scam?

If you have access to Facebook then no doubt you would have seen A man standing on some 3D scales, My question is, is ShapeScale A scam?

I have been in the fitness and weight loss industry for over a decade now. I have seen many “dodgy” products come and go and take people’s hard earned cash.

The internet is full of fraudsters that play to your emotions. Therefore, I want to found out what Shape Scale is all about.

Have you fallen victim to online weight loss scams before? are you thinking about buying these scales when it’s launched? please read this post before you make that decision!!

What Is ShapeScale?

ShapeScale is a revolutionary set of scales that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its circular sleek black finish that has and an extendable arm that rotates around your body once you step on the scales, oh it doesn’t stop there!

The small extendable arm scans your whole body and takes your biometrics such as weight, muscle mass and body fat.

Once it’s received your data it transfers that data to your phone so you can analyse your weight much better than a conventional set of scales.

The concept is great as people with body dysmorphia (a condition where they see themselves different to how everyone else sees them, such as anorexia) can actually take steps to get better as they can see data in black and white.

For overweight people, it’s great too, because when you exercise you will develop muscle as you lose weight so conventional scales don’t go down as quick, then you become disappointed, with these scales you can see that you have lost fat which is good and put muscle on which is good but you only lost a couple of pounds so in this case, you stay

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With these scales, you can see that you have lost fat which is good and put on muscle which is good but you only lost a couple of pounds so in this case, you stay motivated.

They also claim it can spot cancers and see if your baby is healthy whilst in your tummy

My Thoughts

This looks a stunning product and it’s really building hype and momentum on social media channels something like 6.3 million views and 14k comments, but there a few things that are troubling me.

Firstly, there are no product details, what it’s made of, how it actually works and what does it scan you with to receive your data, is it safe? there is nothing and when I say nothing there is that little information it’s hard to even write this review.

Now this product has really peaked my curiosity so I tried to research the company and again nothing, the only thing I could find is that its been around since 2007 and looks like they have tried to launch this product (or something) a few times with little success click this link and test for yourself in Google trends  or see below for screen shot.

Looks like they have tried a few times

Looks like they have tried a few times

At this point, I am now starting to become extremely sceptical about this “powerful” set of scales, so I head over to their facebook page and nothing really stands out there pretty standard.

Dig into the comments of this product and they do get back to almost everyone with pretty much the same answer,  “more will be released once launched” fair enough.

I understand companies like to keep top market products close to their chest, look at apple they do this on their launch date. I can pass this as pretty normal.

Now, this is the part where it’s not so normal, I head over to their website and greeted with the video that’s peddling Facebook, its relatively short video that doesn’t explain a lot but you get the point of what its capable of.

Becuase the video is so short I watched it to the end without getting bored like I normally do and right at the very end it says this “coming soon this spring”  now I’m not sure what part of the world there aiming at but it’s June here in the UK so they either forgot to update their video or its launch date has well and truly been missed.

Alarm bells are ringing very loud for me now, I take the plunge and I put my details in to receive their promotion of 25% off at “launch” how lucky, am I?

Now I am in their member’s area and guess what, still no details on the product, price or launch, but what ShapeScale do have is the option to spend $9.90 to receive your scales 48 hours before everyone else.

Is ShapeScale A Scam

Members area and no information about product

They also offer a competition to refer as many people you can to come and sign up with them also and your earn points towards lots of prizes including $29k

If you click on the $9.90 you arrive at the section to put your card details. bu better be quick as there are only 100 of the 48 hours special offer which is nonsense, it’s an urgency tactic sales people use that all the time, plus, I am the 46,036 member to sign up so maybe I have missed.

The special offer is to create urgency through fear of loss, sales people use this tactic all the time, plus, I am the 46,036 member to sign up so maybe I have missed it.

Regardless I won’t be putting my bank details in there and highly encourage you not to either.

What Are Others Saying

Here is the thing they have no official comment section or feed on their website so can only go on what comments are on Facebook.

It’s a divided subject many people really excited about it and many people sceptical and with the companies little information, it’s adding to the hype, so there isn’t a lot to report really,

Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • If this product is released it will revolutionise the scales market bringing medical grade technology into your home

Cons –

  • Asking for upfront details and money
  • No safety warnings
  • No product Specs
  • Very sales orientated with tactics
  • No price point
  • No information on the company
  • Out of date video

My Final Verdict

I can’t 100% confirm, is ShapeScale a scam. However, alarm bells are definitely ringing if this is legit, they have a funny way of doing business, there is a part of me that wants this product to come out soooo badly, as they look excellent, I actually wanted to do a review of the live product.

Through all the research I have done on this company I would highly advise against willingly giving your bank details and $9.90, just wait and see if this product is launched and if it is then bonus, buy them by all means just don’t make that initial investment.

I will be keeping my eye on this and will update it as and when its launched.

Until this product is launched check out our 3 week diet review. On appearance, another fishy looking product. however, you may be pleasantly surprised.


Please leave some comments below on your thoughts

28 thoughts on “Is ShapeScale A Scam – Whats All The Hype About?

  1. patrick

    We actually sell 3d body scanners to gyms & we’ve shipped a few thousand around around the country. We don’t sell them to people, but if you are looking to get scanned, likely one of our clients has a scanner available & ready for you to use before the new year. We have a locations directory on our website.

    I hope this helps those people looking to find a body scanner location near them. Many gyms offer a Free scan if you do a consultation. Other clients of ours just charge a small fee like $20 bucks or so.


  2. PJ Forde

    It’s painful to me how people can want something so badly that they will ignore endless red flags, deleted forum questions and 4-5 shipping delays. They most recently blew through Spring and now it’s Summer 2018, without a peep from them to their customers.

    Here’s the thing about that performance at TC Disrupt: they got busted on stage for attempting to pass off the 3D scan as live when it was actually pre-rendered, only begrudgingly acknowledging that the real process would take 20 minutes when pressed on it.

    Thing is: we didn’t need to ask because the 3D model he claimed was from the scale clearly showed the top of the model’s head. That’s a pretty incredible trick for a camera that doesn’t ever go above shoulder-level.

    The founder’s voice is a dead ringer for Tommy Wiseau, star of the cult B-movie The Room. At least this makes the whole thing funny.

  3. Timc

    Well this does look to be a scam. I’ve been seeing ads on FB and IG about the latest batch being almost sold out with a ship date of spring 2018. Now they’ve added a 5th batch with a new ship date if Dec 2018 now that spring is here. Looks like they are just stringing people along trying to get preorders. I gave my doubts that the thing works as it says. All they’ve showed is a scale with an extendable arm that moves around you. I’m curious if when they demoed it at CES, did they actually generate the 3d image in real time or was that image generated using something else. All the YT videos of live demos only show the spinning scale, not the actual generation of the model. I don’t count the ads they dhowvsince the 3d models could have been generated outside their platform.

    1. Pissed.... want my money

      I order nov of 2017 ….I was told I would have by de. 018 but can’t get a exact date….

  4. Pain

    Guys I was looking at it tdy to order and I searched competitors there is none but at plastic surgeons offices. I really doubt there is a real 3D machine scanning someone’s body smmfh for 350 I’m sorry. No one ask for money upfront either until shipped. Are they broke? The website looks like a retard did it with no one even questioning it sounds like scam to me.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      It certainly does. At the time of me writing this many moons back lots of people already paid in. I have no idea if they got there money back be interesting to know.

  5. Boogra

    It’s January 1, 2018. I pre-ordered mine in May of 2017, and was assured that we would receive periodic updates. Nothing. Not so much as a peep. Perhaps I wasted my money, perhaps not. That these guys are working on this I have no doubt. That they will be able to produce it is another story.

  6. Kevin Criswell

    A year later and the product is still “right around the corner” wit no real life demo videos available just the CGI demo video.


    1. Steven

      It’s a joke. There isn’t any real update about it either.

      It’s a shame though as would love one myself.

      1. Pain

        Steven it’s crazy. I’m not going to say what I do for a living but all I have to say in my area of expertise $350 to 500 a 3D scale sounds fishy. Doesn’t sound convincing. A scale that literally points out where there is muscle growth and loss come on people use common sense $350 to $500 for a 3D scale for home that’s the big red flag right there.

  7. Miguel

    I don’t think this product is a scam. Watch this video on Tech Crunch of them giving a demo of their product on stage

    They are letting your place orders today (I was also on the waitlist and just got the email to buy it now) and it says it will start shipping early 2018. I’m still a bit hesitant to order though as even with their 25% pre-order discount it’s still a $375 scale

    I’m really interested in trying this product but it’s an expensive test. Still waiting on real user reviews!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      This is the problem people don’t “think” its a scam and I don’t know either. However, they certainly have a funny way of going about promoting in a non scammy way.

      If this turns out to be great then I will certainly write a good review

      1. rafael

        hi steven, do you know right now how the shapescale works?, september its coming and they say that the product is going to be in june, so, your recomendation?


        1. Steven Varley Post author

          My recommendation would be wait until it’s out. They have promised a release a few times but still not arrived. I have as much of an idea to how it works as you.

    2. MR

      the demo on stage is a 3d render. Even the ‘human’ standing on it. You should be able to see this with your own eyes

  8. TJ

    I’m not sure if it’s a scam but none of your points are valid to pointing out a scam.

    Everyone was saying the same thing about the Oura Ring. From everything that it claimed it would be able to do to the very little information they published about themselves. Guess how that turned: I’m wearing the ring as we speak and I’m very happy with it and all it does.

    So not saying its not a scam just saying its not uncommon for startups to do this. I’ve seen it several times.

  9. Michelle Fang

    I have tried early prototypes of the ShapeScale in action since mid 2015 and it is definitely not a scam. The scanning technology has worked since then, the issue is getting it into the right form factor, as well as the software and analytics which is a much more challenging. The tactics are of course to drum up interest – the team is very small and of course they need to show all the traction they can get. The company was literally two people until just recently, and of course it’s very difficult to build and market such a product.

    Delays are of course frustrating but you have to understand that it is such a small team, and if they launch a sub-par product it will kill the company. The technology “scan” is really an array of cameras, it is just snapping photos of you from many different angles. Similar technology as in an Xbox, for example.

    I’m glad you guys are interested in the product and if you do not want to preorder (which I didn’t), then wait for the full scale launch. In which case it will be like any other product. Hope you guys are not discouraged, I know the team and they are very honest, hardworking people.

    Disclosure: minor investor in the company.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your response, do you know when this will be released as it was scheduled for last summer?

      Also is shapescale a crowdfunding venture as when I took up the free membership there was a lot of “pre-orders”

      I really hope this makes it to market but until it does I remain skeptical.

      1. Michelle Fang

        I heard the guys are aiming for a launch early February. Not exactly sure about how the fundraising works but they have a mix of money from angels and equity crowdfunding, including the well-known accelerator Y Combinator. I don’t know too much about the pre-orders but knowing the team, they will follow through. Of course the delays have been disappointing (for everyone), but I hope that when the product hits the market it will speak for itself.

        As a skeptic in general I share your concerns as well, but I have the advantage of knowing the team members and they are honest and very hardworking guys. And of course of trying the ShapeScale prototypes. For you and me both, I think we will believe it when we see it and I hope when it does launch you’ll get a chance to try it out and evaluate it further. For now though I know the technology works and I know it is not a scam, though how great the final product is and how successful the company will be, again I will believe it when I see it.

        1. Steven Varley Post author

          Thanks for the info! I will be keeping an eye for launch and I will be the first to write a review or add to this.

  10. Leigh

    Hi Steven,

    I’m in agreement, and the blog post here:
    has only made me more sceptical, they deleted my comment from the post, here’s what I thought about it:

    “Good article about the future of this technology, but I’m afraid it’s very misleading.

    Firstly it’s quite clear that a scale like that shown in your header image could not possibly have created the 3D scan you’ve embedded here, it has captured 98% of your body from head to toe, as you said it did not miss a freckle on top of your nose, this would be impossible from the low angle shown in the mock-up of your product.

    There are many ways you could create the 3D model of you embedded here, photogrammetry being the most likely, but none of them are quick or easy, having tried this myself with several professional products I can safely say this would take several hours of work to attain the quality shown above, even with several hundred photos taken from multiple angles.

    I love the idea of this product and would love to get behind it, but it shows all the signs of a crowdfunding campaign that aims to get orders placed and money paid before being able to show a working product, that will inevitably lead to disappointing customers with a product performing ~20% of the promised functionality.

    I hope I’m wrong, but to prove that you’re going to have to explain how the ‘shapescale’ actually created the above model rather than discussing the benefit of the result.

    I look forward to hearing your response.”

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Leigh,

      I am in absolute agreement with you this is without a doubt a crowdfunding project based on lies, it was supposed to be released many many months ago and I have yet to see a full working product.

      For me, it doesn’t add up the whole angle of the scales scanner wouldn’t be enough and what is it they are scanning you with? is it harmful?

      like you love the concept but shape scale not so much, I had one of their developers comment on my youtube channel promising it wasn’t a scam, I dont like to use that term lightly but until people get what they paid for it is a scam

    2. Mar

      I just went back to the article, your comment is not deleted and there is a reply.

  11. Simon

    Hi Steven,
    Sounds like another scam exposed to me.
    It seems like a very dodgy business that’s hiding something with no data available regarding specification etc.
    It sounds like such a good idea though and will revolutionise the scales market if it’s legit. Maybe it is a re-launch but seems too dodgy for me to be involved yet.
    Thanks again,

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Simon,

      I am on the fence with it still, I really hope it is legit but won’t be paying anything till I know more information there are scales out there that can do a fair bit already regarding biometrics

  12. Jackie

    Well, it certainly seems like a scam doesn’t it?
    It’s such a shame because the product sounds wonderful and I would buy one in an instant.
    Thank you so much for this review because I think I may have been tempted.
    I suppose it’s a case of ‘wait and see’.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      It does look absolutely amazing and can revolutionise the weight loss market.

      The jury is still out on this one I have since found out it’s coming next month but no official date I would certainly wait till its released and look at some customer reviews.


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