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By | December 7, 2015

Insanity Workout  ReviewsInsanity work out reviews

Product – Insanity
Best place – Amazon
Price – £105.99 (correct at time of published)
Guarantee – Yes
My Rating – 5/5



Welcome to Insanity workout reviews, Hope you are ready for a 60-day sweat fest!! Insanity is everything it’s promised to be and more and definitely lives up to the hype,

Insanity has been around for a while now but is still growing as health clubs are now running insanity classes, they do vary  from the DVD somewhat, but still highly effective.

Insanity boasts its the hardest workout ever put on DVD! and you know what, I believe that statement, it literary is “insane” but don’t let it put you off and think it may be too tough!

I know severely obese and massively unfit people finish the 60 days as they were determined to shift the fat.

Shaun T is absolutely brilliant at motivating you to “dig deep” the success of insanity is down to his passion and personality, as Shaun is going through this fat torching sweat fest with you, in fact, he’s dripping as much as you will be.

There is a reason why its the number 1 workout in America…….. guaranteed results if you follow this through and you won’t even recognise yourself by the end of it.

All you need is yourself as no equipment is needed, although I would recommend  you get an exercise mat to help cushion your joints from some of the high impact moves you will be doing.


The Concept

Due to the hugely popular and beneficial HIIT workouts, it wouldn’t be long before somebody adapted this type of training and brought a whole new dimension to HIIT……. step forward, insanity and Shaun T.

Insanity takes a unique approach and turns HIIT upside down, with interval training you would have a short burst and then a rest period, however, with Insanity you can forget about short bursts there out of the window, instead your work at your maximum effort for long periods of times and have a very short break.

You’re probably thinking bloody hell? I was, but like I mentioned don’t be put off if you need to stop for a minute or so then you can and then just jump back in, by the end of the 60 days you won’t need to as your fitness will explode.



My Experience

I remember being up late at night and some advert come on, it wasn’t like your usual cheesy late night sales commercial that litter the t.v, Shaun T captivated me!

Next morning I did a bit of research on it and  looked at some reviews, I was very intrigued to see what my fitness levels was like, and if I could complete it.

Fast forward  4 days and my DVDs arrived I’m not one to waste time so grabbed my laptop headed to the class studio and did the Insanity fitness test………

This test was like no other test I have ever experienced. Panting like a dog and sweating like a pig, thinking “if this is the fitness test, what the hell are the actual workouts like”

The first week was extremely tough, my body felt broken, aching and fatigued luckily I had a good supply of protein and amino acids to aid recovery. although I felt like this I also felt amazing  and starting to notice muscles I didn’t have before.

As I progressed through the 60 days I felt better and better and the aches, pains and fatigue were replaced with a solid-looking body and a positive outlook as my depression also subsidised.

Sure there was many days I just thought about skipping it but I wanted to see it through as the results were becoming noticeable and they will for you too if you give insanity a try.



Product Features

Insanity workout has a whopping 10 DVDs a 60-day calendar to keep track and a nutrition guide to keep fuelled, the 10 DVD’s are-

  1. Dig Deeper & Fitness test
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  3. Cardio power & Resistance
  4. Recovery
  5. Pure cardio & Abs
  6. Cardio abs
  7. Core Cardio & Balance
  8. Max interval Circuit
  9. Max interval Plyo
  10. Max cardio conditioning & Abs

How Insanity will benefit you

You come here to lose weight and lose weight you will, without a doubt! There is so much you can learn from Insanity, including stretching, circuit training and what plyometric training is, I certainly learnt more!

Not only will you shed fat, the plyometric DVDs will improve your co-ordination and balance. With every DVD, there is a good portion of stretching and let’s face it most of us neglect stretching.

By the end of the course, you will look at yourself and think WOW, your clothes won’t fit, people will be commenting on how healthy you’re looking, your confidence and energy levels will be much higher your breathing will be better and ultimately you would have increased your life and the quality.

These really are some of the benefits but there is plenty more my personal favourite is you develop muscle tone at the same time.



Insanity is nothing short of phenomenal, it promises to give you a years worth of results in just 60 days…… most likely can with many people reporting losing 20-30 lbs.

This is a difficult routine and can be a little tough on the joints so I do recommend a mat to cushion the impact from some of the moves you will be performing.

You can’t go wrong with these DVDs its got great longevity and don’t think for 1 minute you’ve only got a 60-day product, it can be done over and over again.

With the added nutrition guide you really can’t go wrong the other thing I would recommend is buying some protein or amino acids your going to need fuel I get my protein from Myprotein.

Don’t take my word for it click here to see more reviews from people who have bought this!!

p.s make sure you have plenty of water and make sure your medically fit to take part in an exercise programme from your doctor.

Healthy Regards



14 thoughts on “Insanity Workout Reviews | 60 Days Fat Shred

  1. Julie

    Because of my busy schedule I’ve been finding it more difficult to commit to going to the gym regularly and have been looking for an effective home workout that can help me keep the weight off. I’m so glad I found your page. I’ll also be seeing my physician before getting started, thanks so much this is just what I’ve been looking for!

    1. Steven

      Hi Julie,

      Insanity is great for home workouts but isn’t for feint of hearted and its great that you see your physician before you start as insanity is gruelling.

  2. Maurice

    Great and honest review from you. never knew this program would be so effective. Have you tried it yourself? And what are your results. Some pictures? Would love to see how it worked out and read some testimonials. Thanks for your honest review. Looking forward to seeing some pictures 😀

    1. Steven

      Hi Maurice,

      I have done insanity but didnt bother with pictures as i was in pretty good shape before I did it.

      Insanity is second to none for results but is very denmanding

  3. Mark

    Hi Steven – Insanity does sound like a good work out program and your review is very thorough indeed. I also like the fact that you have taken part in the program.
    The new trend new is for high intensity overall body workouts. These seem to be the ones that get the results.
    I own and run a Ju-Jitsu club and we have introduced high training in our warm-ups – its made a big difference.
    Great review – Thanks for sharing

    1. Steven

      HI Mark,

      HIIT is great for any sport as most sports arnt continuous, there stop start stop start.

      Have you been doing martial arts long

  4. Javier

    This is a great program workout. However, before I do this, I will do a physical exam first and see if my body resist this training. I found it very very intensive which can be harmful in long term. But or those who have the resistance to complete this path, they will experience great results. Well done Article and keep up the good work

    1. Steven

      tanks for stopping by, the results are amazing from this I think any one who is medically ok should give it a try, even if you don’t get through it first time you can keep trying

      Can’t stress enough how important it is to get a check up for ANY physical exercise

  5. Tyler Redlev

    Insanity is a workout that i’m so familiar with. I’ve met with it a few years ago. And i can comfortably say that it’s the best workout i’ve ever done. I’ve seen insane results just in one month! But i must say that it’s not for everyone. I used to be a sportsman and that’s why it was so good to me. I’ve already had the foundation to support insanity. But i busted my ass and it really needs great motivation to keep going. The good thing is there iis no rest. The peek goes up consistently. After the first month your bodty gets addapted to it, but right after that things get more hardcore and there will be a lot of pain. But don’t do it if you have heart or any other physical conditions. It’s not for everyone.

    1. Steven

      Absolutly true Tyler before any physical exercise such as insanity a check up is a must especially if unaccustomed to exercise.

      Its definitely a hard workout I do know many people who unaccustomed failed the first couple of time but re attempted it a few times and beat thechallenge.

      Have you ever tried the p90 workout

  6. Stephen

    Hi Steven. This is brilliant stuff. I use this myself and introduced it to one of my brothers who also now uses it religiously who has introduced it to his friend lol…wait a there an affiliate program for insanity?…there should be..however this program gets you so fit and feeling good.

    Highly recommended

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Stephen,

      What kind of results was you aiming for and do you achieve them i deffo did, only affiliate programme i know of is USA only

  7. The Simple Retiree

    Yes I’ve seen those commercials a ton of times. You provide a great review of his system. People just need to get of the couch and do something. Well the new year is almost here when thoughts turn to losing weight.
    People need to invest in their health and buy this product so they never have to workout alone. Well done!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you for stopping by, it’s a great motivator and a good starting point, if your gonna lose weight do something challenging and boy this is


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