Infused Water Benefits | Best Fruits For Weight Loss

By | November 22, 2015

Infused water benefits

Water water, It’s literally every were, in fact, two-thirds of the planet is covered in the blue stuff, but yet most of us don’t drink enough, why? for me, everything else tastes better, until I was introduced to infused water. Infused water benefits

Infused water benefits are immense and not just for weight loss, every aspect of your health will improve just from drinking water alone! Throw fruit in the mix and you have a concoction straight from the fountain of youth.

Honestly, water will make you feel great virtually straight away so I ask…. what is your excuse for not drinking enough?

Benefits of water alone

Before we get into the benefits of infused water I want to just go over why drinking adequate amounts a day will make you feel a whole lot better.

We all know that we need water to stay alive but how much do we need?

according to health authorities we need about two litres a day, are you even close? probably not according to latest research!

Our bodies are constantly losing water, primarily through urine and sweat. Water makes up about 60% of our bodies so you’re starting to get the picture how important this topic is right?

There are numerous benefits of staying hydrated so I will list six super benefits.

  1. Maintains your body’s natural balance of fluid – without enough water, your body will struggle with proper digestion, circulation and absorption of nutrients, saliva  production and regulation of body temperature.
  2. Weight loss – research has shown that we confuse dehydration with the sensation of hunger, and of course, water doesn’t hold calories
  3. Energises muscles – reduces fatigue by minimising the shrinking of electrolytes in the blood, electrolytes are minerals such as salt and potassium and help with electrical impulses in the body.
  4. Radiant skin – good hydration can help with appearance of premature ageing and reduce present wrinkles
  5. Improved kidney function – kidneys are responsible for eliminating toxins from your body the more hydrated you are the healthier your insides are
  6. Improved bowel functions – drink water to be more regular and avoid constipation, water and fibre are the best combinations for healthy digestive system

These are just six benefits that will help you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Believe me, there are lots more to add to this list and drinking water is cheap, healthy and extremely accessible now grab a glass fill it up and start sipping before we start the next section!



Adding Fruit

Infusing your water with fruit makes it much more tastier and your more likely to drink extra as a result I definitely have since I bought a special infusion bottle that infuses my water on the go and the fruit is still there to e51A9djcabhL._SX425_at afterwards.

We know now some of  the benefits of drinking water so infusing fruit will add even MORE!

Different fruits have different benefits so I am going to give a list of the best-known fruits for weight loss as that’s our goal.

Bear in mind fruits generally holds a lot of sugar so good oral hygiene is needed if your going to consume more acidic and sugary content in your daily diet.

Although fruit does contain natural sugar it’s much healthier than man-made processed sugar so don’t let it put you off.

These are my preferred fruits for weight loss……..

  • Watermelon – tastes fantastic and is loaded with the amino acid arginine that helps burn fat
  • Guava – excellent fruit for good digestion, contains plenty of fibre that’s well known to help reduce your love handles
  • Apple — the all-rounder this will help with preventing cancer, diarrhoea and constipation
  • Pear – another fibre rich fruit that will help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Orange – taste great boost immune system and helps ward off cravings
  • Tomatoes – helps prevent cancer, reduces water retention and stops leptin, leptin is a protein responsible for preventing the body from losing weight.

These are my personal best fruits for infusing your water not only do they taste amazing they pack a serious health punch.

If you don’t like any of these fruits then get in touch at the bottom or send me a personal email at


Tips to help you drink more water

  • Always have a bottle in your bag, car or at work.
  • Drink a pint of water as soon as you get up.
  • Put 5 elastic bands around your bottle remove one every time you finish that bottle.
  • Use technology such as Fitbit


Drinking more water must be the staple of any weight loss programme or lifestyle change if you really want to make a big difference start with hydration and there is no better way than to infuse fruit.

I have listed the benefits  water and infused water and if these are not enough to make you want to drink  more think about how you will feel and look in just a short time.

Don’t delay and start this habit today grab a proper fruit infusion bottle from amazon and start feeling great and losing them pounds

Let me know how you get on with drinking more water and what fruits you are using


15 thoughts on “Infused Water Benefits | Best Fruits For Weight Loss

  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi there my friend,

    Love the name of this site “busting my belly fat”, defo something that I have to do.

    I do drink a lot of water where I am, 4.5-6lires daily but that is what is required living in the tropics. I never actually thought of infusing fruits. Thanks for that

    1. Steven

      Infusing water is great way of making it much more rewarding not only does infused water taste refreshing it also has the added vitimins

  2. Jessica

    Hi Steven,
    When I started trying to lose weight, and really took a look at my water intake, I can say that getting that much water in one day takes a lot of effort. Especially if you drink straight up water out of the tap. After a while, it was like I couldn’t swallow it anymore like my body was refusing to take in water. One thing that I love is putting some lemon slices and cucumber slices into water. Now that is tasty. It is like your own personal lemonade and the cucumbers have added health benefits. I will have to try the other items you suggested as well.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jessica,

      Im going to have try your water infusion sounds very tasty and i love cucumber thank you for the tip

  3. Matt Killy

    Hey Steven!

    Really great article you posted! Definitely, you keep posting great content and it’s pretty awesome 🙂

    I already bookmarked your website and I’m also following a few of your tips on weight loss.

    Keep posting great content!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Matt,

      Nice to hear from you again!! thank you for stopping by again not sure if you got my last message but do you have a URL for your site so i can look at these delicious recipes.

  4. Jackie

    Hello Steven
    I’ve wondering about these special water bottles. I’m a big water drinker but having the added bonus of being able to drink and lose weight is the icing on the cake isn’t it?
    I love the list of fruits that could help me lose weight. I didn’t know about those. The watemelon sounds delicious.
    Thanks for the info
    Take care

    1. Steven

      Thanks Jackie for stopping by the watermelon is delicious but to be honest there all kinda nice try something new everyday

  5. Victoria

    Great post about water and the water infuser bottles.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I absolutely hated drinking plain bottled or tap water but since the introduction of these infuser bottles I now actually enjoy drinking it and don’t have many fizzy drinks any more.

    Drinking water has helped me feel more energized and also helped as part of my weight loss strategy.

  6. Emily

    hi Steven!
    Love the idea of placing elastic bands on your wrists for each bottle of water you drink! Will I do it? I don’t know but I love it! lol. I also love infused water. Every morning when I get up, I drink water with lemon juice. it is the first thing I do. And then at the office, I drink a few glasses a day for sure. What I need to remember is to bring that water bottle for when I am in my car. I do a lot of driving and I need to keep hydrated in the car too. I agree that we tend to confused being dehydrated with being hungry. Always start by drinking a glass of water to see if the sensation goes away.

  7. Ali

    Good blog Steven ,about the benefit of water to healthy body ,and mix it with a fruits ,it was awesome .Go ahead.

  8. PJ

    Great topic. My wife is Mexican and when we lived in Mexico City we drank agua fresca (fruit infused water) daily. You can purchase agua fresca everywhere for a few pesos. So we are well aware of the benefits of fruit infused water.

    We particularly love watermelon. In Mexico it’s called sandia and they have a special recipe for it.
    My wife puts it in our blender with a few herbs and we have a delicious and nutritious drink.
    One thing I would like to see on this blog is some recipes. In Mexico City they have so many fruit infused water drinks and they’re all so tasty. So get a few recipes up here that people can make at home and get the benefits you are talking about.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you PJ, what a fantastic idea i may do a seperate post with water infused recipes and do quite a few for variety i like the mexican sounding names they sound much better than just infused water

  9. norstad

    Hello there, what a great site you have here. Recently I was really busy doing things online that sometimes I’m just stuck in front of my computer the whole day and often when I’m so absorbed on what I’m doing I usually skipped my “running time” which is basically running for an hour. This resulted for a weight gain in my part. And this site of yours I find really helpful thank you. 😀


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