How to Reheat Crab Legs Quickly and Easily

By | May 5, 2019

It’s common to want to know how to reheat a certain food item. Not everything is reheated the same way, after all. At least not when you want the dish to retain its original flavor and taste. So let’s find out how to reheat crab legs without ruining their essence.

Preparing seafood in hot weather, or just about any weather, is a great idea, isn’t it? Seafood and refreshing herbs go hand in hand. The combination is especially favorable in the summertime. But leftover crab legs are inevitable in most cases. So it’s important to get to know how to reheat crab legs. Cause throwing them away is just not an option!

When you can reheat something and enjoy it later, then why waste food, right!

There are four different methods to reheat crab legs. Let’s get to them below!

How to Reheat Crab Legs: 4 Different Ways

#1 In the microwave

You should know how to microwave crab legs properly. That is only if you want access to the simplest and fastest method to reheating any type of food! This is the beauty of microwaving.

  • You’ll need cling film, paper towels, and dill sprigs for microwaving crab legs.
  • Begin by wrapping three legs using the dill sprigs.
  • Prepare many bundles and cover each of them with the paper towels. And then layer them with the cling film. Just make sure the food item doesn’t touch this film.
  • Now you can microwave all the bundles for two minutes. Following which remove the paper towels and cling film to serve the delicious crab legs. With lemon wedges and clarified butter!

#2 With a steamer

Now you know how to reheat cooked crab legs in microwave. The next method is to do the same thing using a steamer pot. It’s the most effective way to reheat crab legs in my opinion. Cause the process ends up leaving the meat a lot juicier than when you stored it.

  • You’ll obviously require a normal steamer pot for the task at hand. You can even make use of a good bamboo steamer if you like. Both are fit for the job. So pick whatever is available at your disposal.
  • Start by filling the steamer. Use white wine or beer along with water if you want to add extra flavor.
  • Set the stove on high heat before placing the steamer over it.
  • Prior to reheating the crab legs, don’t forget to wash them.
  • When the water starts to boil in the pot, bring in the crab legs.
  • Then switch to medium heat and let it all steam for five minutes. And that’s about it.

#3 Without a steamer

How to reheat crab legs without a steamer is a frequently asked question. So here’s the correct answer to that.

You obviously don’t NEED a steamer. You can just as easily boil crab legs using a big pot.

  • Fill the large pot with water. For flavor, you can add some beer to it as well. Just make sure that water takes up most of the space. The ratio of water to beer should be higher is what I mean.
  • On medium-level heat, place the pot with crab legs in them. Allow them to boil for four to five minutes. Add some seasoning such as lemon juice or vinegar if you wish.
  • Once the boiling is done, use tongs to take out the crab legs. Place them on a clean rack so all the water drains out.
  • After that, serve the boiled crab legs with butter, parsley, or lemon wedges.

#4 In the oven

Reheating crab legs in the oven means leaving them soft, hot, and dry. The process is a bit slower, comparatively speaking. Even so, the final result is certainly delicious.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • While this is happening, lay out all the crab legs on a baking dish layered with aluminum foil. Feel free to add some herbs or garlic cloves if you like.
  • Then bake the crab legs for at least 15 minutes.
  • After the time is up, let them cool for a while before serving them to your taste buds.


All four methods are completely effective. In the end, it all boils down to what is the most convenient way for you!

Just keep in mind that properly cooked and then stored crab legs reheat better. So know how to cook crab legs. And also know how to store them correctly. For storing, the refrigerator is your best option. It’s what keeps the leftovers tasting fresh.

Here’s a video demonstration of how to cook crab legs:

[YouTube video:]



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