How To Lower Blood Pressure | Without Medication

By | October 28, 2015

How to lower blood pressure

This post is quite a personal one and important to me on how to lower blood pressure.

Recently my mum has been diagnosed with a swollen liver, high cholesterol to the point if it gets much higher then my mum is heading for a massive heart attack. She has also been diagnosed with high blood pressure because my mums liver is swollen the doctors are very careful about what medication  she takes this naturally got me thinking how to lower blood pressure without medication.

For my Mum, this dangerous path of ill health started about 10 years ago when my mum had to have a false hip put in due to arthritis  which has now spread to her spine.

Due to the operation, it made her less active and in return gained weight leading to high blood pressure,

for eight years the doctor prescribed 500mg of paracetamol and 30 mg of codeine.

Little did my mum know the damage the medication was causing to her liver, for about 3 weeks she was in agonising pain and that’s when she was admitted to the hospital and found out the shocking truth of how bad her health is.

Like mentioned above, my mum’s cholesterol was so high that a massive heart attack was imminent  if that wasn’t devastating enough they then dropped the bombshell that her liver is 4 times the size it should be.

We’re not sure yet if It is damaged behind repair……oh and also Mrs Bolton you have high blood pressure.

The saddest part of this story is, in all likely hood it could have been prevented or at the very least prolonged if my Mum did more exercise and better diet in her life, and she knows it as well! sometimes you just run out of time.


What is high blood pressure?

We have all heard of high blood pressure at some point or another but what exactly is it? it occurs when the heart forces blood against the walls of your arteries at a higher rate, also referred to as hypertension

If you have ever had your blood pressure taken then you might be aware of the two different numbers one usually above the other something like 117 over 76 but what the hell do these numbers mean the 117, in this case, would be systolic and the 76 is diastolic

  • Systolic Pressure– force when the heart beats
  • Diastolic Pressure-force during rest period in between beats



What causes high blood pressure?

Research suggests that roughly 90% of cases are unknown but can be narrowed down to several factors these include age, hereditary, poor diet, too much salt and not enough exercise.

Then we have the other 10% of cases which are known and include herbal tablets, cocaine and other recreational drugs kidney disease and some forms of medication.

How do I know if I have Hypertension?

High blood pressure often comes with no symptoms, however, this is a serious disease and if left undiagnosed and live with it for a long period of time can have devastating effects on your health including stroke, heart disease and kidney failure to name some of the most serious conditions if left untreated.

Best thing to do is check regularly with a blood pressure machine there really easy to use  and unit-of-pressure-990462__180fairly cheap click the blue link to see my review.

So what can I do to treat blood pressure?

As with anything serious always go to doctors to see if there is an underlining health problem.

Prevention is always better than cure so look at your lifestyle and see where you can make some changes such as stop smoking or cutting down, there is plenty of help out there such as New Leaf in the UK.

Lose some weight as there is a direct link between overweight and high blood pressure, start exercising with a minimum of 30 mins three times a week and look at your diet. if you click the blue link it will take you to the exercise or diet category.

Research as also suggested that stress can cause high blood pressure so figure out what your stress triggers are and if possible avoid them or think of a different strategy  to cope with these triggers, take some me time and do the things you enjoy you would be surprised at the power of laughter and happiness.

Reduce your salt intake and alcohol consumption and remember you don’t have to give everything you enjoy up just make adjustments and find a balance.


If you have ever asked yourself how to lower blood pressure without medication then you must have had a worry at some point either about yourself or friend/family member. although high blood pressure is something to be concerned over its easily treatable so don’t panic.

Always look to prevent than to cure as it’s a lot easier battle, luckily high blood pressure is reversible, the best way to prevent it is to give yourself a test with a monitor once a fortnight takes 5 mins.

click on this link to view the Beurer BM 19 blood pressure monitor review.

If you have any questions or suffer from high blood pressure leave a comment below would love to hear from you.

Healthy Regards





49 thoughts on “How To Lower Blood Pressure | Without Medication

  1. Roy

    A webpage dealing with something very important. I think they call High Blood Pressure the “silent killer.” I like your statement “Prevention is better than Cure.” So true. Your suggestions about how to go about lowering blood pressure naturally without medication are to the point and the Beurer BM60 Blood Pressure monitor looks like just the little friend we all need close by to keep track of our blood pressure. Your website is detailed and informative. Everyone should be encouraged to learn more about this illness especially from someone like you who has experienced it first hand.

    1. Steven

      Prevention is always better than cure. Also prevention is a lot cheaper. owning a blood pressure monitor really is helpful and possibly save your life 

  2. Andi

    Hi there,

    I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I have diabetes.

    Everything seems to have gone a bit haywire since I had my little boy in 2012 being 42. I had gestational diabetes and had to inject insulin 3 times a day until the day I had him then the gall bladder pain I was also having during pregnancy which was unknown to me at the time.

    I was to have my gallbladder removed. And now always high blood pressure when it always used to be on the low side. I have gained weight I also have depression anxiety etc I tend not to leave the house very much. So weight gain, being poor and having to eat what cheap food we can afford instead of healthier stuff is something of a problem

    On top of that I get extreme sweating if I do exercise to the point where my skin is drenched maybe menopausal at 46? Who really knows? And to top that my little old dog died so not so many walks and my car failed its mot and can’t afford to sort it out. I have been thinking about asking the woman across from me if I could give her dog a walk every night, but feel cheeky as I don’t know her well. I know I am going on a bit but you could elaborate on this and how poverty can affect your health. Good cheap options and alternatives are welcome news.

    I have read all of your pages and posts and it is all good and well set out Thanks for a great read and a jog to my memory to try and be healthier.

    1. Steven

      Hi Andi,

      Seems like your having a real tough time of it at the moment, I understand its hard to find the right food at the right price, and thank you as you have inspired me to right a post about finding food on a budget.

  3. Cathy

    Hi there Steven,

    My mom is diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure last year and she has been on medication since. Just so you know, she’s a small frame woman and doesn’t have any weight problem except for the inconvinience of arthritic knees.

    The doctor said that she will need to have medication life-long so I was wondering what kind of diet/lifestyle that can help in her condition.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    1. Steven

      Hi Cathy,

      Im no doctor but I am aware of patience being referred to a specialist of whats best to eat and unfortunatly its not the always the yummy food we crave.

      I would deffo advise exercise regardless as it may help control diabetes alot better and not have some of the nasty complications that comes with it, and it will certainly help blood pressure but please before embarking on any diet or exercise get your mother the all clear from physician

  4. Dave

    Glad I found this site. I had a discussion with a friend who has high blood pressure. I was trying to convince him that you can lower it without meds. I know foods like bananas, watermelon, blueberries…etc. can help regulate and lower blood pressure. I think even dark chocolate helps as well.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dave,

      Did you eventually convince your friend? dark chocolate is really good for high blood pressure best kind of chocolate for health personally not a fan of the rich taste much prefer milk but this adds to calories.

  5. Jovo

    Hi, Interesting article to read, I have increased blood pressure, so I know a bit about the subject. I agree with what you write about natural causes for high blood pressure. The gadget which you suggest is far form reliable. I have it, together with another one which I payed 6 times less, bot equally bad. The pressure changes all the time and this is partly the reason why I have such an impression about these gadgets. Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jovo,

      Sorry to hear about your dissapointment with the beurer BM60 could it of been a faulty machine my mothers works great pretty much exactly like the doctors?

  6. moynul

    Hi steve

    firstly I’m sorry to hear about your mum, I know because I have a lot of relatives who suffer from high blood pressure, it really is problematic.

    You tackle the issue really well by offering remedies, and you also prove to the reader that you know your stuff, because it’s happened to your mum and you have clearly done thorough research on how to lower blood pressure.

    really resourceful site, not plastered with tonnes of words also, structured well with small bite size paragraphs and good imagery.

    will definitely read up more on how to treat high blood pressure, this site will help out my Uncle who suffers from this

    1. Steven

      Hi Moynel,

      Thanks for the concern my mum is doing really well now, the problem with blood pressure is it creeps up on you and disguises itself as other symptoms of common conditions.

      The best thing is to keep on top of it with a blood pressure monitor, and then use exercise and good diet to keep it in check.

  7. jCamden

    I’m sorry to hear about your mum 🙁 Millions of people face problems with high blood pressure these days and too many are turning to medication for a quick fix. The medication usually has negative affects on the rest of your body, creating problems you wouldn’t have had to deal with if you had just managed it in the first place. I think most people can lower their blood pressure through exercise, diet, and reducing stress just like you’ve described here! Another important factor is getting enough sleep! Is your mom doing any better?

    1. Steven

      Hi JCamden,

      Blood pressure really is easy to prevent and treat with out medication, like any thing catch it quick enough its easier to control.

  8. Eric

    Thanks for all of the great tips on lowering blood pressure. I recently went to the doctors and they said that I have low blood pressure. I am always at the gym working out so that isn’t something I can change but maybe my diet is the reason why I have such low blood pressure. Thanks for giving me some options here!

  9. Chuck

    I think high blood pressure can be prevented or even lowered after it is detected. We should always try the 3 suggestions you made: diet, exercise, and weight control.

    My blood pressure was on the high side in my mid 20’s and I went on a tough exercise routine. This lowered my blood pressure significantly. It actually went down well below the acceptable standard. I am 68 now and my bp is still low and I still exercise.

    I think we should try the 3 solutions but they may not always work. I think it is always a last resort to take medication but sometimes it is needed.

    In your study of high blood pressure did you find out the percentage of bp due to heredity?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chuck,

      Yep I defiantly agree with you about medication is a must, I do think the medical industry should persuade more people to eat better and be more active,I suppose when its a billion dollar business there not going to steer them to another industry.

      I dont have the answer to the hereditary question but I am defiantly interested to find out ill repost once i found it!

  10. Dave

    My family suffers with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems etc. pretty much everything bad. They’re all intertwined.

    But, not everyone drinks and smokes, a lot of it is genetics. However, there are foods that you can eat that helps, along with exercise. But to me it seems as though diet is the key. Berries of any kind helps with all these problems as an example.

    Cutting out sugars and simple carbs go a long way towards this.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately your right in that sometimes its just genetic, however like you say it can be made easier to cope with if your destined for it, and if your not destined for high blood pressure and other nasty conditions it would make sense to prevent it than aim to cure it.

  11. ian

    I was told by my Doctor I had high blood when I was in my early 20’s, at that age it was a bit worrying, but both my parents suffer from it, the doctor told me I was healthy apart from that so it was probably hereditary.
    He put me on tablets to control it, but I didn’t really want to take tablets for the rest of my life from an early age, so I made some changes.
    I started doing some regular exercise and changed to a healthier diet which kept me at a healthy weight, by doing this I managed to lower it and 30 years on I’m still managing to control it which I check regularly with my own blood pressure monitor.
    I’ve heard people call high blood pressure the silent killer because as you mentioned there are no symptoms, and a lot of people don’t know they have it.
    I would definitely recommend your advice for the prevention, it has certainly worked for me.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ian,

      Thats fantastic news you have been able to keep your high blood pressure in through exercise and diet, what do you typically tend to eat on a day to day basis?

      How long have you been using your own blood pressure machine and can you vouch for its effectiveness?

      1. Ian

        Hi Steven,
        I don’t stick to a specific diet, but I do eat a lot of fruit and veg and I tend to make my own meals with fresh natural products, by this I mean I don’t eat processed packet foods.
        I realised over the years that convenience foods and ready made meals contain too much salt, sugar and preservatives, which is not good for you or your weight let alone if you suffer with high blood pressure.
        Personally, I think its just as quick to make your own meal and it always tastes much better.

        Regarding the BP monitor, I have been using it for about 5 years now, I check it approximately once a week to see if there’s a change.
        To make sure it’s working properly, I go into the doctors every couple of months and get the nurse to check my BP to make sure it matches my monitor.

  12. Mario

    Hey Steven! Sorry to hear what happen to your mo, I hope she is allright now, very interesting article times goes really fast as we get older the bad habits we had pay off at the end, quitting smoking has been my best desicion I’ve made, Thanks for your advices,

    1. Steven

      Hi Mario,

      My mum is doing fine now she is off the paracetamol, and diabetes is under control only wish she would stop smoking, apparently the doctor said do more damage to pack up at this point.

  13. Michael Angelo

    Hi Steven. I am really sorry to hear your mother illness. High blood pressure or hypertension have a very serious complication like heart attack. I know you must have been very worried knowing that. I can’ imagine her liver is swollen 4 times the normal size, that must be very painful. Most medicines are not good to our liver, they have potential to damage the liver. I hope your mother will be okay. By the way, the blood pressure monitor shown in the picture is wear in the wrist? I thought the digital blood pressure monitor must be attached in the upper part of your arm. How accurate your blood pressure measure compared to the manual measure done by medical professional? Thanks for your info.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Angelo

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,

      My mother is fine now, ironically its saved her life and made her think about new lifestyle, I couldnt find the picture of the wrist machine, I do know the beurer bm60 is a upper arm strap and is WHO recommended so is very accurate.

      have you ever suffered from high blood pressure yourself?

  14. Hannah

    Very well written post on how to lower blood pressure.

    I have another tip for lowering your blood pressure – drink Peppermint Tea. Any hot drink can work but peppermint tea dilates and relaxes the blood vessels, therefore lowering blood pressure caused by narrowing of the arteries. It’s also very good at lowering stress levels too, which is a great bonus (plus it tastes great!). It’s generally important to stay hydrated.

    Just thought you might be interested to know this. Great article, I found it very useful. Keep up the good work, your site looks really good.


    1. Steven

      Thanks Hannah, I’m going to put this in this article it’s true what they say “you learn something new everyday” and that’s a great piece of information to help people, have you ever had high blood pressure your self?

  15. CoryZ

    Hey Steven, great post regarding prevention against high blood pressure.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your mother, and I hope things are improving for her. High blood pressure runs in my family as well, and I am very passionate about prevention and natural remedies.

    Very nice work, and I wish you and your family all the best. Take care. 🙂


    1. Steven

      Hi Cory, do you have any tips i could include on natural products and have you ever suffered from it your self

  16. Sylvia

    I am really sorry to hear about your Mother’s health problems.

    I am a retired nurse and do know about the problems a high blood pressure can run havoc to your health.

    Although, high or even low blood pressure are most of the time a symptom of another health issue going on, like excess weight (as you mentioned), but also psychological problems can cause high blood pressure too.

    I really enjoyed reading your article and really hope only the very best for your Mother.


    1. Steven

      hi sylvia, your absolutely right most of the time there is a underlyning illness when you have high blood pressure thats why i feel its an important we should all be aware of it

  17. Connor O'Keefe

    Really useful information! If all sites were this simple to understand then people may actually consider reading up on it. Sorry to hear about your mother too steven.

  18. Jack

    Hey There

    Excellent information thank you for providing us with such informative info. I particularly like the way you right your personality shines through your content and makes it easy to understand, even for me.

    What do you suggest are the best foods to eat to lower blood pressure ? should we be worried about high blood pressure at a young age ?

    Thank you for this article I have a cousin I know will find this post very interesting as she was looking for similar information just the other day, I will share this with her now.

    Thank you


    1. Steven

      Hi Jack, the way things are going with global obesity high blood pressure comes naturally with it so in a sense yes however if your relatively healthy this isn’t something that should consume your day with worry.

      good foods to help lower blood pressure is anything that’s high in magnesium calcium and potassium so things such as white beans , pork tendorloin and kiwi fruits to name a few.

  19. Richard

    I’m really sorry to hear about your mom. I see that your mom is going through a very difficult time, however the good news is you obviously really love you mom and I’m sure this is what helped motivate you to put together this website. I know that your are going to help so many others to be educated and informed on ways they can maintain their weight and health!

    This information will be a wake up call for many, but also an opportunity to put into action all of the tips and training you offer! As you have explained, there are so many side effects from medications that are prescribed, so it is vital that we do what we can to work on our health naturally. I look forward to learning more about the kinds of foods and supplements you recommend to improve ones health.

    Just a thought. I do see some small grammar issues such as commas and sentence structured on your post. Other than that I have to say, this is a fantastic webpage that will benefit so many! Cheers Richard

    1. Steven

      thank you for stopping by i am teaching my mum ways she can excerise with less mobility, im sure she will be fine,

      I honestly want to help people and find a website reaches more people than selling benefits of the gym and training with people, there is going to be upcoming reviews i do need to proof read more post more as grammer isnt my strong point

  20. andrejs

    I also have high blood pressure. It is about 170/110. I found it 2 years ago. The doctor prescribed me pills. From the first I was side effect as cough. The second did not give the desired effect. Now I drink expensive pills and the pressure is 130/85. It’s not perfect, but is relatively ok. Doctor told me that the pills would drink all the rest of your life.

  21. John

    I have blood pressure issues. I do take a small dose of medicine daily. I think my is from tension. I need to work on how I react to things and not let things bother me. I like the idea of exercise helping with the blood pressure. I will start to work out more often.
    Thanks for the information, I think it will help me.

    1. Steven

      exercise will help as it releases the feel good chemicals that help you deal with tension even if you start off by doing 5-10 minutes daily will make a whole world.of difference

  22. Justin

    Sorry to hear about your mother! My family has a long history of problems with strokes and heart disease due to factors like high blood pressure, so it is definitely something we take very seriously. I find that one of the best ways to remind myself that I need to have a better diet and exercise more to cut down on these problems is that while exercising may seem like it takes a lot of time, it adds years on to your life and is well worth it! Although of course one of the easiest ways to work on it like, you said, is to reduce salt intake and that is easy to do as long as you start doing just a little basic cooking at home.

    1. Steven

      unfortunatly these conditions do run in family’s but prevention and actively doing things diffrent from other family members goes a long way…. And like you say you can just take salt out of the diet

  23. Shuk

    Hi Steven,
    Your article really raises awareness which we need more of. I hope your mum is ok.

    My mum recently got checked out and her cholesterol is so high, same situation as you mentioned. The good news is all this can be reversed almost instantly with lifestyle changes – The advice you give is so simple yet straight to the point Thanks ! 🙂

    1. Steven

      High blood pressure and cholesterol are so simple to combat with a few adjustment ls but there life threatening if left unchecked thanks for popping by

  24. Andreas S

    High blood pressure is very serious. I enjoyed reading your article and hope people in general, will understand that they should do their utmost to prevent high blood pressure and perform tests regularly.

    Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she is alright. It is a good reminder to stay healthy early on in life.

    1. Steven

      MY Mum should be ok pain has now wore off so hopefully love is doing what it does best and regenerating it just goes to show that medication isn’t always the best solution and I think the medical industry should point people more to lifestyle changes rather than to the pharmacy so quick I understand it’s a Billion dollar business but it’s peoples life’s and medicine and fitness could work perfectly together not against each other


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