How To Lose Weight Without Running, Save Your Legs

By | March 8, 2017

No Need To Lace Up Your Trainers!

These days, one of the most common searches on the internet is ‘how to lose weight without running?’ It could be because not everyone has the time and energy or the place to go for a run or jog, especially in the concrete jungles that we live. Thus, people are opting for workouts that can be easily done at home or the gym. Also, not everyone is a fan of running. People can easily do squats or lunges or push-ups to lose weight.

Of late, more and more people are also opting for TRX workout options for weight loss process. However, it isn’t a new technique and has been in existence for years but has gained popularity in recent times. The reason people prefer TRX suspension workouts because the exercises help individuals achieve different weight loss goals apart from targeting the stubborn belly fat.

How To Lose Weight Without Running

Effective Workouts for Weight Loss

Some of the effective weight loss exercises that experts recommend when asked the question, ‘how to lose weight without running?’ are as follows:


  • TRX Push-Ups: People looking to tone their shoulders, chest, and arms should do the TRX push-ups which are a beginner level exercise. They should start off by hooking their toes through the TRX straps. Then, they should lift up the body for resting the body weight on the palms of their hands. One should keep the core tight all along and bend the elbows for lowering the chest between hands.
  • Squats: People who want to reduce the fat from the thighs should opt for squats. The exercise mentioned above falls under the strength training domain. Thus, people are advised to do it in moderation initially, followed by an eventual increase. Squats help in weight loss as well as strengthening of the knees.
  • Lunges: These are also referred to as mimic walking and trigger the weight loss process in the hip area. Lunges are a combination of squats and walking that includes bending the knees at a ninety degrees angle. The exercise mentioned above is very powerful too.
  • Abdominal Crunches: People who complain about the flab around their waistline, abdominal crunches are the best form of exercise for them. However, one should be careful while doing crunches as the wrong postures can trigger a spasm in the abdominal area. Individuals who want to reduce the flab on their sides should try rotating sideways for the same.


Effective Weight Loss Diets

Experts always recommend combining eating healthy with exercising for a faster weight loss process. Thus, some dieting plans that people can combine with ‘how to lose weight without running?’ search results are as follows:

  • Low Carbs Diet: When it comes to dieting for weight loss, people always cut back on their carbohydrates But, everyone needs carbs for functioning, and they can’t entirely avoid it because several fruit and veggies contain carbs in them. Thus, the low carbs diet came into existence. The diet also safeguards against diabetes and obesity along with augmenting the weight loss process. People should avoid sugar and foods with extremely high protein content and rice as well as potatoes along with starch and saturated products. People should consume low-calorie salads of fruits and vegetables.
  • Starters Diet: It is a very simple to follow as it focuses on the time and pattern of eating. People should never skip breakfast because it kick starts the metabolism. Individuals should have breakfast within half an hour of their waking up. One should also eat at regular intervals but in smaller People should not skip meals and have dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed along with avoiding fried foods. They should include tomatoes, apples, oatmeal and beans in the diet for turning the body into a fat burning machine.
  • The Mediterranean Diet: The diet mentioned above focuses only on plant proteins, olive oil, and bread apart from being a low fat and high protein diet. Furthermore, people can consume fruits, veggies, whole grains, pasta, rice, beans, and nuts. The diet aims at satisfying the dieters with low-fat yet tasty foods. This plan ensures a comparatively healthier and steadier weight loss process.

  • The Zone Diet: People who want to go for diets that have been scientifically as well as genetically approved, then they should opt for the Zone diet. It focuses on the consumption of 40% carbs, 30% each of fats and proteins. With the ratio mentioned above, the body is in the best zone for losing weight and energy maximization.


Effective Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to losing weight in the best possible manner, only exercising and following healthy diets isn’t enough. One needs to follow some effective weight loss tips for losing weight quickly. The tips are as follows:

  • One should never overexert the body for getting instant weight loss results as it can do more harm than good. As a matter of fact, weight loss is a slow process, and it takes time for the results to show.
  • People should always opt for a diet plan and a workout regimen that is suitable for their body type.
  • Individuals should never entirely cut out fats from their diets as the body requires a minimum amount of fats for the everyday functioning.
  • One should always do some warm up before beginning their weight loss regimen. The warm up is vital as it relaxes the muscles as well as prepares the body for the intense exercising.
  • People should have a cheat day from the hardcore diet. It is vital for keeping the cravings and temptations at bay during the diet.


Thus, in a nutshell, it is possible to lose weight without running in one’s workout regime if one follows the tips mentioned above, workouts and diet plans related to ‘how to lose weight without running?’ results. One should never blindly follow the instant weight loss trends and crash diet as it can make one sick instead of skinny. Last but not the least; the key is to lose weight effectively and efficiently instead of looking for ways to find quick results.

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3 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Without Running, Save Your Legs

  1. Kurtis Quick

    If I start doing squats for weight loss should I be doing high weight low reps? or should I be doing the exact opposite? Low weight and high reps? Thank you

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I am a big fan of higher weight lower reps, however, this must be done correctly or you run the risk of knackering your back and knees.

      I always say if you can do more than ten then it is to light for you

  2. Chris

    Hi, nice article you have there. Loved how informative it was. You not only covered the different types of exercises to do depending on which areas of the body a person wants to work on but you also mentioned different diets. I especially liked the tips you added at the end of the article.
    It’s true that sometimes we do overexert ourselves and overtire the body.
    Thank you for the article.


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