How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising

By | June 6, 2018

If you ask someone for weight loss tips you will always get the same answer- make sure you have a balanced diet and do exercise.

And, that’s a good tip.

But, what if we tell you that you can lose weight without boring diets and hours spent at the gym?

Do you want to get rid of extra weight without drastic diets and exhausting calorie counting?

Write down these 10 rules and stick to the plan!

  1. Add water to your juice

Mix your favorite juice (half of the usual amount) with still or sparkling water. By doing this you can reduce 85 calories per glass and lose at least 5 pounds a year.

Also, drink plenty of water.

Dehydration can slow down your metabolism about 3 %. If you weigh 135 pounds that would mean 45 calories less a day which is 5 pounds extra a year.

Therefore, drink more fluids.

10 glasses of water per day will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

Drink cold water because your body burns more calories to heat water until it reaches your body temperature.

  1. Read the ingredients

You buy a candy, snack, or juice and you think it has only 200 calories?

If you look carefully at the declaration of the product you are most likely to discover a few more shocking information about hidden sugars and additives that do harm to your body.

Instead of buying a granola bar or other fake healthy foods, make yourself a healthy oatmeal, add yogurt and honey.

  1. Drink green tea before taking a walk

Green tea is very popular when it comes to weight loss.

It’s high in polyphenols (compounds that act as antioxidants and decrease your appetite) and caffeine.

Caffeine releases fatty acids which help burn extra fat.

And when you have polyphenols combined with caffeine the effect is bigger.

However, if you have high blood pressure, forget about this tip.

  1. Think about weight loss supplements

Although this shouldn’t be your first choice, in some cases diet supplements can boost your weight loss process.

Weight loss supplements made of natural ingredients can help you lose extra pounds.

Consult your nutritionist or doctor to help you choose the best supplement for you.

  1. Use olive oil instead of butter

Try putting olive oil on your bread instead of butter.

It is healthier, and it will help you eat less.

According to some new research respondents that dipped bread in olive oil, ate 52 calories less than those who used butter.

  1. Add flaxseed to your cereals

Flaxseed has a lot of fibers and can help you reduce your appetite, hence eliminate calories.

Add flaxseed to your cereals and yogurt, or you can bake crackers with sesame and flaxseed and have a healthy snack any time you want.

  1. Fool your senses

Menthol or eucalyptus bonbon can trick your senses and you can stop craving for food.

  1. Spice your food

Add chili to your meals-it will help you eat less often.

  1. Don’t cut your vegetables

Just break larger pieces of your zucchini, celery, carrots or other ingredients that you want to put in a salad.

You will need more effort to chew them, so in the end, you will chew more and eat less.

  1. Buy smaller food packaging

Although bigger food packaging is cheaper, try to choose the smaller boxes because as one research reveals, you will eat even 44 % less food.

Also, portion control is a really effective weight loss tactic.

Respect the ’10 minutes rule’.

When you start feeling full you should stop eating. You are maybe full, without realizing it. That’s because your body needs 10 minutes to get the signal from your stomach to your brain that you don’t need food anymore.

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