How To Lose Weight And Keep Your Bum

By | October 20, 2015

A woman’s most significant asset

I have come across this dilemma so many times, and the question of how to lose weight and keep your bum?

Women mostly ask this question. However, a few men want to lose weight or maintain a nice bum. In fact, some of the women wanted to keep their bum so much they would live with a few rolls of body fat else to lose weight and keep your bum

Also, I want to cover this subject to protect the men out there. when they hear the dreaded question


“Does my bum look big in this?”. Sometimes we have to lie to protect your feelings and also to protect our cheeks from a slap.

There is one question us men dread….”does my bum look big in this?” Seriously girls stop asking this!

We say no, and you don’t believe us; we say yes ( never say yes), and we are in a world of pain. Anyway, this post will give you one sexy ass.

So why is the bum looking good so important

We guess the only people who can answer this is a woman. I posed this question to my fiancée. My fiancée said this

 “to me, it’s a feminine thing and it brings attention, and I know you have a sneaky look it also helps when choosing clothes “

Her response got me thinking, the bum gets attention from males and females alike, especially when you’re wearing that sleek black dress. In fact, it’s the same for us, men, too.

Clothes fit us better when we have a developed chest and shoulders, and just like a woman, we also get attention from men and women.

This is only one woman’s perspective, so please leave a comment on why it’s important to you.

Making the bum look good!


I hope losing weight from other areas of your body isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, you can’t just target a specific area to lose weight; your body will take it from where ever it wants first, usually from the place you store it the most in my experience.

Pretty much all humans have the same shape, bones and size and its normally fat and muscle that gives you the shape that you are, so to lose weight and keep your bum, were going to build more muscle to lose weight, this is how you are going to keep your bum and look and feel better not only will your bum look good other parts of your body will too!


3 Top exercises for the perfect bum


There is one exercise that should be a staple of any bum enhancing routine, it’s been around forever and it never goes out of fashion… THE SQUAT is so good elite athletes use it, the military use it, and just about anyone who has ever done an exercise program.

You can adapt weight to this exercise or change your stance implement a jump into it so many variations that you are guaranteed to lose weight and keep your bum.

THE SQUAT uses so many muscles from your calves right up to your abs and lower back; it torches fat and helps tone not only your bum but your core and lower body… now that is worth a go?

THE LUNGE this is another quality exercise that used by fitness professionals worldwide and just like the squat hits multiple muscles and will also improve balance.

THE HIP-LIFT this is great at working your lower back and sculpting your bum, and it’s straightforward to do and especially useful if you have bad knees.

Please leave a comment below if these exercises are not suitable for you as there are many others to try.


How many should I do, and How?


We need to find out where your fatigue point is, we can find this out quickly,

By doing each excess to the point you can’t physically do anymore and then divide that number by 90%, this will be your starting point.

Every day add one more repetition on, so for instance, 20 squats dived this by 90% that leaves you with 18, and every day add on one!

You will be amazed how easy it gets in a short period that’s when you need to come back and check for progression exercises.

Ok so now you know what the exercises work, below is a step by step guide with pictures so you can lose weight and keep your bum.

Before performing any exercise, warm-up and stretch thoroughly. Make sure your medically ok with your doctor.


The Squat


1. Stand with feet a slightly wider than shoulder-width, your hips in line with knees and knees over ankles.

2. Roll the shoulders back and down away from the ears to keep perfect alignment.

3. Put your arms straight out with palms facing the floor

4. Start the squat by taking a breath in and moving your hip backward and towards the floor, and your knees will bend in return.

5. As your bum starts to stick out, make sure the chest and shoulders stay upright, and the back stays straight. Keep the head facing forward with eyes straight ahead to keep spine alignment

6. Go deep as you can, be comfortable, but remember the deeper you go, the better it is, doesn’t worry if you can’t go deep to start with.

7. Suck in your abs; your body weight should be on your heels, coming back up to standing, driving through heels.

8. Repeat, well done

DSC_0276 DSC_0277


The Lunge


1. Stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart, keep back straight, shoulders back, keep looking ahead step forward with one leg into a wide stance (about one leg’s distance between feet) while maintaining spine alignment.

2. Step forward with your right leg into a wide position and drop your hips put your arms out to the side if you struggle to balance, take it to roughly 90-degree angle the knee shouldn’t go over the toes.

3. Push back up and repeat with your left, and that is how you make a lunge.

DSC_0276 DSC_0278


The hip-lift


1. Lay on your back with hands by your side knees bent and feet on the floor.DSC_0280

2. Thrust your hips up in a controlled motion hold for 3 seconds.

3.  Lower hips down to the floor while maintaining control do not slam back down.

4.  Repeat these steps 1 to 4





To lose weight and keep your bum is easier than you may imagine, you need to build the glutes (bum muscle) while losing Fat elsewhere, the three exercises shown are great for building bum muscle, and you can do so many variations with them.

Try adding kettlebells into the squats for more resistance and metabolic burn, and remember everyone loves a good bum.

Hope you enjoyed this article how to lose weight and keep your bum, I would love to hear from men and woman on this subject please leave a comment below.

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17 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight And Keep Your Bum

  1. Wing

    First article of its kind that I’ve ever read, and I like the topic! haha, I think this is something that’s important for woman’s self-esteem, just like you said with how men like to have broad chest and shoulders.

    Have you ever consider the Hip Thrust exercise? It’s similar to the hip lift/glute bridge that you talked about, but you can do it with a barbell to increase glute recruitment and activation.

    1. Steven

      I think we forget about woman and there insecurities sometimes as us men have our “pride” and TBH there is a lot more pressure on woman and especailly teens to look “perfect”

      The hip thrust is really good and will be including that in my weight lifting article

  2. matt

    very good article steven. the squats definitely are one of the main exercises to really cut fat deposits and build a nice back end. nice job on posting pics as well really showing what you are talking about.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Matt,

      I try to use my own pictures when ever possible just to add credibility, I don’t always get the technique right so love taking pictures to correct my self.

      Squats are by far the most superior exercise for a great bum.

  3. Sammi

    This is a great article. It’s really informative. I’ve never had a problem with keeping a sizeable bum and being slim – personally I’d love to have smaller bum than what I have – I don’t understand women wanting bigger bums but I know they do. In the UK the clothes sizing is for smaller behind’s. I love how you’ve incorporated photos of exercises for us to see how to do them. If you only had 5 minutes a day, which would be the best exercise to do? Sammi

  4. Brandy

    Nice bums are definitely a huge aspect of physical beauty right now. The three exercises you have demonstrated really look like they can sculpt it well. I will have to try them!

    On a side note, I want to say thank you for the visual demonstrations. It is much easier to follow proper techniques based off of pictures than just text. Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Hi Brandy,

      They are really good exercises, im working on video tutorials at the minute to take it one step further for visual ease

  5. RuthM

    THis is a neat article on how to lose weight and keep the bum in shape. I wish I had that problem, of losing too much weight of my bum! I find most women WANT to lose weight off their bum, but I think your exercises have shown me a good way to tone it rather than to just lose the weight. I believe that is the problem with most women (I include myself) is the lack of lift, and these exercises seem to target this.. thanks!

    1. Steven

      100% agree with the “lift” and having a pert bum think most woman would like to swap the fat for a bit of muscle but hey I’m a man what do I know lol mm y misses advises me what to say on this article

  6. Larry

    Hey Steve, nice layout and easy to navigate. One recommendation I have is that you check spelling and grammar. If I run across something wrong in those areas, it tends to lessen the credibility of the author in my mind. Try cutting and pasting what you have written into Word and look for the red and/or green squiggly underlines. Other than that, quite impressive. I like the pictures illustrating the exercises.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for feed back I am literally about to go through every page/post looking for errors

  7. Joanne barnsdale

    Great article I struggle with squats although I do try to do them its great to have other options for exercises that work the bum.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Great stuff Joanne there not the easiest to do but super effective make sure your getting the technique right as this can make them a lot easier

  8. Huntingdiva

    I completely agree with your Fiancee, when a woman has a bum they get noticed, and it makes said woman feel desirable. Also, many clothing lines for pants, and skirts are designed to hug the hips and the butt as it has become very main stream that this part of the female body is meant to look this certain way.

    However, I am a big fighter against the squat… 🙁 I did so many in dance class in high school I hate them with a passion… Glad to have a few other options to try haha.

    Completely understand that they are the number one thing to lose wait and keep the prefect bum tho…. they do work..

    1. admin

      Hi Huntingdiva thank you for leaving a comment squats arnt for everyone but there so much in the fitness world to target the bum, as people we do like to be desired and certain parts of the body on male and female enhance desire I will be covering other topics of body desire

  9. Martin

    Great article on how to loose weight and sculpt the areas of your body that you want to accentuate, i.e. the bum. I liked that fact that you demonstrated the exercises that you recommended and posted the picture of the exercise.

    I really didn’t know which exercises I could use to loose the weight while building up the muscles in my core. But now, armed with this new knowledge I plan to attack that belly fat and start sculpting. By showing the proper technique in photos on your post I’m sure I’ll get them right. Will put this new knowledge into action this afternoon!

    Thanks for the great info!

    1. admin

      Hi Martin, the core is such an important part, pretty much plays a part in every movement and most folk think of the just the abs when core is mention but it’s much more including hips and lower back


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