How To Cure Diabetes Naturally

By | November 29, 2015

How to cure diabetes naturally

Being overweight carries all kinds of health risks. Diabetes is a serious disease that needs treatment, it’s closely linked with being overweight and obesity, how to cure diabetes naturally is a big concern for people who already have this.

In fact, if you are obese you have an 80-85% chance of developing type 2, this can be fatal.So how to cure diabetes naturally is a great (4)

Prevention is always better as there is no cure!. Yes, you read that right, there is NO cure as of yet.

I’m guessing if your reading this  you are either past the prevention stage or know someone who is, maybe your worried your a prime candidate to develop diabetes.

Don’t be disheartened that there is no cure as both types are manageable. The one that concerns us is type 2, as this type is associated with carrying  too much weight. With the right approach, it can be managed without medicine.

The difference between type 1 and type 2

Type 1 – Usually diagnosed in childhood, your immune system attacks insulin cells, over time you will stop producing insulin and at that point the body become insulin dependent as your body won’t be able to absorb energy. Can’t be prevented! much more serious

Type 2 – Usually diagnosed in adulthood. Non-insulin dependent. Your body doesn’t use insulin in the right way or doesn’t produce enough. Can be prevented!

As you can see type 2 can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle in most cases,  being overweight puts you in the crosshairs of this disease by 80 – 85%, ACT NOW!

Type 2 diabetes – symptoms

Symptoms of type 2 may go unnoticed for many years and more often than not it will be diagnosed when you go doctors or hospital for check ups. You may display some of these symptoms, all or even none.

  • Feeling thirsty a lot
  • Weight loss (unexplained)
  • Longer healing time in wounds
  • Blurred vision
  • Itching around genitals
  • Frequent case of thrush

As you can see these symptoms can be quite subtle and easily mistaken for less serious conditions if you need more information or if you are worried I have embedded a link to the NHS so you can take appropriate action if needed

Complications if not treated

This is a serious disease and left unchecked WILL damage your body in many ways. Diabetes UK is the leading health campaigner for this disease and will answer any questions or queries you may have.

See Below for complications-

  • Kidney diseasehow to cure diabetes naturally
  • Foot problems (ulcers, amputation)
  • Miss carriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Serious eye problems including blindness
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Nerve damage

If you are overweight then please go for a check up it can’t do you any harm, look at it this way if you don’t have diabetes then we can work on preventing it, if you have got diabetes we can work on avoiding these nasty problems by controlling it and eventually coming off medication.

Tips to manage type 2 diabetes

Managing diabetes is all about raising your heart rate through exercise. Find something that you enjoy or previously enjoyed such as cycling, swimming, dancing or power walking with the dog.

Losing weight is key!. Look at your diet and how many calories your eating, there are apps and gadgets such as Fitbit that can really help you with this.

Follow these six tips to help you to control and manage type 2 diabetes

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week for minimum of 30 mins perhaps join a gym
  • Look at your diet and make changes for the better
  • Consult your doctor
  • Check blood sugars regular especially after exercise as you will deplete glucose levels
  • Exercise with a friend for motivation and safety
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduction carbohydrates
  • HIIT exercise

Reduced Calorie Intake

Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University did a study back in 2011 showed that a massive reduction in calories to just 800 a day took all patients blood sugar levels back to a non-diabetic range.

Patients also lost on average 5 inches from around their waste and fat in the pancreas and liver was reduced.

Most refined carbohydrates were cut out to help with Insulin circulation

Michael Mosley presenter of BBC two’s trust me, I’m a doctor  has a book published that gives you the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet to help put diabetes in remission it’s not cure but does help you come off  the medication medication

Click here for Michael Mosley’s book review


Diabetes is no laughing matter and type 2 in almost all cases can be prevented, so ACT NOW and start to lose weight.

How to cure diabetes naturally? you can’t not naturally or with medication, you can certainly prevent it and manage it with a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive nor does healthy eating , Practise good habits and eventually it will come second nature. The first thing you should do is go to your doctors for a health check up and get the all clear.

If you have any concerns please email me at or leave comments below, maybe you have diabetes and learnt to cope and manage it you could help others  by leaving your experience.

Healthy regards



12 thoughts on “How To Cure Diabetes Naturally

  1. Alexander Sennuga

    Great Post Steven,

    We hope many diabetics or pre-diabetics will know that diabetes is a life-style disease and quite reversible with life-style and diet adjustments. It has worked for me and many people, so relying on medication to manage diabetes is not a wise option.

    Knowledge about how to cope with diabetes like this one is invaluable!

  2. sarah

    For clarity, type II is worst right? I just want to ask, does taking diabetes supplements works? Aside from taking your medicines of course, because if it doesn’t then I guess we will just focus in our diet.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      There both bad, but type 1 is the worst one to have as this is insulin dependant and cant really be prevented.

      Type 2 is quite preventable in most cases with exercise and diet, not sure what supplements you mean but best to go to your GP for any medicine.

  3. Shaz

    My wife had gestational diabetes (GD) when she was pregnant and is still pre-diabetic. Along with a sweet tooth, she simply cannot get herself to exercise even though she is in good shape. I’ll be sharing this article with her. Perhaps you could write about GD some time soon?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hey Shaz,

      Thanks for stopping by, that is a great idea for a article! It can be very hard to motivate your self never mind when you have a illness to go with it, what I always say is “the first 2 weeks are the hardest but after that it becomes a habit”

      Do you exercise yourself could your partner join in with you?

  4. Debra

    Very valuable information you share here. My father-in-law and mother-in-law were diabetics (type 2) and so is my niece who had a pump installed (type 1). Diet is the only way to control diabetes and I will say that children don’t realize how deadly it can be if it gets out of control. Thank you for getting this informative post out there into the public eye.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hello Debra,

      This article was a learning curve for me as well i knew the basics of diabetes from my studies, i just didnt know how bad it was and i believe many others dont know enough.

      sorry to hear about it running in your family could you share any tips to help others?

  5. Julie

    Hi Steven,

    I am glad I came across this article. I struggle with prediabetes. It runs in the family. I take my blood sugar every morning and exercise regularly. It is important to watch what one eats and to be sensible with the amount one eats (reasonable portions) as well as exercise. Another factor that folks are not really aware of is that stress and getting emotionally upset will raise blood sugar levels. Thanks for this article!


  6. David

    Great article Steven!

    I know a bit about diabetes as I am a dentist and was a pharmacist. A lot of people think that sugar is the cause of type 2 diabetes, but like you say in your article being overweight is the problem.

    Also even if you don’t lose weight, exercise is very important because exercise helps people lower blood sugar by increasing the number of glucose transporters in muscle. These particular glucose transporters don’t need insulin to work either. So definitely exercise as well as restrict calories.


  7. Eddie WA affiliate

    Most diabetic workers are now moving to forget type 1 and type 2 as classifications as metabolic deficiency is same plus telling someone they were type 2 and now type 1 implies getting worst and can set up resistance, but your site is cool and really helpful. Huge audience Eddie MD


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