How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau

By | September 13, 2016

You have done so well, lost so many pounds, friends and family have been complimenting you, you feel so good and then…… It stops! You just can’t seem to shift any more body fat. I will show you how to beat a weight loss plateau!!

Ever experienced this? it’s annoying, right? You’re almost at your target weight but the bathroom scales just won’t budge, don’t worry it happens to everyone at some point and it’s very easy to beat.

How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau

What Causes A Weight Loss Plateau?


Without getting into too much science jargon it can simply be explained as adaptation! When you provide any kind of stimulus to your body it reacts either in a good way or a bad way.

When you take up a new fitness or diet plan you put your body under “stress”  this forces your body to adapt, maybe you have felt the discomfort in your muscles, lungs or even bones or felt the hunger pangs from not consuming as much?

As you may have guessed the body doesn’t like pain or discomfort. What happens now is your body will send messages to your brain saying something like “hey we can’t cope here we need help” so your brain sends a message back saying “ok build more muscle fibre this will help you out”

Now that your body as adapted you get a little fitter and the process repeats itself and that is the same with food your brain will pick up patterns very quickly usually in 4-6 weeks.

Now I can hear you saying “ok so why have I plateaued?” there could be a few reasons for this and the majority of the time it is down to doing the same thing over and over!

Insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting diffrent results – Albert Enstein

You’re not forcing your body to adapt to new “stresses” so it doesn’t need to burn more calories, make new muscle fibres or make your heart more efficient.

There are other reasons but this is the main one for the majority of people and if you’re doing cardio workouts then you will be losing muscle as well as body fat so you will see a big drop in fat in the first few weeks but then it will come to a halt. this is because of the muscle you’re losing as muscle’s need calories

Because muscle’s need energy (calories) to function it keeps your metabolism higher, so the more cardio you are doing is in fact, slowing down your metabolism and causing a weight loss plateau.

These are really easy to get around with the right tricks which I will tell you shortly.

How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau.


Before I let you know how to beat it, you got to look at one point first, how hard are you trying? Staying in your comfort zone will be your reason for the plateau and you simply need to push your body more, or you can work a smarter way and truly beat it, just keep reading to find out the secret that’s holding you back.

Secret 1 – Include High-Intensity Interval Training into your lifestyle not only is this more effective in less time you will also keep more lean muscle and your metabolism stoked for longer.

HIIT is extremely powerful at reducing body fat and keeping lean muscle if you’re not sure what this method is then head here high-intensity training workouts  for a more detailed breakdown.

Also, check out Insanity it’s my number 1 HIIT recommendation.

Secret 2 – Lift weights. By lifting weights your putting huge stress on muscles and forcing it to adapt the more lean muscle you have the more calories your metabolism needs to burn through.

Don’t worry about getting huge muscles if you’re a woman, this simply doesn’t happen and is a big myth you will look and feel a lot better for lifting weights.

The trick is to lift weights that are the right weight for you, aim to be able to do 8 reps any more than ten it’s too light and make sure you are doing proper techniques.


Secret 3 – Change your workout every 4-6 weeks keep your body guessing and stop any plateau dead in it tracks.

Three secrets that will guarantee success in breaking your weight loss hurdles. Check out this youtube video below for a quick home workout.

Last Word On How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau.


It’s a natural process to come to ann halt and almost everyone does at some point but as you can see there really isn’t anything to be frustrated by.

These three secrets are the key on how to beat a weight loss plateau, I would suggest starting off with HIIT as no equipment is needed and you can adapt HIIT thousands of ways, for best results combine HIIT with lifting weights for best results.

Have you come to a halt in your weight loss journey let me know by leaving a comment below.

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