How Does Taking Probiotics Help With Weight Loss

By | April 12, 2018

Our bodies have a number of bacteria in it of which some are friendly bacteria. It may sound weird to know that these bacteria help in maintaining our health and produces nutrients such as vitamin K and certain Vitamin –B’s. They also break fiber in our body that is not digested. There are two types of bacteria present in our gut that are bacteroidetes and firmicutes. The imbalance between these bacteria can lead you to gain weight, especially abdominal fat. It has been found through studies that people with obesity and normal weight have different number counts of these bacteria in their gut. Higher firmicutes and lower bacteroidetes lead to an unhealthy digestive system, a weak immune system that ends with increasing weight gain.

However, you may increase and regulate the number of healthy bacteria by making small changes in your diet. You may take foods that work as probiotics or you can also take probiotic supplements to regulate and reduce weight. Probiotics are live micro-organisms which not only help in regulating healthy digestive system but it also helps to relieve inflammation and heartburn. Lactobacillus gasseri and Lactobacillus rhamnosus are probiotics that help in reducing weight when combined with reduced calorie diet.

Why Probiotics Affect Changes in Weight:

Losing weight is not just a matter of controlling your diet but it depends on both your mind and body running smoothly. Probiotics keep your gut flora healthy. A healthy gut flora affects our mental health; taking probiotics helps to reduce systematic inflammation in the brain which some way affects the body shape we attain. The imbalance of bacteria and increase in firmicutes leads to increased extraction of calories from sugar and converts it into fat. Probiotics increase the level of proteins which helps in higher excretion of fat and storing less fat in the body. In addition to this, Probiotics also release appetite reducing hormones which help to reduce calorie intake which in return facilitates easy digestion. Probiotics also help to convert nutrients in bio-available form and helps to absorb more nutrients from food.

 How Does Taking Probiotics Help With Weight Loss

How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

The studies have shown that without moving to a strict diet, it may take up to 3 months to lose almost 5% of abdominal fat that is comparatively fast. However, you may increase the rate of weight loss by consuming more fiber to feed good bacteria, increase intake of vegetables and by increasing level of physical activity.

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