How Do Green Coffee Beans Help In Losing Weight?

By | July 20, 2019

Experts have long since debated the merits of ground coffee and whether this popular beverage is good for your health. In terms of the most talked-about type of coffee extract, green coffee beans have topped the list due to the supposed benefits of its components which induce weight loss and are good for diabetes control. However, all claims are contested and researchers are still trying to reach a solid conclusion about green coffee.

What Green Coffee extract exactly is?

Green coffee beans are unroasted form coffee beans which are soaked to create the extract. They taste and smell very different from brown coffee. Green coffee consists of a high concentration of chlorogenic acid which helps stop fat accumulation in our body and has anti-inflammatory features. This particular component also has cardioprotective functions and the ability to boost insulin sensitivity.

Green coffee extract is also said to have a considerably less amount of caffeine than regular coffee.

Is it effective for weight loss?

The weight loss claims attached to green coffee beans are surrounded by a lot of confusion and curiosity, as is the case with any new weight loss food. A little Google search should be enough to clarify concerns though or just read on to find out if this particular property attached to green coffee beans is fact or fiction! Should you consume it or avoid it?

The limited research on the matter does seem to support the former claim – green coffee extract is indeed helpful for weight loss.

Green coffee beans are a good source of two kinds of photochemical: caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Green coffee has a concentration of chlorogenic acid which is studied to be effective as a weight loss supplement.

In the case of regular coffee, the roasting of the beans destroys most of its chlorogenic acid and since green coffee beans are not roasted, they retain the supplement, thus making it suitable for those trying to lose weight. Studies have also discovered that chlorogenic acid reduces inflammation, prevents fat and sugar absorption, lowers blood sugar levels by keeping insulin in check and also speeds up fat metabolism. All of these functions assist weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is also said to prevent obesity and lower cholesterol levels.

Side Effects and other problems of Green Coffee Beans

Most observed adverse side effects of green coffee as more or less the same as regular coffee. This includes upset stomach, increased heart rate and blood pressure, frequent need to urinate, trouble sleeping and even insomnia, restlessness as well as anxiety.

Other than the health side effects, there have also been a number of marketing problems with green coffee beans. FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, and the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration are both responsible for ensuring that misleading language is not used to promote any product such as green coffee beans.

Ever since green coffee beans gained popularity for weight loss, the FTC has sued companies, including Dr. Oz, for false marketing and setting up unrealistic expectations among consumers. Even a few senators have voiced deep concern and inquired whether companies have been promoting green coffee without having solid research or scientific evidence to back their claims.

Both FTC and FDA strongly recommend being cautionary when it comes to the marketing of supplements, especially those that promise weight loss. Furthermore, they also advise customers to be more careful and avoid products they are even slightly doubtful about. Such as the ones that claim fast weight loss.

Dietary supplements like green coffee beans usually do not require approval from the FDA before they can be sold in the wide market since they expect private companies to act responsibly and take care of their own research. However, in instances where it is clear that consumers are being deceived and reports of faux claims are made, FDA is forced to get involved.


From the limited research done on the matter, it is quite clear that green coffee beans do exhibit properties that help in weight loss by targeting the root causes of weight gain and inhibiting fat deposits in the body.

However, the merits of green coffee beans as a successful weight loss agent are still ambiguous. While there is no doubt that the beverage has potential, the effects of it on weight loss that have been studied, observed and documented show that they were very small and not very impactful.

While it is certainly marketing as the natural solution to weight loss problems, that does not necessarily mean the product is safe or effective. The better approach would be to check the company you are purchasing from on the FDA website to ensure whether it is legitimate to buy from.

More research and evidence is surely needed to make a definitive claim about how effective and safe green coffee beans are as a weight loss supplement.

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