How Can I Lose Weight Really Fast

By | May 17, 2017

The Secret To Fast Weight Loss Exposed

If we had a dollar for every time we heard this question. How can I lose weight really fast we would be very wealthy. Firstly we need to define what fast is?

You’re not going to lose an insane amount of weight overnight. After all, you didn’t gain all the weight overnight did you? We have to be realistic and take certain factors into account. Such as –

  • How much weight you want to lose
  • Any medical conditions
  • How you want to lose the weight
  • Finances
  • Time
  • Knowledge
  • Support
  • Motivation
  • Hormone balance

In addition to these factors, there will be more, including personal ones. However what you have to realise is these are just hurdles. Of course, all hurdles can be can be conquered and this post will help you.

Also, we will uncover the fat burning formula tailored for you.

Drop The Excuses To Lose Weight Fast

In reality, people will find so many reasons why they can’t. Especially when it comes to losing weight! However, everyone wants to lose weight fast. Hence, they try all kinds of crazy products.

In a moment we will uncover how you can lose weight fast. Firstly, let’s get the excuses out of the way.

I don’t have time to lose weight

This is the biggest excuse we have ever heard. In fact, we hate this excuse the most as it’s a lie we tell ourselves all the time.

Here’s the magical thing, EVERYBODY has the same amount of time in a week. Of course, some people have more time taken up than others but there is always time.

We will prove it. In fact, you can do this simple experiment below. First, grab and a pen and paper and write 168 (hours in a week) down. Now, underneath the 168 write down all the things that take up your time. see below

  • Sleeping 8 hours x 7 (days) = 56
  • Work 8 hours x 5 = 40
  • Preparing & Eating 3 hours x 7 =21
  • Travelling to work 1-hour x 5 = 5
  • Grooming 1-hour x 7 = 7
  • Chores 2 hours x 7 = 14

As shown above, these are all essential tasks I have to do every day. With this in mind, I only use up 143 hours out of my week.

Myself, just like you tell myself I don’t have time. In reality, I have a whopping 25 hours going spare! How many do you have?

In view of this, it only takes three 45 minute sessions a week to notice a difference.

I Don’t Have The Money To Lose Weight.

Indeed, losing weight can be expensive. however, it doesn’t have to be. Who says you have to join a gym or buy equipment? Do you believe the myth that healthy food is expensive?

Firstly, all you need is your body to lose weight, it’s that simple. Your very own home has everything you need to lose weight. Simply use the stairs to walk up and down. How about doing squats on your coach? endless ways to lose weight for free.

Secondly, head over to this post about losing weight on a budget and then come back here. —> Lose weight on low finances

How Can I Lose Weight Really Fast?

Firstly, you need to work out what path you want to take. In other words, do you want to diet, exercise or do both? Given That you want to lose weight fast we suggest both.

However, if you do decide to only do one option then it has to be right. To explain, not all dieting is equal nor is the type of exercise. We will uncover the best form of exercise and how to torch fat through diet soon.

How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose?

The first thing to remember, you have to be realistic! You didn’t put the weight on overnight and you won’t lose it overnight either. On the positive side, 21lbs in 3 weeks isn’t unrealistic. Tough but very achievable. in fact, read my review on does the 3-week diet system work.

Although this may be true, the less body fat you have the slower it will come off. Equally, if you’re massively overweight you will see the result very quick.

How Can I Lose Weight Really Fast

Losing Weight With Exercise

Cardio is dead! In other words, long drawn out workouts are a thing of the past. To lose weight really fast there are two main ways –

  1. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  2. Weight/resistance training

Arguably, HIIT training is much more fun and easily accessible compared to weight training. Nevertheless, both will give powerful results.

HIIT Training for fast weight loss

HIIT can be described as short sharp intense bursts of energy. For instance, sprint for 20 seconds then walk for 30 seconds. For this reason, it’s popular for beginners and overweight.

In fact, HIIT doesn’t need any equipment and can be done anywhere. Moreover, HIIT burns calories long after you have stopped exercising.

As a result, you receive a greater metabolic effect burning more fat. Unlike other forms of exercise where you only burn calories during the workout.

Most compelling evidence can be seen in one study. In a 12 week period of high-intensity exercises, the study has shown a group of young males reduced fat mass by 4.4lbs and belly fat by 17% (1)

Notably, this is just one study. However, there are a bunch of studies all backing HIIT training.

Weight Training For Weight Loss

In general, to lose weight really fast with weight training you have to lift heavy. With this in mind, it’s best to join a gym. reason being lifting heavy comes with potential injuries and can be expensive for the equipment.

On the other hand, weight training combats the drop in metabolism when you lose weight really fast due to muscle retention. (2)

Naturally, weight training will build muscle and the more lean muscle you have the greater the calorie burn. In fact, you will continue to burn calories when at rest!

Lose Weight Really Fast With Diet

You can’t out train a bad diet! Regardless of how much exercise you do. If you’re eating like a pig don’t expect to lose body fat really quick.

Nevertheless, if you want to go down the diet path you need to know the secret weight loss formula.

Secret Formula Exposed!

Finally, the secret formula is exposed. It’s no secret that you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. however, no one ever tells you what that number is.

For the most part, fitness gurus and other professionals just seem to pick a number out of the sky. The reason for this is they want to market to everyone. Your not everyone and what suits you won’t suit someone else.

Furthermore, a lot of programs suggest eating 800 -1000 calories. Do you see a problem with this? For instance, what if you’re eating 3000 calories per day? is this enough? No, of course not and the chances are you will quit.

Now then, this formula changes with you despite how much weight you want to lose. See below for how it works.

Your weight in lbs x11 = starter point

Your starter point + 400 = calorie needs

Calorie needs – 750 = Target deficit amount

As shown above, it doesn’t matter what weight you are. This formula will always adapt with you, even when you lose weight really fast

Last Word On Lose Weight Really Fast

To sum up, losing weight quickly is easier if you know how. especially when you have a formula that will work for you.

You can keep telling yourself you don’t have the time or you can’t afford it. Ultimately, if something is important you will find away if it’s not you will find an excuse. How important is losing weight to you?

Give HIIT a try. A 15-minute session to start with is enough, you will see the benefits virtually straight away.

Also, take 5 minutes to work out your calorie requirements. The formula is simple to use and backed by science.

Really hope you enjoyed How Can I Lose Weight Really Fast. please leave a comment below on thought and suggestions.

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