How Can I Lose Weight From Home

By | December 30, 2015

How Can I Lose Weight From Home

Really wanted to cover this subject for people who can’t access a gym, maybe because there isn’t a local one, affordability or to intimidated to join, these are all valid reason and there are much more reasons than that.

When I worked in a health club and the recession first hit many members decided to give their membership up, I still stayed in contact with many of them and they would ask me “how can I lose weight from home” as they didn’t want to let all their progress go to waste.

I want to show you through this article that fat loss can be achieved at home just as easy as it can be at a gym, we just need to take a different approach and choose what’s best for you.

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Resistance training is easy to do at home

Different ways to workout from home

With any kind of weight loss plan, I suggest making it challenging, the best way to do this is through the high-intensity interval training method, this method is all about pushing your heart rate up to its  maximum . owning a fitness tracker such as Fitbit would be ideal but not essential.

Body weight workouts are one of my favourites, simply put there free to do and effective ( eventually, you will have to add resistance to progress) you can pretty much do these anywhere and there is a lot of variation to keep you going, common exercises you may have heard is push ups, burpees, star jumps and squats.

DVD’s are big money in the fitness industry, and for good reason they work! not all are good, but you have to find the right one that suits you I’ve already done a review on insanity and will be doing many more DVD reviews.

Resistance training is up there with high-intensity interval training, combine these both together and you’re losing weight for sure, kettlebells, step boards, TRX, ab rollers, swiss balls and weights to name a few, these are just my personal preference for top results from home.

Also, a very popular choice is home gym equipment, if used right can give some fantastic weight loss results. Most popular home gym equipment are free weights, exercise bikes, multigyms, rowing machines and treadmills.

How safe is home workouts

This is a good question, working out from home is relatively safe but precautions should be taken as with any exercise programme, I highly recommend visiting your doctor for the all clear, read all instruction manuals and make sure everything is built right. if you want to go down the home gym route then buy quality equipment from trusted suppliers.

Please research proper form for any exercises at home, not only will it benefit you more it will prevent injury as welldownload (17)

Also with any kind of fitness programme buy some proper fitting sports trainers and loose fitting comfortable clothes, believe me, it gets very hot very quick in a small room make sure your fully hydrated as well.

Another tip for safety is making sure you’re eating right with proper fuel for your body with a healthy balanced diet, to help you with reducing your fat eat within 30-60 mins after your workout, preferably protein to help promote lean muscle and recovery.

Short Convenient workouts

A pitfall of working out at home is distractions, there are a million things that you could be doing besides exercise, that’s the beauty of joining a gym there really isn’t nothing else to do, but exercise!

What I’m going to do is give 3 Ten minutes high-intensity interval training, all you will need is motivation and the will to lose your fat.

Everyone has different levels of fitness so please go at your own pace but it has to be challenging, out of breath and sweating is a good indicator. aim to do exercise 3-4 times a week.

First routine 

  • Knee highs 1.5 minutes
  • Star jumps 1 .5 minutes
  • Burpees 1.5 minutes
  • Rest 1.5 minutes
  • Knee highs 1 minutes
  • Star jumps 1 minutes
  • Burpees 2 minutes

Repeat another 2 times if you found it easy.

Second routine

  • Mountain climbers 1.5 minutes
  • Squats with a double pulse 1.5 minutes
  • Tip toe jumps 1.5 minutes
  • Rest 1.5 minutes
  • Mountain climbers 1 minutes
  • Squats with double pulse 1 minute
  • Tip toe jumps



How can I lose weight from home….. simple, be determined and motivated, I would advise cleaning your home, exercise when you have a bit of time to yourself and turn the T.V and your phone off to avoid any distractions.

I would also recommend buying some equipment or DVD’s to get the most out of your time check, out my review on insanity,  if exercise isn’t your thing then maybe join online weight watchers click that link for full review.

The two fitness routines should keep you going for a couple of weeks and will definitely see some results from these 10-minute workouts if you do it to your maximum effort.

thank you for reading this article and please leave some feedback, maybe you already workout from home and can share good practices.

Healthy Regards


8 thoughts on “How Can I Lose Weight From Home

  1. Emily

    hi Steven!
    I totally agree that a lot can be accomplished from home. I work out from home and at the gym throughout the week. I like to vary things. I use videos (including the Insanity ones and others by Shaun T) and I find them very practical and useful. You can really get a good workout with them. And I have a kettle bell, some medicine balls and a Bosu ball at home too. And I will keep your routines in mine for sure too. I have one that I do, 10 sets over 30 minutes, all legs but I add abs and push ups as well.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Emily,

      Nice to see you again, how do you find insanity? would you be able to post your routines would be very intrested to see them and sure others would too?

  2. The Simple Retiree

    These are all great routines to do at home. Most people don’t have the discipline to do it, but they should. Very enjoyable read with good video presentation. Well done!

  3. Joey

    This is good stuff but I think you should show a few of us some more example videos as I don’t have a clue as to what are most of the exercises you list. Maybe put a bit more emphasis on the diet aspects of losing weight and what we should be eating – we all know you can’t “out-exercise” a bad diet!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Absolutely true Joey,

      Good bodies are made in the kitchen, There will be a lot more content coming ill be sure to link them once there up.

  4. Ben

    Actually, I never attend the gym. It’s just not convenient. I don’t have the money, I live in the suburbs, no gym near me. Ways to work out at home always interest me!


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