Homemade Weight Loss Recipes

By | November 16, 2016

Eat Your Favourite Home Made Dishes Whilst losing Weight

When we want to lose weight we tend to either go all out and starve ourselves from what we really want or go into a new diet plan half-hearted and unprepared, both give you slim chances of success, However, all we need is some homemade weight loss recipes.download-4

How would you like to be able to eat burgers or lasagne and not feel guilty or have to worry about putting some pounds on? How many diets have tried and fail miserably? I have and that’s why I decided I want to eat whatever I want (in moderation of course)

I get a lot of inspiration from Joe Wicks, hairy bikers and Jamie Oliver when it comes to recipes, they all have a real skill at making homemade favourites with a healthy weight loss twist to it plus they stand for quality but easy and cheap meals.

Save this post in your browser as this will be an ongoing list every time I do a new recipe post It will also be pinned here for quick reference whether you’re looking for a recipe to entertain guest or just fed up eating rabbit food.

Homemade Beef Recipes

My favourite of all red meats I love a steak rare to medium, besides the succulent taste beef is naturally low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Beef also has many other nutritional values such as being high in zinc and iron which a lot of us have a deficiency in.

Healthy Beef Burger – Bet you didn’t expect to see this on the list did you? Opting to make your own delicious burgers can really give you some real health boosts and help you to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Making this powerful weight loss burger won’t give you a meltdown every time you walk past a fast food burger chain with fresh lean mince, lettuce, garlic, creme fraiche, and chipotle you won’t be disappointed or craving the greasy unhealthy fast food type of burger.

Skinny Lasagna – Lasagna is heartwarming delicious dish perfect for when you have “just had Homemade Weight Loss Recipesone of them days” and you just want to comfort eat and the family will love you for cooking this treat.

There is a twist to this “pasta” dish, there is no pasta and that is what makes this perfect for weight loss as you shave off so many calories instead of pasta there is a secret ingredient that is packed full of health benefits to keep you satisfied and guilt-free.

Lasagna is fairly cheap to make and you can freeze up to 30 days allowing you to feast over and over again.


Fish Recipes

If you’re serious about losing weight and belly fat then you need to have fish in your diet,  Fish is full of nutrients, high in protein and omega 3 this really is a must, plus it keeps heart disease at bay!


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  1. Seth

    Thanks for the recipes. I love Lasagna!! I’m not a very well seasoned cook though lol I’ll definitely give your recipes a try.


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