High Protein Shakes For Weight Loss |

By | January 5, 2016

High protein shakes for weight loss

Following on from my article on why should we eat proteinsI thought it was best to write about high protein shakes for weight loss, after all, protein is confusing in itself, no doubt the synthetic side of proteins will be just as bad.

Before we get into different proteins I would like to just debuff this myth – Protein is NOT just for men to build big muscles, equally, a woman won’t get huge either! it is essential for living and essential to weight loss, now we have that out the way we can talk about high protein shakes and the place in your diet.

Man made products should NOT take priority over healthy natural balanced foods, there to supplement a good diet and not to replace real meals.



Types of Protein powder

Main two types of protein are, whey and casein, the main difference is the speed at which the body breaks it down. Whey has faster absorption properties and releases amino acids into the bloodstream quicker. Whey will usually be consumed in the morning or post workout.

Casein is the opposite, it breaks down slower to give the body a steady release of amino acids over time, this protein will usually be consumed before going to bed to prevent muscle breakdown during sleep as the body is in a fasting state.

Think this is from protein alone? Wrong!

Think this is from protein alone? Wrong!

What protein do we want to help lose weight?

We’re going to be looking more towards whey, reason being is it just has more everyday use over casein. More so if you’re exercising to lose weight as well.

Secondly, we want to be looking for something that’s low in calories and carbohydrates, but high in protein to help keep you full for longer, ideally looking for a protein powder that’s under 300 calories and above 19g in protein.

There are protein powders labelled “diet” but to be honest there is not much nutritional difference in the tubs that don’t have the “diet” label  written on them, as long as you look for under 300 calories you will be fine.

Where to find high protein shakes

I tend to stick to  Myprotein, it has great value for money and tastes great, if you look at the tables below these are my best picks for weight loss.

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The second product mentioned is slightly better than the first in terms properties, it also has green tea extract in it, research shows green tea is beneficial for weight loss and the high antioxidants in will help cleanse you.

To get your protein or see more reviews just click on this link to take you to Myprotein site, it’s a really easy site to navigate, if struggling just copy and past the products into their search bar.

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Tips to lose weight with protein

We now know where to get protein, what to look for in protein and the two main different types of protein, but you are probably wondering how this is going to help you lose weight?

If you’re like many and don’t eat breakfast for whatever reason then a protein shake is awesome to fill that gap! alternatively, drink one in between breakfast and lunch to curb cravings.

Goes without say but try and get your protein from food sources, shakes are to fill gaps and for convenience so have one in-between meals, not only does this keep you full, protein also has a positive effect on your metabolism burning more calories for doing nothing!



Protein is the secret key to losing weight, BUT and I do mean but food comes first before you think about increasing protein through shakes look at your daily diet first. I would 100% recommend these two products the diet whey protein would be better but does cost more.

If your female and reading this do NOT fall into the belief protein isn’t for you, it is.

It really isn’t that expensive to use protein powder, in fact, it’s as little as 45p a day! that is the cost of a bag of crisps, I know what I would rather have.

Click here to go to Myprotein website and buy yourself a delicious tasting nutritional beverage. and protein powders can be used for all sorts of recipes such as flapjacks, ice cream and much more.

Would really like to hear your thoughts on this topic please leave a message below.



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  1. Emily

    Hi there
    Well protein powders really are not that expensive! I used to drink a shake with protein powder every morning. That was a few years ago and I forgot how affordable protein powder is! I think I was using a powder of vegetable protein. Is that possible? Because I know it was not whey protein. Would it have been casein then? I agree that protein powders won’t and should not replace real meals or food but when in need to consume a high level of proteins, they are very practical.


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