High Intensity Training Workouts | 3 Easy Effective Moves

By | December 3, 2015

High Intensity Training Workouts

Want to torch fat fast?. In the least time possible? Of course you do, that’s why high intensity training high intensity training workoutsworkouts are best for you. This type of training is commonly known as HIIT  (high intensity interval training)

Any level of fitness can perform high intensity training workouts. But before you start any kind of exercise programme you must be given the OK by a professional such as a GP or medical physician.

Another good thing about HIIT, it can be done anywhere, at home, outdoors or even at the gym and can also be done equipment free, if you do want to add equipment as you get fitter then it’s easy enough to add in to a routine.

What Is HIIT?

HIIT is a training method that works on the principle if intensity. Before science progressed in sport and fitness it was commonly suggested that the heart rate zone between 55-65% was key to burning fat, if you have ever been to a gym you will see stickers stuck to machines telling you the different zones, what you will also see is people the same shape and same size following that 55-65% guide on that sticker……

The problem with the 55-65% “fat burning zone” is it doesn’t burn much fat!. Reason being is this, you are simply  not pushing yourself hard enough.


Sure when you first start out it may have felt difficult but your body will adapt to this type of training very quick, and its extremely boring, you have to perform this for at least 20-30 mins for any kind of benefit……. yawn

Now high-intensity training workouts, on the other hand, feels so rewarding and it is. The way it’s performed is the exact opposite, You push yourself to 70 – 90% maximum heart rate. As you probably guessed your body can’t keep that up for long and that is where the intervals come in, for example, you push yourself as hard as you can for 1 minute and then rest for 30 seconds. sounds easy right?

I guarantee you that you would feel more tired and more accomplished in 10-15 minutes of HIIT than you would in 20-30 minutes of the cardio “fat burning zone”.

Another great benefit is the brain will release endorphins in response to the pain your feeling to make you feel absolutely fantastic, endorphins are kind like your body’s natural morphine

More and more people are starting to train this way and you should too!

Where is this evidence for high-intensity training workouts?

In 2011, the University of Ontario conducted a study of HIIT vs CT ( continuous training 55-65% of maximum heart rate)

20 men and 20 women were placed randomly to an HIIT group or a CT group. In the HIIT group, the subjects had to run on a treadmill with 4-6 bouts of flat out sprinting for 30 seconds, each bout was separated by recovery periods lasting 4 minutes.images (8)

The continuous training groups task was to jog on a treadmill for 30-60 mins at around 65% of their maximum heart rate.

Both groups did this 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

Ready to be shocked by the results?

After the 6 week study, The continuous training group lost a total of 5.8% of fat mass not bad, right?  however the HIIT group lost a total of ….12.4% that is phenomenal!!, see the full study here

Let us break it down, you get double the results in half the time yes you read that right DOUBLE THE RESULTS IN HALF THE TIME!

Now in light of this case study and there is much more to support why HIIT is superior for fat loss what would you rather do?

Benefits Of HIIT

HIIT is not just good for weight loss but will help in many other ways to improve

  • Blood pressure
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Abdominal fat loss whilst maintaining muscle

You also have an effect called EPOC that takes place after you have done an HIIT workout. What is EPOC you’re probably asking yourself? EPOC stands for excessive post oxygen consumption also known as afterburn.

This process will help your burn more calories, up to 48 hours after you finished your workout due to the high demand of oxygen to replenish muscles fuel supply and cell repair.

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My Personal Top 3 Simple HIIT Exercises

There is a multitude of HIIT exercises to do, here are my 3 that are simply and easy all 3 can be done from the comfort of your living room.

  1.  Stair sprints – walk back down repeat 30 times, try and climb the stairs as fast as you possibly can
  2. Knee Highs – 1 minute flat out 30 seconds rest, put your hands out in front of you palms facing dodownload (6)wn then bring your left knee up to touch the hands lower and repeat with right knee must be done at fast pace so be on your tip tops
  3. Square Jumps – 1 minute flat out 30 seconds rest, bend at knees and jump forward thrusting through with arms and shoulders then jump to your right with both feet simultaneously jump back then to left and repeat.

Give these a try! and adjust the work period and rest periods if needed, your fitness will pick up really quick you want to aim for at least 10 mins work period all in all.

Aim to do these for 30 mins 3 times a week and post your comments to let everyone know how you got on.

Heart Rate Calculation 

As we now know we have to raise our heart rate to 70-90% to receive the benefits of HIIT, easiest way to do this is take your age and deduct it from 220 that will give you your maximum heart rate, now you need to work out the magic 70-90% effort level, just put your deducted number in calculator and divide by 90% if that’s the intensity your aiming for. Mine would be 168.

I suggest buying yourself a Fitbit which will help you monitor your heart rate and track it and with all exercise programmes give your body proper fuel and keep well hydrated and consult your doctor.


High-intensity training workouts are the best type of cardio for fat burning. Something this powerful shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to shifting that stubborn belly fat! science and studies have shown this time and time again and it’s becoming more and more popular in the fitness world.

You may have heard of Insanityit’s a DVD based on HIIT and gives fantastic results myself and many people I know have had massive results from it. check out my review by clicking here.

The best bit about HIIT is it is quick, cheap and can be done anywhere and still brings amazing results so NOW is the time to ACT.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and please leave any kind of feedback or if you want to ask a question just post a comment at the bottom all question will be answered.





10 thoughts on “High Intensity Training Workouts | 3 Easy Effective Moves

  1. Roopesh

    Hi Steven
    Great information here on HIIT.

    I am really amazed with the case study results. I personally would also choose this option as well over the CT.

    I am addicted to P90X, not sure if you have heard of it. Like you said the workout must be intense and not boring.

    With P90, it is not boring, it is intense but its not quick. Here you have given me 3simple workouts that I can do in a space of 30minutes.

    I am going to add these to my daily routine.
    Watch out for my comment. I will be chatting to you again.

    Take Care

    1. Steven

      Hi Roopesh,

      Ive never tried p90x but heard its good, I opted for insanity i may purchase it and review it for readers on here unless you would like to submit a guest review?

  2. Hamish

    Hey Steven. I really liked your article. You put up a great case for high-intensity activities in short bursts, with a good case study to support it with that research done by the the University of Ontario on High-Intensity Training versus Continuous Training. And it makes a lot of sense – and it’s good for people who don’t have as much time to exercise.

    I’ll be sure to give it a go next time I’m working out. Cheers.

    1. Steven

      Hi Hamish,

      its certainly the way forward and its not going anywhere any-time soon, more and more trainers, coaches and clubs are incorporating this method.

      Have you ever tried Insanity?

  3. Mianka

    I have definitely found that High Intensity Training Workouts works the best for me and they leave me feeling like I have done something the next day, if you know what I mean! Any other workout other than this doesn’t really seem like it works to shed the extra winter weight.
    Great post! Totally agree with you.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you for taking time to check out this post, I know exactly what you mean about feeling it the next day We call it DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness.

      The good thing about HIIT is you preserve muscle whilst losing weight, That means one fantastic body in half the time.

      How long you been training HIIT style for?

  4. The Simple Retiree

    Long slow cardio is not where it’s at. HIIT is the way to go. It does hurt and you have to push yourself through it. I try at least 3 interval workouts a week combined with resistance training. Thanks for this post.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Simple Retiree,

      How many years has the fitness industry touted long and slow workouts as the best thing for weight loss, its a shame science didnt progress quicker as i believe the obese epidemic might not be so bad if HIIT was promoted many years ago.

      What do you think Simple Retiree?

  5. Heather Grace

    That is amazing results! I am very intrigued by this concept. I had not heard of it before. I know You Tube has a vast selection of workout videos. Are there any you would recommend that follow this method? I would love to start a routine but I’m terrible at working out on my own haha. Thank you for this review!


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