Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados

By | May 14, 2016

Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados

Working in the fitness industry I see and hear so much about avocados, I only tried one the other day but curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what the health benefits of eating avocados are.

You only have to log in to facebook, Instagram or whatever social media you prefer, if you follow any diet or fitness groups on these platforms there are pictures, recipes and general advice about the health benefits of eating avocados.

The avocado is native to central America and can sometimes be costly in your local supermarkets compared to other fruit, however, it boasts some amazing health statistics.


Nutritional Facts

Per avocado-

  • Calories- 250
  • Fats – 23g
  • Saturated fats – 3g
  • Cholesterol – 0
  • Protein – 3g
  • Fibre – 10g

As you can see it boasts some pretty healthy nutrients the two things to watch is is the calorie density and the saturated fat, some people only eat half a day by cutting it up in a salad having it as side with their meal, but to be honest eating a full avocado a day is fine as the benefits outweigh the negatives all day long.

Boasting 15 minerals and vitamins the health benefits of eating avocados shouldn’t be ignored especially if you looking to lose some weight as the fibre helps you stay fuller for longer.


 My Experience

As mentioned, I was curious to see why so many of my fitness friends included avocados in the meals for their upcoming competitions: some of my other fitness friends just had them every day with their meals.

During my next grocery shop with my fiancée I scouted them out, funnily enough, she had the same belief as me that there just not that good for you as we both heard there high in fat! and my fiancée has tried one a didn’t like it.

I Am going to be honest and admit that the myth of it being high in fat (bad fat) and trusting my fiancée just put me off buying some.

Me being me still curious asked if I could try a few bits of my friends avocado….. I’ll be honest once again, I wasn’t overly impressed as I was expecting something sweet and juicy and it just wasn’t, however, the more I chewed the more pleasant it become.

I do understand why it’s not the most common fruit, its kinda love the taste or hate it and a part of me thinks people just don’t give this fantastic fruit a chance, with it being reasonably expensive compared to traditional fruit I guess it may just get overlooked by the general population who don’t diet or exercise.

Personally, I am hooked.

health benefits of eating avocados


Health benefits of eating avocados are ignored and they really shouldn’t be, the fact they have high protein and high fibre will really help with losing weight, however, I wouldn’t advise over eating them either, the saturated fat and calories are high and will present a negative effect.

I tend to have half in the morning with breakfast and wrap the other half up and have with my tea, I don’t do anything fancy with them just scoop out with a teaspoon and enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados

  1. Caroline

    Hi Steven,

    I LOVE avocados! And I can eat 2 in a row, with olive oil (adding fat, I know, but it tastes so good) and some salt. Thank you for this article, now I know I can eat them with good conscience too!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Caroline,

      You can eat them with good conscience, just be careful of the calories in avocados as all though good they are quite calorific.

  2. Roger


    You HAVE been missing out on avocados! I was first introduced to these delicious fruits decades ago while living in California. As Dawn pointed out above, they are awesome with burritos or just as a dip (guacamole) for veggies or other fruits.

    But you are right! They are NOT sweet. “Buttery” is a good description. And they have a very unique flavor. I’ve also enjoyed them in omelettes.

    They are great in a sandwich. I love an avocado, sprouts, and cucumber sandwich. Just be careful cause the deliciousness can slide right out from between the slices!

    Note that there are different types of avocados. At least 8! My favorite are the Hass, which you show in your top photo.

    So start enjoying these and let them keep you healthy!


    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Roger,

      I never knew that there were so many differents types, i bet the was so fresh out in California wasn’t they?

  3. Dawn

    Great article on avocados…I’ve been eating them for quite a while now. I just love the buttery taste of them. If I plan to have a taco or burrito bowl, I do like to have some guacamole on the side. Yes avocados are high in fat but it is a good fat Omega 3, so I would not worry about gaining or becoming over weight from eating avocados.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with avocados. 🙂

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Dawn,

      I Feel like I’ve missed out on 33 years of avocados, every week during the grocery shop stick 4-5 in the trolly, just wish they was a bit cheaper but its worth it, never had guacamole will have to try that as well what’s it taste like?

  4. Audra

    Hi, Steven. Nice article! I love avocados, but usually only eat them ‘out’ dining. I never knew it was considered a fruit, but knew of its nutrients. I enjoy cooking shows and “The Biggest Loser” and the work-out gurus always have the contestants trying avocado different ways: mainly on sandwiches. I definitely need more fiber in my diet. Thanks for the info. 🙂

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Audra,

      I thought they were a vegetable but they actually belong to the berry family!! they do seem quite popular in restaurants and diners.
      Do you eat out a lot?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Milos,

      Avocados are perfect in the morning as there filling from the high fibre content, I tend to have mine in the morning as well!

  5. Joana

    I love avocados! I am actually trying to grow two of them from the seeds that were left after i made my salad. I am like you once i tried it first, i felt like eating a soap or something similar…:) But now i put it everywhere in my salads, pastas, or just sandwiches. I can not imagine my life without avocados now. There is lots of articles going around that we should not throw the seeds away, as they are very beneficial to use as well.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Joana,

      I know it is so weird that’s there not that nice when you first have them, I’m going to do some research on the seed and Link to this post if I can find much about it!!


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