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By | October 13, 2016

There are a whole bunch of apps that count calories and nutrition but what about free food apps?Best Free Food Apps You know the ones that actually give you recipes that will help you with losing body fat.

It’s alright having calorie counters but if you’re still eating junk then they really don’t mean a lot do they? I bought a book recently called “lean in 15”  and it has some phenomenal recipes in that are quick and delicious, however, I found it just takes up much-needed room along with all my pots, pans and ingredients.

Also, I found myself using the internet to search some of the terms used and it got me thinking what apps can I get on my phone where I can quickly access the net if I need them.

I have done some research to bring you the most powerful food apps on android and IOS that will bring you mouth-watering dishes at the touch of your fingertips!!

Best Free Food Apps


LifeSum (basic subscription free)- Available on ios and Android and is compatible with the iwatch, doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, fuel up for training or pack on muscle, Lifesum is a detailed app that will give you recipes and training tips.

LifeSum is a great educational tool to learn about a balanced diet and can be integrated with HealthKit allowing to import and export data such as body measurement .

I recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn howe to eat properly and for training tips for your needs

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Big Barn (ios)Such a handy app to have in your arsenal, using your GPS location on your phone it can pinpoint the best local sellers for fresh fruit veg meat etc and even local farmers markets.

The great thing about this kind of food is your going to get more nutrients in your goods as it’s not been packaged, had long journeys or chemically treated to last longer like you will find at supermarkets.

If you have ever tasted fresh produce then you will know how good this app will be.

Flick on Food (ios) – Great app for us cooking novices who just don’t have a clue what goes with what. Flick on Food will answer any burning question you have, basically put, this the “Wikipedia” of food.

Think of an ingredient and it will bring up facts about its origin and seasonality and all you have to do is simply swipe right to bring up recipes, this is great for food shopping as you know what’s in season and this will make it taste a lot better.

You can share your recipes and pictures with other users making this app fresh and constantly up to date and ideal for expanding your culinary skills.

Time to invite guests round and show if your new found knowledge and skills.

Kafoodle (android & ios) This app is great if your looking to eat out, simply type in what you can eat and how far your willing to travel to eat your favourite food and this will bring up all the places they’re safe to order from.

Using the barometer you can enter your required amount of sugar, protein and fat content, that way you know you can stick to your required diet for losing weight.

Kaffodle has won Allergy Awareness awards which are a great indicator of how trusty this app is.

Last Word on Best Food Apps


There seems to be more choice for Iphone but these apps are a fresh of breath air as there are so many calorie counters in the app and play store that we have actually forgot about the food itself.

Personally, I struggle with the whole eating out and what’s actually in my food so kafoodle will be a great asset for me and my weight management I have an android phone and feel a bit disappointed that I can’t get my hands on big barn.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these apps especially if you have used any just pop comments below.



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